Harry,My Addiction <3

Jessica Sanchez and Harry Styles are Best friends(more like brother and sister)
now will their feelings change their relation ship into love? Or will it ruin everything for them? Find out!!! AUTHORS NOTE--- i am so sorry if i don't update i have alot going on but i will try my best!!


7. big night

Harry's POV

Jess come on we are gonna be late!

Hang on i just need to fix a smudge!dont be THAT bf!

okay ready...

WOW....-i scan her up and down

what?-she hides her face,shes blushing

you look amazing!


really now lets go-i pull her into the car

dinner after the ceremony, my treat!

NO HARRY...either my treat or we wont go.-she snaps

fine okay u pay.-i lied


once they called Jessica's name i screamed so loud for her that people started staring.-who gives a shit?
After the ceremony


we arrived at the restraunt and  i already payed for the dinner when i made reservations

we ate and drove home.

Harry, I told you I would pay!

well i payed when i made reservations!



Jessica's POV

Harr- Sto--- Tickling - me-


fine-he smirked 

he pinned me on the bed and kissed me.

i spun around and layed on top of him.

we continued kissing when i lifted his shirt up.

Do you want to do this?-he asked in a concerned voice

Harry im scared, I'm a virgin and i honestly am scared, but i want to.

okay,just tell me if you want to stop,alright?


we continued kissing when he helped me out of my dress.

i lowered his pants and we continued kissing.

he took off my bra and underwear as i took off his boxers.

he layed on top of me.

Jess,look into my eyes, now it will hurt at first alright?


he adjusted himself inside of me and started thrusting.

I was screaming in pain and in pleasure.

I laid on top of him and started giving him a blowjob

he moaned in my ear.
after that i sat on his and started thrusting.

after what seemed like ages we finally got tired and stopped.

Wow-i said between breathes

wow- he said

i laid next to him and whispered- Harry, I love you, and  i want you to know that, no matter what, i will always be your girl ;)

i know- he said

Harry-i got cut off because he kissed me

go to sleep angel, we'll talk tomorrow.

okay-i whispered

we fell asleep until the next morning.

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