My struggles with you

My name is Maria. I suffer from Virtiligo which is a skin diesese that gives me white patches on my skin. Im insecure, self conscious and depressed. But I hide it all. I also have this little secret, im love with this guy named Austin. But what happens when I meet a guy named Niall? what will happen?I just turned 16 and I live with my aunt and uncle, read more to find out what happens in my life.


2. Who's this guy??

My alarm clock ringed, I quickly turned it off. 
Urghhhh its Monday, Monday means school, and school means being bullied because I'm a straight A student, its not my fault I'm smarter than others! 

But the only reason I want to go to school is to see Austin, and my best friends Nicole, Sydney, Paula and Angeli (: I've known Austin since grade 3, but I started liking him since grade 6. He has never liked me... I bet he doesn't even remember me at all! But he's kind of like a nerd I would say, he's Vietnamese and his parents make him take his education VERY seriously. I've also known Paula, Nicole, Sydney, and Angeli since grade 3 too, they're so fun to hang with and the such amazing friends. 

Anyway, im walking to school and I see a boy walking across from me. I think he's new? Well he is cute-
Maria! What are you saying? You don't even know him!!! I said to myself in my head. 

I continued to walk to school, I finally reached there, I was now walking behind the boy.. He opened the door for me, wow what a gentleman!

"Oh thank you" I said gently while smiling, "no problem" he said in an accent. I felt some awkwardness come between me as there was a short silence, but I finally got the courage to say something. "So are you new here?" I asked. "yeah, I don't like being the new guy. It's always so annoying having to go to a new place and you dont know where everything is." A.N: The place these characters live in is in LA) 
"Yeah I know, but I think you'll fit in we'll in the school. What's your first two classes today?" I said 

He handed me his whole schedule, he had every class with me except 
photography. What a coincidence? 

"Wow we practically have every class together" i exclaimed. "Cool, im glad I met your first haha" he said in a cute way. "Oh yeah I didn't get your name!" "Oh sorry! Hah its Niall Horan whats yours?" He said 

"Im Maria Mercedes!" As I look down to the ground but he suddenly grabs my hand,I look up at him "we should get going to class, me might be late!(:" as he let go of my hand and I start walking with him to our first class which was music. 

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