Harry,My Addiction <3

Jessica Sanchez and Harry Styles are Best friends(more like brother and sister)
now will their feelings change their relation ship into love? Or will it ruin everything for them? Find out!!! AUTHORS NOTE--- i am so sorry if i don't update i have alot going on but i will try my best!!


3. in and out

Harrys POV


Well here we are-i say

well can we go in cuz im starving!-sassy pants says

as soon as we go in we get our food and sit down to eat

5 min later-Harry can we get a box for our food and go please?

Why,whats wrong?-i ask concerned

um i can;t really tell u now but please?

yea sure we can Jess.


So now that we're home,you mind telling me whats wrong?

Well, did u see that couple in front of us?


well that was the guy that is my ex and TRIED to have sex with me but since i didnt give him what he wanted, he left me for sluts.

And when did this happen?

A month after u left-she said angry

why are u angry?

because i didnt tell u sooner,and ur my best friend-she says with tears slipping.

I dont care about that, i just care that you are okay and that u didnt keep it from me forever okay?


now please stop crying.

alright, moving on from that, what u wanna do?

i was thinking maybe we should call it a lazy day today?

IM WITH YA-she says loudly

hahah okay okay dont be too perky thou..

so that day we did nothing but movies,food,and talking

Hey i have something for you-I say nervously 


Here-i handed her the flash drive

whats this?

a drive with some recordings

aww Hazz this is amazing but, u didnt have to.

No i did.

so we listend to the drive,laughed, sang along, until--

the song i asked her out--

I quickly grab the promise necklace that had half a heart for me and half for her.

as soon as she heard those words at the end. she was crying.

Whats worng?- i ask her with a sad face


Jessica's POV



he cut me off crying and said-u dont feel the same way dont u?-

No hARRY I DO  i have ever since but, you wouldnt want a girl like me. Im fat and ugly,not right for u... :'(

STOP! -he shouts

your not fat or ugly ur amazing and gorgeous and to me your perfect,your not close to being fat AT ALL-And wait what? you like me back?


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