Live While We're Young

16 year old, Sierra, has some issues of her own. She's bullied so bad, she tries suicide. But, some one saves her and won't let her go.. It's a boy from One Direction.. Love? Death? Hate? What happens? Find out what kind of, 'romance' Sierra has with _ _ _ _ _ _ _<3


1. Die

I walk into my classroom, people start whispering bout me, as i walk up to my desk, i get tripped by miss little popular.. All my books fall to the ground, and my glasses fall off. I pick my books up, but some one steps on my glasses.. Really? I have brown hair, but light blue eyes.. I stand up and i run out the class.. I can't take this! I run towards a bridge and i stand on it.. I move my foot, ready to jump but i hear some one. "STOP!" They scream.. I look over and see a blonde headed guy running towards me.. I slip and i hold on the railing. He grabs my hand. "PAUL! HELP!!" He screams. A man runs over and they help me up. It's freezing outside and i'm only wearing a tank top and short-shorts.. He wraps his jacket around me.. "Why'd you try to jump?" He asks.. Tears fall down my cheeks.. "I- i wanna die" I say.. He nods and hugs me.. He lifts me up, "I need to get you home.. Where do you live?" He asks. "I can't go home" I say.. Everything is a huge blur, so i can't even see his face, all i see is he has blonde hair. "Why not?" He asks.. "My dad is abusive.." I say.. He hugs me, "I'm so sorry, Do you maybe, wanna stay with me for awhile?" He asks.. I nod, "No.. I don't know you.." I say. "But you need my help" He carries me to a.. limo? I get inside and i rest my head on his shoulder.. I know i can trust him.. Even though i have no idea who he is.. "By the way, my name is Niall" He says.. "I'm Sierra" I say softly. He kisses my cheek.. "I need to find my contacts later.." I whisper to myself.. He looks at me.. "Can you see me?" He asks rubbing my arm. I nod, "Not at all.." I say.. I hear him whisper something. "thank god.." I look up at him.. "Why, does your voice sound so.. Like I've heard it a thousand times before?" I ask. "Um.. We'll talk after you get your contacts.." He says.. "I have spare glasses.. I can go get them.. Their in my room.." I say sitting up.. "But your da-" I cut him off, "I can sneak in.." I say looking down.. He looks at, Paul i think was his name.. He nods and i give them my address.. I sneak through my window and i get my glasses.. Paul is right behind me..I walk up to the limo.. Paul opens the door and i see Niall Horan.. I gasp and cover my mouth trying not to scream and i shake my head.. "No.. no no no no" I keep saying to myself... Niall brings me into the limo.. "T- Your not real.. This isn't real.. Your not Niall Horan.. This isn't real its just.." I say looking at him.. He rubs my back.. "Sierra.. I promise you.. This is real.. I'm Niall Horan.. And your in a limo with me and Paul.." He says..

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