Bring The Payne

When people think of Liam Payne they immediately picture a sweet boy who's caring, sweet and responsible. The boy whose living his dream and always has a smile on his face. Those people are wrong.
There's more to his story than what people may think.There's more to him than what they read in magazines or see on t.v.,but he doesn't let anyone know that until me.
*hope you all enjoy my story Thanks :-)
© AngelizMalik*


1. Starbucks

Payton's POV

"Thank you for shopping at Starbucks come again" I forced a smile onto my face as I I stole a quick glance at the clock. "Four hours to go" I mumbuled to myself quietly repositioning the hat on my head.

"why so anxious?" I heard someone ask and I jumped in pure fear and shock. Turning slowly I face my best friend Destiny. "As if you don't know" I chuckled. Destiny and I are huge fans of One Direction and were going to see them in concert tonight.

Destiny giggled and pushed her brown bangs from her sweaty forehead. "I know I'm so excited" she replied.

Bending down behind the counter I grabbed a new stack of cups and lids.

"Lets get back to work, the lines getting long" I told Destiny as I shooed her away. Sure enough there were about twenty angry people in line waiting. Making coffee took a lot out of me, but thankfully four thirty finally rolled around.

"finally quiting time" I huffed pulling off my hideous Starbucks uniform. Destiny laughed next to me obviously full of relief too. "Ready to go?" I asked as we walked out into the parking lot. "Duh!!" She rolled her big brown eyes and I laughed. There were a couple of cars left in the parking lot and we hurried over to my black 911 turbo Porsche. We buckled up and my heart beat began to accelerate as we drove to the arena.

Liam's POV

"Let's go crazy crazy crazy til we see the sun.      

i know we only met but let's pretend its love

And never never never sto-" 

"STOP" we immediately stopped mid chorus and turned our direction towards the source of the sound. We all  finally locked eyes with Simon.

"it's time to get ready boys the shows in an hour". I breathed In relief as he said those words I was getting sick of practicing for tonight. Don't get me wrong I love what I do but sometimes it just gets to be to much for me.

"Come on Liam" I quickly turned towards Lou our stylist and  sighed. She lead me towards the dressing room and began to do my hair. The rest of the lads were sitting on the big leather couch in the middle of the room talking as Lou finished my hair and gave me my outfit.

I sighed "fucking hideous outfit" I mumbled to myself. The clothes they gave me weren't my style. It was a white t-shirt khaki skinny jeans and some white converse. Without a complaint I pulled the stupid clothes on. When the boys and I were finished getting ready we headed to get our mics hooked up.

As they hooked the mics up Niall turned towards me and smiled. "Ready buddy?" I nodded halfheartedly not in the mood to talk. The fans were already being let into the arena, I could hear lots of screaming and chairs moving around.

"let's go boys" Paul ushered us under the stage and we stepped onto the platform ready to be lifted up onto the stage. "We'll here it goes nothing" I whispered as the platform moved.

Payton's POV

"Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh " Destiny was  litteraly jumping up and down in her seat in anticipation.

"calm down Destiny they're just regular people like us" I said hoping to calm her down , but failing miserably. My heartbeat began to pick up its pace as soon as the lights turned off. "AAAHHHHHH!!!" Was all I could here from the crowds and I'm pretty sure my eardrums would burst. Suddenly five boys emerged from the stage. Louis,Niall,Zayn,Harry and finally Liam. My heart melted seeing him. His beautiful brown hair was styled up in a quiff and his smile lit up the arena. The best part was his voice.

"Hello Los Angeles , how are you?" 

The crowds went wild. There were girls beside Destiny and I who began crying and one girl even fainted.

Harry began to talk and quieted down the audience. "Before we begin, we'd like to announce a surprise'. Instantly people began to talk excited for what that surprise may be.

'We have decided to select one fan and bring her backstage after the show".

"AAAAAHHH OMG!!!!" this time it was me who was freaking out.

"If you are in row nine seat J please raise your hand" Everyone became instantaneously silent, until I felt Destiny poking my arm.

"Payton that's you" she said I quickly looked down at my ticket and sure enough it read 9J. Quickly I raised my hand and the boys looked my way.

"Congrats love, well see you after the show" Niall said smiling wide and then they began to snig"I Would"

My heart felt as if had exploded inside of my chest. All of the boys seemed happy enough except Liam. That wasn't the only thing that bothered me he was also sending me a death glare.

Whats his problem?


So I hope you liked it :-) please let me know what you think

Did you hate it?

Or Did You love it?

Thanks AngelizMalik <3



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