The boy a thousand miles away from me ***sequal to the boy down the street***

***sequal to The boy down the street****
"I will get you back Daria, I promise." I let her hand go, she was gone. just.... gone.


2. missing home, and Louis

"get up, slut" He was screaming at me... a lot. I got up and faced him. I have been missing for about a year. no one has found me... sadly. I have been, raped, kicked, beaten and much more. that all happened in a year. "POLICE OPEN UP" he looked at me and cursed under his breathe. "come here now" Bruce -my kidnapper- sternly said. The door flew open and police fled inside, They tackled him to the ground. 'are you okay, your parents will be notified that you are safe, you will be returned to them in a few hours" I was crying tears of joy. I am found. I am safe.


 ***at the station***

I cried in my mom's arms. they were hugging me for dear life. I was in the car on the way to my house.

**at my house***\

I went up to my room, exactly the same. I then remembered Louis. he said he would find me. I was in my room looking over all my untouched stuff. it was sad looking at it all, it was even sadder looking out the window to see Louis kissing a girl.



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