My struggles with you

My name is Maria. I suffer from Virtiligo which is a skin diesese that gives me white patches on my skin. Im insecure, self conscious and depressed. But I hide it all. I also have this little secret, im love with this guy named Austin. But what happens when I meet a guy named Niall? what will happen?I just turned 16 and I live with my aunt and uncle, read more to find out what happens in my life.


5. In the hospital

I try to open my eyes, but I couldn't. I can hear tho. I hear shuffling from in the hallways.. Well I remember everything that happened, everything part of my body is fine accept my head, I have a massive head ache and a touch of dizziness. Oh god Mare what have you gotten into... Nialls pov "Can I see her please??" I asked hopefully to Maria's doctor. "Yes you may but she is sleeping so try not to disturb her. She may have an irritation of the head and all", I nodded and quickly but quietly open the door and sit down beside her. She was gorgeous, I really like her. But seeing her being bullied and treated this way by those girls made me angry. Maria isn't the type to cause trouble so im just guessing that those girls want attention or something. I was just staring at her, not bothering to wake her up cause shes probably very tired. Maria's pov I feel someone beside me. I wonder who, my uncle or aunt maybe? Paula, Angeli, Sydney, and Nicole maybe? Hmmm. I got do curious I just had to open my eyes, but I still couldn't! Urghhh come in mare! Just then my eyes slowly open, everything is still a little blury but then now its focused. I see someone beside who I didnt expect at all to be here with me. It was Niall.

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