Live While We're Young

16 year old, Sierra, has some issues of her own. She's bullied so bad, she tries suicide. But, some one saves her and won't let her go.. It's a boy from One Direction.. Love? Death? Hate? What happens? Find out what kind of, 'romance' Sierra has with _ _ _ _ _ _ _<3


2. I Would

I wake up in a bed.. Where am i? It's for sure NOT my bed.. I move a bit.. I see Niall.. OMFG.. It wasn't just a dream.. "morning beautiful.. I brought up some breakfast" He says putting a tray of food next to me.. "Thanks.." I say looking down. "D-do you wanna meet the lads?" He asks. I could barely see him.. "I'm sorry, here" He hands me my glasses.. "Sorry, you fell asleep in the limo, and i didn't want you to sleep with your glasses on" He says. I put my glasses on.. "Thanks." I whisper.. "So, do you wanna meet the lads?" He asks. I shrug.. "Sure.." I fake a smile.. He rubs my back.. "Eat love.." He whispers. "Wait.. Before I meet the lads.. I need a different outfit.." I say softly. "Wanna wear a pair of sweats and a t-shirt?" He asks.. I nod.. "Uh, sure" I fake another smile. "I'll invite them over for dinner.. But love, its already noon, you slept half the day" He says kissing my cheek and standing. "Eat up, after.. You can meet my mum and dad" He says. I smile and nod. He leaves the room and i just sit on his bed. Well, I'm pretty sure its his bed.. I stand and i walk downstairs.. I hear whispering. Niall hugs me.. "Greg, mum dad.. This is Sierra" Niall says walking me over to them.. I fake a smile.. Niall's mum stretches her hand out so i can shake it, but i just look at it.. "I'm sorry, Sierra is just shy" Niall says with his arms around me. I shake her hand lightly.. "Where did you guys meet?" Greg asks.. I look over at Niall... "I uh, we met at a store" Niall says... I nod, "Y-ya.." I whisper.. "Mum, me and Sierra are gonna have the lads over so she can meet them.. But, I have to go to the store, Sierra, will you be okay with my mum, brother and dad?" Niall asks me.. I look at them and slowly nod, "Ya.." I whisper.. He leaves and i look at his mum, "Its so exciting to have a girl in the house!" She smiles.. I bite my lip, she seems excited.. "So... Why aren't you at your home?" Greg asks softly.. I look down.. "My dad.. Is abusive.." I whisper.. "And, what about your mum?" He asks.. I feel a tear rolling down my cheek.. "She's uh.. No longer with us.. She uh.. Passed away.." I whisper, wiping my tear..

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