My struggles with you

My name is Maria. I suffer from Virtiligo which is a skin diesese that gives me white patches on my skin. Im insecure, self conscious and depressed. But I hide it all. I also have this little secret, im love with this guy named Austin. But what happens when I meet a guy named Niall? what will happen?I just turned 16 and I live with my aunt and uncle, read more to find out what happens in my life.


3. So you play guitar?(:

AN: Hiii so please be a fan of this movellas it would mean sooo much!(: Anyway have you heard Midnight Memories?!?! IT'S AMAZING! And just yesterday it was 1D Day! Did you watch? I did it was so fun and perfect! I'll try to update more often if I had more fans and readers! All the characters in this story are people I love and are very close to me accept o2l and 1d but I still love them lol! Austin in this story is also my boyfriend in real life currently but anyway I hope you enjoy! 

Me and Niall go to our first class of the day which was music class and we sat down. As I see Paula winking at me while shes sitting and talking with another new guy? Wow we must have alot of new students today.. I giggle at Paula as the music teacher, Ms. mcloud starts to talk. 

Class! Since its a beautiful day outside, I thought we should go outside and play our instruments there. Or if you want you can just have a free time so that I have more time to grade your music exams. 

The class all cheers as Niall comes to me with a guitar in one hand and his phone in the other. "Hey do you wanna hang outside with me?" I nodded and smiled. 

We walked outside and it was hot, I was only wearing leggings and a 'Stressed Depressed But Well Dressed' tank top. 
Niall runs to a tree and sits down under it, as I follow him and sit down. 

(M=Maria & N=Niall) 
M: "You know how to play?" 
N: "Yeah I've been playing for a long time. "
M: "Thats cool, play me something!!"  I smiled. 
N: "what song should I play?" 
M:" ermm I don't know... " 
N: "Oh I know! Try to guess the song!" 
M: "Okay(:" I giggled 
N: "It's a beautiful night! Im looking for something dumb to do, hey baby I think I wanna marry you...". (And he keeps singing til the songs done..) 
M: "Marry You by Bruno Mars! " I smiled widely
N: "Yup" while he 'pops' the P
M: "So what now?haha " 
N: "Uhmm how bout 20 questions" he said smiling
M: "yeah okay you go first! "
N: "Favorite thing to do?" 
M: "probably listen to music or playing instruments" 
N: "Nice" 
M: "Okay, umm... Where are you from?(:" I asked him 
N: "Im from Ireland" he said with a tiny giggle 
M: "I knew you had a Irish accent !!!" 
N: "hahhaa yeah ok, how many family  members do you have?" 
 as I heard his question, I thought of my parents, they were killed in a car crash a year ago.. I was devastated. I started tearing up from thinking about them. 
N: "Maria? Maria?? Are you okay? Did I do something wrong??" 
M: "No its just that my parents died in a car crush a year ago and just thinking about them makes me sad" N:" Oh no im so sorry babe, I didnt know. " 
M: " Niall its totally okay! You didn't know." 
We heard the bell ring. We both walking back, I grabbed my books and headed to my locker. I looked around the hall, everyone was was whispering and looking at me. I chose to ignore it. I finally get to my locker, but then I look to my right. Uh oh... 

I see Rebecca Morrison and her friends. They are the ones who bully me. I hated her and her little possy so much!!! She like the schools slut, she flirts and sleeps with like every guy in the school its disgusting, YUCK . 

Rebecca walks towards me as I get so nervous. "Hey bitch! Why the hell are you even here everyday? No one even freaking likes you, your just too motha freaking ugly and fat" her words are always like knives being stabbed onto every spot of my body. But then I feel 
sharp pain on my head. 

Everything goes black. 


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