Harry,My Addiction <3

Jessica Sanchez and Harry Styles are Best friends(more like brother and sister)
now will their feelings change their relation ship into love? Or will it ruin everything for them? Find out!!! AUTHORS NOTE--- i am so sorry if i don't update i have alot going on but i will try my best!!


1. Reunited :)

Jessica's POV


Hey guys my name is Jessica Emma Sanchez. I am 18-19 year old-soon to be graduate. Now i'm not going to go all about me but- i have long brown curly hair with blonde highlights,green eyes,height is well idk but im pretty tall :). I love hanging out with my friends and just not care about what happens that should bug us.I'm from England but moved to the U.S.A. I feel like im missing something-Oh yea MY BEST FRIEND IS HAZZA STYLES <3. Hes like a brother to me and i just dont know what i would to if i wasnt his best friend.... And the best thing is,Hes coming to visit me in a week XD. I miss him so much and i cant wait!!!! I just hope this week goes by fast.




                              Harry's POV


O my god,in one week from now, i get to see my love!! Wait what? Oh yea my best friend Jessica Freking Sanchez! Ever since we have become friends,I've fallen for her,HARD.I seriously am lucky to have found a girl that perfect ;). So im packing up for LA later and i hope i dont forget the surprize for Jess,I took a flash drive and recorded a million things for her untill it was full :) O GOD WHY CANT I SEE HER SOONER?!?!?!?! But last thing is that near the middle of the Flash Drive I asked her out and i forgot i didnt delete it..O SHIT



                                                1/2 WEEK LATR 


Jessicas POV---7:00 Pm


omg Hazza! I shout  while Harry throws his arms to lock me onto my bed.

I thought you were coming Sunday?

I lied-He smirks

Well next time could you at least  knock on the the door instead of breaking in and scaring the hell out of me?

Well that takes the fun out of it Miss Bossypants!

 As soon as he goes to the bathroom i hide in my closet and the funny thing is,I can climb up on the high shelf so he won't see me. So i left a note on the bed saying-Be Back soon, but until then look in my closet-I made u a surprize  ! Love Jessi


As soon as i hear him come back i quickly put it on the bed and hide in my spot.


Jessica? He says-He reads the note and comes to my closet.

Once he opend the door,  i climbed down behind him and tackled him!

What the hell was that for!!-He yells

Payback's a bitch!

Mhm- He smirks

So what do you want to do later tonight?

Well im really tired from the flight and running here cuz i told the lads to go ahead because i had do-uh use the men's room bcuz those plane snaks were no good to me

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