Harry,My Addiction <3

Jessica Sanchez and Harry Styles are Best friends(more like brother and sister)
now will their feelings change their relation ship into love? Or will it ruin everything for them? Find out!!! AUTHORS NOTE--- i am so sorry if i don't update i have alot going on but i will try my best!!


16. Surprise!! (completed) The She Devil

Harry and I go up stairs and he pushes me against my door. We keep kissing,as i manage to open the door. We got to the bed with me on top. I guess I can tease him for a while. I take off his shirt and start kissing him and going down. I kiss from his lips,down his neck, and around his stomach. Once I got to his v-line, I realise his member is wide awake. I start leaning up against him making him groan. As I was supposed to pull down his pants and do a show, I pulled down his pants and ran off! I ran down stairs and heard Hazza behind me. "LADS GET THE SHE DEVIL!!!" Harry shouts. The girls and I run all around until we had no choice but to go outside. "IT'S FREEZING OUT HERE!" we all shout. We had figured out that it was snowing!!!! We hid behind the house and stacked the buckets with snowballs. We had two HUGE buckets each-which got us with 10 huge buckets filled with 50 snowballs in each. We built a fort while the lads went inside, to get dressed. "WHERE ARE YOU?" they all shout. They notice the fort but we lyed down and pulled a huge white board over us, to make it seem like we weren't there. They finally went in the back so we quickly took the buckets and made our way on the roof. We left a note saying: Nice try, we're around, so watch out! Love~The Girls..   Once we made it up on the roof, they came back. "Damn it!" I hear Zayn say. "We are trapped, but we have to build our weapons!" Liam said. At that minute when all boys were in one spot, we threw snowballs at them (in an angle, so they wouldn't know we're on the roof) and quickly hid,once they looked up. "WHAT THE HELL,Jess?"Harry shouted. We finally were able to find a hiding spot, where we can throw at a perfect angle and not be seen, there was 2 on my side and 2 on the other side and 1 in the middle of the roof. "FIRE" all the girls shout, and we all throw the snowballs at them. Before we heard anything, I found the little rooftop door to go to the attic, then back inside the house. We decided to get in some cozy pj's and started making the guys something to enjoy. We made them hot chocolate and made them little chicken sandwiches. They finally came inside and looked at us in shock. "HOW THE HELL DID YOU GUYS GET INSIDE? WE HAD THE DOOR BLOCKED!" Louis shouted. "Easy, we went through the roof, we were on the roof the whole time!" I exclaimed. "Yea and we had 100 snowballs total, so we had a lot of fun" Sara said. "So we got dressed in pj's and decided to make you guys a snack!" I said. "Not much of a she devil is she now Harry?" Niall said. I laughed at his comment. "Hey it's not my fault she teased me, then pulled down my pants and ran away!" Harry said. "CALM YOUR TITS HAZ! God" I yell Every one burst out laughing and so did I until, Harry dissapered. 

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