The boy a thousand miles away from me ***sequal to the boy down the street***

***sequal to The boy down the street****
"I will get you back Daria, I promise." I let her hand go, she was gone. just.... gone.


7. in the mornang

I couldn't get Louis's face out of my head.  I just couldn't believe he didn't find me like he promised and then when i did come back he has a slut with him! I should get up, and get dressed.   

   I got up and walked to my closet, the same as I left it. I turned on my speakers and put on the song "your not sorry" by taylor swift. i sang along to the song not caring how loud I was being. I looked at my OPEN window and outside the window was Louis with his mouth slightly open. I ran to my window and shut it and my curtains. I back away from my window and shut my music off. I got dressed in high waisted shorts and a t-shirt i tucked in. I put on my high tops and bolted out the door. "hey mom and dad I am going for a drive!" I called out. I ran out the door to my car. I got in and back out. In my mirror i saw Louis and his girlfriend. I was kinda jealous.. ugh i need to stop. I pulled out. I decided to go to Starbucks. I parked my car on the side of the road and got out. I went in ordered my drink. I was walking out when i spilt my coffee on someone.. "Oh my god I am so sorry!" I didn't look up. "it's ok gorgeous, can i have your number?" i blushed and nodded. "my name is Daria" I said smiling. "Niall" He put his number in my phone. I txt him so we had each other's numbers. "I'm really sorry Niall." I said getting napkins to clean up the coffee. "it's ok love" he smiled. "i got to go Niall, I will txt u later" I said hugging him goodbye. I got home smiling. He was cute :) watch out Louis, I'm over you

   thanks for encouraging me to continue!!!

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