BloodLust(Niall Horan/1D Not Famous FanFic)

I don't know how to explain it...


7. 'Time To Feed.'

Summer’s POV

‘Niall, Niall, its 1 o’clock.’ I whispered as I shook him gently.

He mumbled something and then rolled over. I shook him again and he slowly sat up, rubbing his eyes.

‘Morning gorgeous.’ He said, his voice still crackly with sleep.

‘Morning sleepyhead.’ I replied, kissing him gently.

He pulled me down onto the bed and I snuggled against him. I was still surprised that I could be this calm around a Vampire. He always made me feel safe though. Safe and loved. He had never once hurt me and I don’t think he ever will. I wonder if he thought about it last night…

‘Niall…’ I said.

‘Yeah?’ He answered.

‘Did you think about it?’ I asked.

He nodded and then kissed me.

‘Just wait.’ He replied, looking into my eyes.

‘Okay.’ I whispered, kissing him again.


Niall’s POV

I hoped she wouldn’t have brought that up this morning. I had thought about it but I still couldn’t decide. Do I change her and keep her with me forever, or do I let her live as a human and stay with her until she dies? I was swaying towards the first one but I wanted to have a bit more time to decide rather than just rush into it and regret it later, even though I doubt I would.

‘I love you Niall.’ She said as she looked into my eyes.

‘I love you too Summer.’ I replied truthfully, each word filled with honesty.

Her hair fell over her shoulder and she had no makeup on. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I couldn’t get over the fact that she loved me, a Vampire. A blood sucker. But for some reason she did. And I was bloody glad.

‘What do you want to do today?’ She asked after a few minutes.

‘I want to take you down to the river at dusk.’ I replied.

‘Okay. What about in the meantime?’ She questioned.

‘I’m going to get set up and you, are going to stay here and do whatever you want.’ I said, kissing her nose.

She smiled and snuggled down in bed whilst I got up and slipped on my jeans and a t-shirt. I placed my snap back on my head and pulled my feet into my shoes. I jogged down the stairs and grabbed a picnic blanket from the cupboard. I paused at the door.

‘Bye, I love you!’ I called.

‘Bye, I love you too!’ She replied.

I sprinted down to the river and placed the blanket down on the grass. I looked at the river. It had no algae or anything in it, it was a clear blue, like Summer’s eyes. I couldn’t wait until later! I ran back to the house and grabbed a picnic hamper, in it I placed some of the leftover food from yesterday and a bottle of Pepsi. I walked back to the river, placing the hamper down on the middle of the blanket. I found some roses and sprinkled the petals on the ground around the blanket. I hoped she’d like it.

I looked around at the finished product. It looked beautiful. There wasn’t any breeze so the rose petals had stayed exactly where I had placed them and the river was still beautiful. The sun was starting to set so I ran back to the house.

‘Summer, you ready?’ I shouted up the stairs.

‘Yeah!’ She replied as she appeared on the landing.            

She was wearing a blue dress and flip-flops and she had one of my snap backs on.

‘Come on then.’ She said, smiling at me as she walked down the stairs.

I took hold of her hand and we walked to the river. I covered her eyes as we drew closer as I wanted it to be a surprise. I uncovered her eyes as we stood in view of the river, the blanket and hamper and the rose petals.

‘Oh Niall.’ She exclaimed, tears in her eyes.

‘Do you like it?’ I asked her.

‘I love it!’ She exclaimed, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me passionately.

We sat down and ate and drank whilst talking and laughing.

‘Let’s go swimming.’ I said, standing up and holding my hand out to her.

She took it and then took off her dress. She had her bikini on underneath. I took my top, jeans, snap back and shoes off. I had put my trunks on underneath my jeans. She grabbed my hand and we ran and jumped into the river.

‘SHIT IT’S COLD!’ She screeched.

‘It’s alright.’ I laughed.

She swam up to me and splashed me so I grabbed her waist and pulled her into a kiss. I had decided what I wanted to do. After swimming for about an hour we climbed out and I wrapped her in a towel.

‘I’ve decided.’ I told her.

‘You have?’ She questioned.

I nodded and kissed her neck. I opened my mouth slightly and sunk my fangs into the delicate flesh. She gasped and I laid her down, my arms around her tightly. She ‘fell asleep’ and after a while, I decided I should carry her back to the house. It took me no time at all to clean up and when I arrived at the house I opened the door and placed her on the bed. She stirred slightly and opened her eyes.

‘Time to feed.’ I told her.



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