Harry,My Addiction <3

Jessica Sanchez and Harry Styles are Best friends(more like brother and sister)
now will their feelings change their relation ship into love? Or will it ruin everything for them? Find out!!! AUTHORS NOTE--- i am so sorry if i don't update i have alot going on but i will try my best!!


2. Fun time w/ my hubby <3

Harry's POV

Last night Jessi and I watched a movie but she dozed off when the movie ended so we basically fell asleep together last night because when i woke up i saw it was 6 am and i realized was cuddling her.

I was so tired still so i dozed off again. 


Jessica was screaming at the top of her lungs with a camera.

HEY SHUT IT OFF!-I yell at her

once she shut it off she posted it on twitter-well MY twitter.

she tagged along a picture of me in my boxers and posted that with a pic of me shirtless

                                                                  (Picture Below)

Oh no you didn't -I say in a sassy voice

OH YES I DID STYLES HAHAHAH-DAYM shes happy to see me

she took my phone and said-Hey guys I was thinking about cutting my hair like Liam-ON TWITTER

I tackled her down and she started crying..


 She looked up and jumped right in my face.


i poke her up and spun her around untill she and i fell.

she was on top of me and staring in my eyes-as i was doing the same to her

I wanted to kiss her so bad but i know it will make things akward,Will it?

I got us up and she said-Im going to get a shower,be back in a few!

So as soon as she shut the shower off i was yelling like i was in pain.

She got out with her robe on and said-HARRY!? ARE U OKAY?!?!?

Aww man, I thought u'd come out naked,darn it!


                                                              Jessi's POV

Aww man, I thought u'd come out naked,darn it!

I  should've plopped in the shower while i could take a pic and post it,uggh- he said cheeky

Pervert much?- i asked

He looked at me in a angry yet playfully way and yet again tried to tackle me.

Harry i swear if u----

I got cut off because he tackled me.

Don't you have school?- He asked

Nope we're on a break

Good-He smiled

wut ya plannin for today?

breakfast first?-he says

Sure,but where to?

In'n'Out Burger?

Sure just lemme get dressed and we'll go ;)


(A/N---hey guys sorry if im making my chpts short, i barely have ideas so comment anything to use ! luv ya all!) (P.S. Make sure to fav this movella and become a fan-tell ur friends too!)

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