BloodLust(Niall Horan/1D Not Famous FanFic)

I don't know how to explain it...


1. Who Do I Belong To?


Hey guys, so I have decided that it’s time to write a 1D fanfic J I have been inspired by loadsa Vampire ones so I’m gonna add mine to the long list of ‘em.

See’z You Laterrr <3


‘Please Liam, please stop.’ I begged as he kissed gently across my jaw, making his way to my neck.

He laughed deeply. His kisses became harder, hurting a little. I could feel his fangs scraping my skin.

‘Are you afraid?’ He whispered, his voice filled with hunger.

I couldn’t answer. He was straddling me, holding my arms down by my sides with his legs.

‘Summer!’ He snapped, glaring at me with piercing red eyes.

I whimpered.

‘Yes Liam. I’m fucking petrified.’ I said truthfully.

I watched as his eyes softened and turned from red to gold and then back to their normal colour. He got off of me and pulled me onto his lap, stroking my hair.

‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I just can’t control myself. You smell so delicious.’ He explained.

I shuddered, hating the way he spoke about me like I was a meal.

But I am, aren’t I?

I pulled away from him, hating him.

‘Don’t you dare pull away from me!’ He shouted.

‘I’m sorry.’ I whimpered, scooting back over to him and kissing his cheek.

‘It’s okay. Just don’t do it again.’ He replied coldly.

I know he’s a Vampire and everything but since bringing me here 3 days ago, he’s locked me in a room, then he took me out and introduced me to Zayn and his girlfriend Perri, Harry, and Louis and his girlfriend Eleanor, all of which are Vampires. Perri and Eleanor were really nice to me and we’ve all arranged to meet up in the forest clearing on Saturday, seeing as they can’t actually go anywhere near humans but they can’t smell me that strongly so they can be around me. That’s if Liam lets me go. He is really controlling. I asked him earlier if I could go into town and that’s how I got into the position I was just in. He got really mad at that one request, so he brought me upstairs, locked the door and pushed me onto the bed.

Now, he was sitting on the bed, his arm slung around me whilst he nuzzled into my neck. I hated the thought that he could just bite at any second. He kept kissing a certain spot and then gently biting, his fangs digging in slightly. It wasn’t painful but it was verging on it.

‘Summer, you smell so good.’ He muttered, nuzzling right into my jawline.

I just sat perfectly still. He prodded my back with his knee. Hard.

‘Ouch.’ I said, regretting it straight away.

‘Oh sorry, did that hurt?’ He asked sarcastically.

I turned to face him and kissed him deeply, his fangs touching my tongue. He pulled me into him and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He groaned and bit my lip slightly. Any harder and he would’ve drawn blood. I tried to pull away but he held me there, his strong arms not budging. I carried on, afraid that if I didn’t, he’d kill me. Luckily it didn’t carry on much longer as there was a knock at the front door. Liam groaned but picked me up and dumped me on the bed, got up, unlocked the door and then walked out of it. I got up and followed, eager to see who it was, yet frightened that it would be another Vampire. Liam grabbed my hand and opened the door. Standing there with a backpack slung over his shoulder was a shortish(I’d say about 5ft7) boy with blonde hair swept over to one side but slightly spiked. His eyes were a beautiful blue and he opened his perfect mouth to speak but became fixated on me instead.

‘Hi, I’m Niall.’ He said with a strong Irish accent.

‘Hi, I’m Summer.’ I replied softly, mesmerized by his eyes.

He stepped forward and gave me a friendly hug and when he pulled away I noticed that his eyes had gone golden. Oh no! How could this beautiful boy be a monster?

‘Niall, come inside mate.’ Liam said kindly, laughing slightly as I gripped his hand tighter.

Niall came inside and shut the door, his bag still over his shoulder.

‘I’m just going to go to my room and change, I’m a bit cold.’ I said sweetly, giving Liam a kiss on the cheek. He nodded and let go of my hand. I walked past Niall and I could feel his eyes on me every step of the way. I was halfway up the stairs when I stopped.

‘Where’d you get her?’ Niall asked Liam.

‘She’s my mate. Our mark is similar. Liam replied.

‘Do you mind if I go get to know her?’ Niall asked.

I didn’t wait to hear the reply, afraid that Liam would hit him or something. I walked into ‘my’ room and took off my top. I opened the wardrobe and sifted through my tops. I heard the door open behind me. I turned around, thinking it was Liam.

‘Oh god, sorry.’ Niall said, covering his eyes with his hand as his cheeks turned crimson. It was a shocking contrast against his pale complexion.

I hurriedly grabbed my mickey mouse crop top and pulled it over my head. It went well with my black shorts. It was a bloody hot day.

‘You can look now.’ I said softly.

He spread his fingers, checking it was safe before removing his hand. His cheeks were returning to their normal colour and his eyes were blue again.

‘Sorry about that.’ He replied awkwardly.

‘It’s okay.’ I smiled.

He gave me a sexy half-smile, his eyes shining. This boy was H.O.T, Vampire or not.

‘Can I just check something?’ He asked, rubbing the back of his neck shyly.

‘Yeah.’ I replied, unsure of what he was about to do. He came up to me and studied me for a second.

‘Can you turn around?’ He asked politely, his voice slightly husky.

I turned around and he moved my hair over my shoulder. He ran his fingers over my neck and then gasped. I turned around worriedly.

‘What?’ I asked.

‘H…Has Liam told you about the mark?’ He stuttered, not answering my question.

I nodded, not sure of what he was getting at.

‘Yours is… yours is the same as mine.’ He told me, running a hand through his hair.

‘So?’ I questioned. Liam had told me I was his mate so…

‘That means… You’re my mate.’ He said, his voice almost a whisper.

I sat on the bed, Niall came and sat next to me. He placed a hand over mine. I felt like it belonged there. I turned to face him, drawing my gaze away from intertwined fingers. He smiled at me. I leant forward and planted a soft kiss on his lips. As I pulled away, I watched as his eyes changed from blue to gold and then to red.

‘I won’t hurt you, I promise.’ He said softly.

I trusted him. Despite him being a blood-sucking monster, I trusted him. He put a hand up to my cheek and stroked it gently. We heard footsteps outside the door and we jumped apart.

‘Summer, is Niall with…’ Liam started to say as he entered the room.

‘Liam, Summer’s mark is identical to mine. Look.’ He said, standing up and taking me with him. He spun me around and moved my hair again. He turned around himself and I heard Liam gasp, just like Niall had done.

‘Shit, they are! Alright, you can have her, she’s a bit to frigid for me anyway.’ He said simply, shrugging his shoulders.

‘Oh and Summer?’ He said.

‘Yeah?’ I replied, turning to face him and choosing to ignore his comment about me being frigid. To be truthful, I just didn’t want to fuck a Vampire.

‘We can still be mates yeah?’ He asked.

‘Okay.’ I answered nonchalantly.

He left the room, shutting the door behind him and leaving me and Niall alone.

‘You are beautiful you know.’ He announced, taking my hand in his gently.

I felt colour rush into my cheeks. I looked at the floor and he cupped my chin in his hand, lifting my head back up. He leant forward and kissed me, a proper kiss. I couldn’t feel his fangs like I could when I kissed Liam. Niall was gentle and undemanding. He groaned and put his hands on my arse. I smiled slightly and put my hands on his chest. He pulled away slightly and picked me up, walking over to the bed. I sat on his lap and resumed the kiss. I could feel him beneath me. I giggled slightly and he put his hands on my back as I put my hands in his hair. He groaned and even that had an accent. It sounded so sexy. I put my hands on his chest and went to move them lower when a voice stopped me.

‘Sorry, hope I’m not interrupting.’ Liam said from the door.




Picture Of Liam, Summer And Niall.

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