My struggles with you

My name is Maria. I suffer from Virtiligo which is a skin diesese that gives me white patches on my skin. Im insecure, self conscious and depressed. But I hide it all. I also have this little secret, im love with this guy named Austin. But what happens when I meet a guy named Niall? what will happen?I just turned 16 and I live with my aunt and uncle, read more to find out what happens in my life.


4. "Why are you even here?! No one likes you b*tch!"

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Niall's pov

I was finding my locker again, I just noticed I seperated from Maria but I'll catch up to her after im done putting my books away into my locker. Since im still getting used to this school everything seems huge eh whatever. I see my locker number, #125 I put my books away and check the time quickly one more hour until dismissal YES!  But anyways I turned to the left of the hallway, oh hey there'sMaria! 
I should go to her

But then I stopped and peeked cause I noticed everyones attention onto Maria and these other girls. 

"Hey bitch! Why the hell are you even here everyday? No one even freaking likes you, your just too motha freaking ugly and fat" I gasped. Who wouldn't like Maria? Shes so perfect.. 

But just then I see something that completely scared and shocked me. 
That bitch just hit Maria so damn her on the head she was knocked unconscious!!! I see everyone just leave Maria's beautiful body just lying there. 

I run to her, I call an ambulance and I come to the hospital with her worrying so much! My palms are sweaty and my stomach hurts. Still shocked people are do cruel to her, 

Just then I realized I really like her, Maria Mercedes. 

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