Adopted By Harry Styles

July has lived in an orphaning every since she could reamber. All she ever wanted was to find a family that would love her for her. What happens when a man shows up at her orphanage looking for a little girl to adopt and take her home? Will July get her dream come true? Or will he never get to meet her?


7. I love you Daddy

Harry's pov:

I was just siting home with the lads we were watching TV. That's when my lovely wife and little butterfly came home. I mean she litterly had a butterfly on her face and she looked so cute. I walked over to Sammy and gave her a peck on the lips. "Hey babe how was your day?" She kissed me back and the boys all made sounds causing us to laugh. "We had a lot of fun thank you for asking Harry. Also I believe that July has a question for you." I looked over at July and saw that she was holding something pink behind her back.

"What would you like to ask me sweetie?" July looked at me with her big sad brown puppy eyes. "Daddy can i get dis pwetty pink dress? Pweessssssss!!!!!" I laughed and twirled her around. "Of course you can princess. She giggled the whole time she was in the air. Then when I put her down on the ground she started to jump and dance singing "DADDY SAID YES TO THE DRESS!!!" I just laughed and turned back to Sammy. "Guess what where doing tonight?" She looked at me really excited. "What are we doing tonight?" "We are going out tonight just you and me for a night on the town." Sammy started to smile at me.

"That sounds like fun but what about July?" I turned towards the lads. "Don't worry about a thing Sammy you just enjoy your night to night with Harry the three of us will play and take care of July." I smiled at the lads  and then looked back at Sammy. She still looked un sure. Lucky for me in the end she agreed withe me. Tonight is going to be the best night ever!

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