My struggles with you

My name is Maria. I suffer from Virtiligo which is a skin diesese that gives me white patches on my skin. Im insecure, self conscious and depressed. But I hide it all. I also have this little secret, im love with this guy named Austin. But what happens when I meet a guy named Niall? what will happen?I just turned 16 and I live with my aunt and uncle, read more to find out what happens in my life.


6. Can I give you a nickname? &Everything was just perfect

Niall pov

Wow. Just wow. Maria's eyes flickered, I see her beautiful chocolate eyes once again.  
My stomach fluttered with butterflies and happiness

"Maria?Can you see me??" I asked. "Oh hi Niall, yeah I can ha, uh I just got a bit of a head ache" she said slowly. At the perfect timing the doctor came in, weird. 

"Oh my I see that you are awake ms. Mercedes! Well your head condition is not at all bad, so you may go home in two hours just after we take a final test to make she everything is all good ok? I have to go to another room now so just eat and stay comfortable until the nurses come in." 

*skip to nurses*

"Well Maria it seems that you are finally good to go! Just sign out at the front desk and you may go home but you have to take 1 of these pills everyday for a week and a half." The nurse of the name 'Nancy' explained, "got it thank you so much!" I said excitedly and looked at Niall who looked really happy also. "No problem dear" she said with a smile. Niall and I then signed out of the hospital hopped into the car. 

He started the car. "Well that was a lot of drama for our first day of school hahha" I pointed out. "Haha ya, I'm just happy that you're okay babe that girl hit you hard" he looked at me then back at the road, 
"Oh you see the whole thing?" I questioned "yeah kind of but-" he was interrupted by my phone ringing, it was the classic minions *BIDOBIDOBIDO* 

I answer it 
"Hey mars! It's abby!" 
"Oh hey what's up?" 
"Uh you forgot haven't you?" 
"We're going to the Digi Tour & after party tomorrow!! Urghh mars! How could you forget I worked so hard getting these tickets!" 
"Omgg im so sorry abby! I've been so caught up with everything and I just came back from the hospital and stuff, but im still going tomorrow!!" 
"Eh it's okay as long as you don't back out cause I don't want to go withou- WAIT! You went to the hospital?!?!? Whyyy??" 
"Haha don't worry its not a biggie! But I'll tell you about it tomorrow cause im with someone right now so byee see you tomorrow!" 
"Hahah okay byee!" 
I then turned off my phone and faced Niall.

"Sorry about that, me and my cousin are going to the Digi tour plus after party tomorrow and I totally forgot aha" I said he chuckled "it's okay". 
"So wanna chill at my house for a while my aunt and uncle are in a 17 day cruise" I told him "yeah sure wanna watch a movie?" He asked 
"Yeah sounds great!" 

We finally got to my house or should I say my aunt and uncles house. I make some popcorn and sandwiches while he picks out a movie. I placed the food on the table and crashed on the couch while I watch him start the movie on Netflix. 

"So what movie is this?" 
"Dolphin Tale haha" he giggled ah man hes so cute! "Very manly Niall hahahha" we both laughed as he sat beside me. 

"You know what?" I asked him "what?" He answered. "Your name is too long to say, can I make up a nickname for you?" "Yeah sure as long as I make up a nickname for you!" He tapped my nose, I laughed. 

"Hmmm let's see, Niall, Neil, Ni, nandos, I think I'll call you Ni! Haha" 
"I like it! Okay let's see what I should call you!" As he pretends to comb his imaginary beard with his fingers. "Maria, Mars bar, mar, mare how about mare bear?! I really like it! Mare bear!(;(;" "omg that's so cute I love it!" I said happily. 

By the time the movie was finished we were already asleep. Ni's head was on my lap while his legs hung off the end of the couch, my hand in his hair from when I was combing his hair with my fingers. 

Everything was just perfect: 

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