BloodLust(Niall Horan/1D Not Famous FanFic)

I don't know how to explain it...


3. 'I Love The Way You Say Gorgeous.'

Summer’s POV

I opened my eyes and found I was still nuzzled in Niall’s chest. I didn’t want to move, his arms were wrapped around me and his head was resting on mine.

‘Niall.’ I whispered.

‘Mmm?’ He replied, stretching.

‘Did you fall asleep?’ I asked, teasing him.

‘Yeah, sorry.’ He said apologetically.

‘It’s okay.’ I said sitting up so I could kiss him.

His accent was just so beautiful it was all I could do not to hug him tightly.

I looked at him and he stroked my cheek with his thumb.

‘You’re beautiful.’ He murmured as he kissed my nose.

I felt myself blushing again and kissed his cheek.

‘So are you.’ I replied softly.

He laughed slightly. I laid down, my head in his lap as he played with a strand of my hair.

‘Why did you laugh?’ I asked.

‘What?’ He answered.

‘Why did you laugh when I said you were beautiful?’ I asked again.

‘Because I’m not.’ He muttered. I touched his cheek with my hand.

‘Niall, you are beautiful. Maybe not to other people, but to me, you are the most unique and special thing in the world.’ I told him, my heart aching for him.

‘Okay.’ He said, smiling at me.

I smiled up at him and he leant down to kiss me.

‘I’m hungry.’ He said a while later.

‘Go get some food then.’ I giggled.

He ran downstairs and came back with an armful of food and a note which he read aloud.


I met this girl called Molli. She’s my mate, I checked. I built us a house further in the forest so you and Summer can be alone.

See ya mate, don’t eat her ;)


‘So, it’s just us?’ I asked.

‘Yeah, and FOOD!’ He said jumping onto the bed.

‘What did you find?’ I questioned, looking at his stash.

‘Mainly crisps.’ He answered, shrugging.

We munched for a while, well, Niall did. He hopped off the bed and ran around shouting ‘I’m the crisp king!’ in his sexy accent.

I swept all of the empty packets onto the floor and then Niall crawled across it, a cheeky smile spread across his beautiful face.

‘What are you doing?’ I asked but he didn’t answer. Instead, he pounced on me, tickling me.

I rolled around the bed and eventually fell off.

‘Niall! Stop it!’ I giggled.

‘I will if you go and find me food!’ He announced.

‘You just ate!’ I replied, still giggling.

‘I’m always hungry.’ He said shyly.

‘Okay, back in a minute.’ I said, getting up.

As I went to walk out of the door, he grabbed my hand.

‘Actually, I’d rather hold you.’ He whispered, pulling me into him.

I laughed again and kissed him.

‘You’re so gorgeous.’ He said.

‘Say that again.’ I whispered

‘Why?’ He asked.

‘I love the way you say gorgeous.’ I said softly.

Niall’s POV

‘I love the way you say gorgeous.’ She said softly.

‘Okay… You’re gorgeous.’ I whispered as I pulled her in and kissed her cheek.

I made my way down her Jawline to her neck. I nibbled gently on the soft skin. She giggled and I kissed my way along her collar bone and back up to her lips. I kissed them gently before kissing the tip of her nose.

‘I love you.’ She murmured.

‘I love you too Summer.’ I replied smiling.


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