The boy a thousand miles away from me ***sequal to the boy down the street***

***sequal to The boy down the street****
"I will get you back Daria, I promise." I let her hand go, she was gone. just.... gone.


3. over him, over me.

 I saw him kissing her, I guess he got over me... quick. "Daria' I ran to my parents and was smiling for some reason. I was just happy to be home, with my parents. "The tomilson's are coming over, we haven't told them you are found yet." I smiled, "we get to surprise them' They nodded happily and I went upstairs to watch T.V. I was thinking about Louis and that girl, he must have gotten over me quick. It put a frown on my face remembering the time he said "I will get you back Daria, I promise" I kept thinking about the I promise. Liar. I heard the door bell, they are here. I decided to put a Green Bay packers sweatshirt on and sweatpants, I shouldn't care of what they think of me.  I ran down the stairs, as soon as the Tomilson's eyes were on me they gasps. "uh- hi" I smiled. Louis's mom and dad ran and hugged me, I hugged back tightly. Louis had his mouth open. "I missed you" I said to his parents, they were crying and sobbing on my shoulder. "we missed you too, we owe you." I shook my head -no- I just smiled. "let's eat" My mother said through tears. I gave Louis a glare, his eyes got wide. I walked to the kitchen, Louis sat as far away as possible from me.

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