Live While We're Young

16 year old, Sierra, has some issues of her own. She's bullied so bad, she tries suicide. But, some one saves her and won't let her go.. It's a boy from One Direction.. Love? Death? Hate? What happens? Find out what kind of, 'romance' Sierra has with _ _ _ _ _ _ _<3


3. Family

I look down and bite my lip. Greg gives me a dirty look. He turns to his mum. "You realize this girl is probably lying? She's lying so she can meet Niall..." Greg says, loudly so that I can hear. I had no idea what to say. He thought I was lying?! 

I look at Greg as tears fall down my cheeks. I run out of the house. He has NO idea what I go through! I run down the street. I curl in a ball and cry. Another asshole in my life! UGH!!

I guess after an hour, Niall comes home. He came looking for me, and found me in a tree. I was sitting on a tree branch. He climbed up next to me. 

"What's wrong, love?" He asks me. I look down at my dangling feet. "Your brother..." I mumble. I rub my arm. "What did Greg do?" Niall asks, looking at me worried. "He fucking... He asked why I'm not home, I told him about my dad... Then he turned around and accused me of lying..." I whisper. Niall looks at me. "I"m sorry. I'll talk to him. Please come back with me." He whispers. I bite my lip and follow him as he climbs down the tree. He grabs my hand and walks me back.

He brings me up to his room, and he runs back downstairs, leaving me to get ready. I found some clothes, like he told me to do. I find a large, green shirt that says 'Horan' on the back. I find a pair of his skinny jeans. I put them on, they were black. The skinny jeans were still big on me. I'm actually quite tiny. I put my hair up in a messy bun, yet, not making me look like a slob, just making me look slightly adorable, in my opinion, with my rosy red lips. I slip on a pair of converse that I found in Niall's closet. 

I hear yelling and Niall storms upstairs. He grabs my hand and runs me out to the car. He drives me to a much bigger house.... WOW! "This is my flat. Sorry, I was in a rush. Greg is in a bad mood and he's pissing me off." Niall mumbles. "It's fine." I whisper. 

We go inside.

"Wow! It's huge!" I say. He smiles. "I like your clothes." He chuckles. "What?" I giggle. "You told me to find some clothes." I say, giggling once more. He smiles and looks at me. "Do you want to eat dinner here? Or go out to eat? He asks. "Um... Here is fine." I whisper. 

He goes on and calls the lads to meet us at his flat.

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