Live While We're Young

16 year old, Sierra, has some issues of her own. She's bullied so bad, she tries suicide. But, some one saves her and won't let her go.. It's a boy from One Direction.. Love? Death? Hate? What happens? Find out what kind of, 'romance' Sierra has with _ _ _ _ _ _ _<3


4. Meeting the Lads

The lads enter the door. I was on the couch in the living room. Niall greets them and grabs my hand, leading us all into the kitchen. I look at them. 

"So, this is Sierra?" Zayn asks. I bite my lip and Niall smiles, nodding. 

"How did you two meet?" Liam asks. I look over at Niall, but he showed no fear.

"We met at a store." He smiles. I look down. 

"That's not what happened silly!" Louis exclaims. Niall gives him a dirty look. All the lads look at me and Niall. "Then... What happened?" Harry asks. 

"They met at the bridge!" Louis smiles, clearly proud that he knows more then the others. "Why were you at a bridge, Niall?" Liam asks. 

"Paul told me the whole story. Sierra was trying to jump off, but Niall saved her. She stayed at his house last night because her dad is abusive." Louis explains. I look at the lads, they all have shocked faces. Tears fall down my cheeks, I bite my lip. "I'll uh... Be right back..." I whisper jumping up from my chair and running into the bathroom. I shut the door and lock it. I sit on the ground crying. 

After a few minutes I hear a knock. Slowly, I stand up. I wipe my eyes, and take a few deep breaths. I open it slowly, after I unlock it. It was Harry. He slowly walks in and shuts the door. He just hugs me and rubs my back as I start crying once more. 

"Shh... It's okay. Everything's okay. Come back to the kitchen and we can all talk. There's no need to be upset. No one will judge you." He whispers, which instantly calms me down. I wipe my eyes and pull away. We go back to the kitchen. "I'm sorry." Louis says, hugging me. 

The other lads hug me to. Niall just stands there. After they stop hugging me, he grabs my hand, bringing me close to him. I rest my head close to his chest. "Lads, why don't we eat?" He asks softly. They all agree and we all sit by the table. Everyone had a cup and plate in front of them. 

Niall had chicken on the table, potato fried, potato skins, mashed potatoes, hamburgers, and for drinks he had beer on the table. Damn. That boy loved potatoes!

They all start piling food on their plates. Zayn looks at my empty glass and empty plate. 

"Love, take whatever you want." Zayn says. I bite my lip and I take a deep breath. "I'm not hungry..." I whisper. 

Niall gives me a weird look. All the lads drink beer. I was just sitting awkwardly. After awhile the lads go to the living room. Some of them were already drunk. "Sierra, eat" He whispers. I bite my lip. "I'm not hungry... Plus, I'm a vegetarian. And all the other things are touching chicken." I whisper. 

Niall sighs and gives me a beer, "At least drink something?" He asks. I look at him in fear. I bite my lip, quickly standing up and running outside, into the rain. He chases after. "What did I do?" He asks. I look at him. "I just need fresh air." I whisper. He wraps his arms around me. "It's cold though." He whispers, kissing my cheek. "I don't drink beer. You smell to much like beer. Please... Give me space." I whisper in tears. He looks at me worried. The only lad that wasn't drunk was Liam. Niall goes inside and must have talked to Liam.

Liam comes outside and wraps his jacket around me. "Babe, why don't you tell me what's wrong? I won't judge you. I will help you. I won't tell anyone. What you tell me will stay between us." He whispers. I look down as he holds me in his arms. "Everyone was drinking beer... The smell of beer brings back many memories. Terrible memories. Of my dad abusing me while he was drunk. The night my mum died, she was drunk too..." I whisper, crying.

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