BloodLust(Niall Horan/1D Not Famous FanFic)

I don't know how to explain it...


6. 'I'll Sleep On It.'

Summer’s POV

‘You coming?’ I shouted from the sofa.

‘Just making the popcorn.’ Niall shouted back, sounding muffled.

‘More like eating it!’ I laughed.

‘I want my share!’ He replied.

‘You sound like you’ve had more than your share!’ I said as I got up slowly and tiptoed to the kitchen.

He was stood by the microwave, empty bowl in hand and cheeks bulging with popcorn.

‘Caught you!’ I exclaimed laughing.

He turned around, chewed quickly and then swallowed.

‘I was hungry.’ He said winking at me.

‘I can see that.’ I replied, gesturing towards the bowl.

‘I’m heating up another bag.’ He said, nodding towards the microwave.

‘You better be.’ I replied as the microwave beeped.

He opened the bag and poured it into the bowl. I took it from him and ran into the lounge. He followed me, picked me up and sat on the sofa with me on his lap.

‘I love you.’ He said, kissing my neck.

‘I love you too.’ I replied, leaning into him.

We sat watching a film for the next few hours, he had his hands around my waist and he was nuzzling into my hair from time to time.

‘What do you want to do now?’ I asked once the film had finished.

‘Cuddle.’ He whispered.

He was such a cutie sometimes!

‘I wish you’d reconsider turning me.’ I said.

‘I’ll think about it.’ He mumbled.

‘Okay.’ I smiled.

I sat in his arms for about an hour and then I got up and took the bowl out to the kitchen.

‘I’m gonna go to bed.’ I told him on my way up the stairs.

‘Wait for me.’ He replied as he got up of the sofa and jogged over to me.

He grabbed hold of my hand as we walked up the stairs.

‘I meant what I said you know.’ He said, looking into my eyes intently.

‘What?’ I asked, unsure of what he was talking about.

‘I’ll think about it.’ He replied.

‘I know you will.’ I said, pulling him up the stairs and giving him a hug.

He picked me up and carried me to the bathroom. We did our teeth and then climbed into bed. I snuggled into his bare chest and he played with my hair. I fell into a peaceful sleep, knowing that he would protect me.

Niall’s POV

I laid there staring at her eyelashes, astounded at how long they were. I was twirling strands of her soft hair in between my fingers, letting it slip out of its own accord. This girl was beautiful in every way, inside and out and yet she wanted me to make her a Vampire? I have no idea why. But then at least we could spend forever together… I don’t know though… I’ll sleep on it.




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