Story of my life

All my life i have been bullied, abused, basically a toy. I put up with all of this for what seems like ever, until... one night my dad dropped me off outside a concert. To be more specific a 1D concert. "Have fun with your dumb band!" Then he drove off. I managed to walk around and find their tour bus, maybe... they would see me.... After the concert.. a pair of blue eyes lock with mine, and i found my angel


24. Thursday


*6:07 p.m.*

I slowly let my eyes flutter open,i look around the room with my eyes. Then what happened earlier pops up and into my mind. I smiled to myself. I'm just glad he understood. I felt Niall playing with my hair, i guess he was awake.

"Hello Niall." I mumbled not bothering to turn over. "Morn- err afternoon." I laugh slightly, as i felt Niall stop playing with my hair. "You didn't have to stop messing with my hair." He laughed and played with it some more. "Were you dreaming about me darlin'? I heard you say my name a few times." 

I thought for a moment, not remembering if i did have a dream or not. "I don't remember. Was that all i said?" "Nope. You also brought up food, Nialler, water, jump, Niall, Niall again, like 5 more times, and what." I laughed, sounds like an interesting dream, if only i remembered." He just brought me closer to him, he was so warm. 

Then his phone went off, he sighed leaning over and grabbing it. "Hello?..........Now?....... Alright." He clicked the phone and put it on the table and hugged me. "Management wants us to go to this meeting, you wanna come or no?" "Yeah i do." He smiled and we both got up and headed down the stairs and off to the meeting. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Once we got to this huge building, and walked in, i was in shock. This place was huge!! "You fine waiting out here?" He asked with some concern. "Yeah." He hugged me and kissed me, before leaving. I just walked around the area, looking for something to do. 

I found nothing of course. i just ended up laying down in the middle of the room. No one else was there so why not? i was pretending to swim for a while, then i did some wall surfing, you know pushing from one wall to the other or whatever its called. Then i was pretending to swim again and i ended up in the middle of the room again. I just kept bouncing from wall to wall and swimming. 

"Ehem." I heard someone say, it was Simon, the lads were behind him. "So that's what you do when your left alone?" Niall laughs, as did everyone else. "I was bored!" I tried defending myself. "Oh we noticed, we have been standing here for 30 minutes watching you." I blushed some. 

"Nothing to be embarrassed about silly." Niall said walking over me and was laying down. "How can you slide from wall to wall so fast?" I laughed and i showed him. Soon all the lads were doing this while Simon was recording and laughing his arse off. 

Then all of our phones went off. Twitter. 

"Well all the lads and Alex were pretty occupied today!" Then only my phone went off.

"We aren't leaving you alone again anytime soon." I just laughed. "Simon!!" I checked through the comments on the group video, most were nice.... but i focused on the negative. "She's trying to get attention!!" "She is just dating Niall so she can get in his pants." "What a whore, especially in that outfit!" I looked at my outfit, it was a blue tank and black jeans. "Why doesn't Niall dumb her? I bet she's paying him." "Wouldn't be surprised if she hooks up with all the lads, what a slut."

I felt my eyes water, why do people have to criticize? I blinked a few times so the tears wouldn't fall. "Well it's time to go guys, see you guys later!" We all waved and went into the limo. Harry was starring at me... please don't be as observant as Louis is with emotions. Speaking of Louis, he was starring too. Now i just wanted to let my tears fall. I pulled my phone out and read more comments.

"Why are you trying so hard to get into Niall's pants? He is perfect and your not anything near perfect." "Eww, that outfit? You must be paying him. Niall baby just break up with her and notice me?" "Desperate much?"

I was about to loose it. As soon as we got home and walked through the door, i saw Louis was about o say something,but its to late. I started crying. "What's wrong?!" Niall said hugging me. "Twitter!" I gave him my phone as the others were surrounding him and reading the comments also. I just got out of Nialls hug and ran up to my room and locking the door. Within a few minutes i heard the lads running up the stares and knocking on my door. "Baby please open the door." I ignored him as i cried into my pillow. "Babe please.." "Alex, its just haters being haters." Zayns voice popped in. "Yeah at least you don't get called basically a whore!" I half yelled. 

"Unlock the door." Louis said. I just cried. Soon i heard them messing with the lock, one of them succeeded in picking the lock. "Oh baby....." Niall said coming over to me and putting me on his lap, as i cried into his chest. We was just rubbing my back, and i could tell he was looking at the lads, not knowing how to really comfort me.

I don't know why i focus on negative tweets. Soon i stopped crying. "We can tell them to stop.." Harry insisted. "No... like that would stop them." I said looking over to him. "Maybe... you should delete your twitter." Louis said. I just got up from Niall's warm lap and got onto the computer and quickly deleted twitter. I just let my wet face land in my hands. 

"I think it's time we all had some food." Liam says going down to the kitchen, as did the others except Niall. "You okay?" "Yeah..."I nod and he just wraps his arms around me, and then he kissed me, again my heart beating fast. "Do i make you nervous when i kiss you?" He says pulling away. "Why?" "Because every time i do, i feel your heart rate going faster and faster." "I don't think so." I smiled as he kissed me again. 

The kiss was becoming more passionate, as he walked me over to the bed and he laid me down, him laying on top of me. He slowly took my shirt off. "Before you say no... i can make you feel good you know." "But..." He put his fingers down there and started rubbing me, i still had my jeans on. I let out a small moan. "Niall.." I said as he smiled. "See... but thats not all i can do to make you feel good." He smirked. "Niall... im just not ready. Stop being so horny." He laughed, "Well now you are." I just rolled my eyes as he continued to kiss me and rub me. I let out a couple more moans before he was messing with his belt. "Niall..."

I said and he just smirks. "Alright.. im sorry." He just goes back to kissing me. This boy... i swear.

After a while i finally put my shirt back on and we headed down the stairs. "Just in time! Dinner is ready." I laughed as i got my plat and sat down at the table.Niall sat next to me and soon the other joined. I looked at Niall's face, he better not try anything. When we were halfway through dinner, he put his hand on my thigh and was brushing it up and down. I glared at him, then he whispered. "You know you want me." I laughed a little bit. 

"So, i guess were going out to the store, you two want to join us?" Niall shook his head no for both of us, as soon as they are out the door Niall gives me an evil smirk. "Niall your such a tease." I said putting my plate up. "I just want you so bad." Niall whispered in my ear. I laughed as he turned me around and kissed me. "Niall Horan! Just wait.. " He shook his head. "I can't." I sighed, "You have to."

He just put his plate up. I pushed him back against the counter and i started kissing him. "There is something you could do.." "Hmm." He said in the kiss. I backed up and said. "You can do the dishes!!" Then i ran all the way up to his room and locked the door. I heard him running up the stairs and tried opening the door. "Ughh not again!!" He whined as he banged on the door. 

"Niall Talia Horan." "W-whaat?" "Niall Talia Horan." "Where did that come from?!" "I don't know." He just kept banging on the door. "Come on Alex!! Open the door or... no more kisses!!" "I can live with out your kisses!" He just banged on the door harder. "Please open the door." "Nope. I want to go through your things!" "NO!" Well now i do, i started looking through his clothes, nothing special, looked under his bed, very clean. I opened his closet and it was clean to. "You have nothing in here anyway." "Come on..." This could be a moment to tease him.... "Nope, i don't want you to see me standing here in just my bra and under garments." "Why are you only in that?" "I'm going to take a bath.... while your stuck out there.... to bad you can't join me... i know you want me." I laughed really hard as Niall was really trying to enter the room. I did go in there though and started the water. A bath sounds really nice. "ALEX PLEASE UNLOCK THE DOOR!!" "I'M TRYING TO TAKE A BATH!" He just ran down the stairs. I shut the bathroom door and i stripped and put bubbles into the water, it was very bubbly. 

I then got in, the water was hot, it felt nice. "LADS HELP ME PICK THIS LOCK!" I laughed. about 5 minutes later they managed to get in. "Don't come in here!" I heard foot steps leave and one walking in here. "Why?!" He groaned as he sat down on the floor, next to the tub. "I dunno." He laughed. "Bet your wearing a swim suit, you can stop teasing." "Umm... i am seriously taking a hot bath.... i wasn't kidding." His eyes grew wide. "Oh.... OH. Heeyyy does that offer still stand? Can i join you?" I laughed. "As long as you don't try anything." He quickly got undressed, i didn't look at him when he was undressed, he got into the tub, sitting behind me. I just leaned up against him. 

"Why must the water be so hot?" "Well, this bath was only meant for one person. Me." He laughed. "Don't sass me, i'll punish you." I looked up at him, giving him a weird look. "Punishment?" He just smirked. "What punishment could you possibly think of that can happen in the bathtub?" "If you really want to know...." I felt his hand under the water. "Niall.." He just laughed "You asked." He was fingering me. I tried keep my moans in, but it was kind of hard to. "Shh.... you don't want the lads coming in here." "Like i can help that!" Then we heard a knock on the door, "Niall can i talk to you?" Niall didn't stop either, he just put a hand over my mouth. "Sure, just don't come into the bathroom." 

"Alright." He came in and i guess sat on his bed. "So your a fan of baths now?" Niall looked down on me, going a little faster, "Oh yeah, its really nice." I just rolled my eyes, trying to keep quiet even though he is covering my mouth. 

"Well, Simon is thinking about moving us to a new city. For the rest of our vacation." "Oh?" "Yeah, i don't know where but he is thinking about it. But this place also has a beach and the house is bigger down there. And for you Niall, the bath tubs are a little bit bigger." Niall smirked down at me as i grabbed the side of the tub. 

"That's good. So when are we going to be moving? Or is this a maybe thing?" "A maybe thing, he said he will let us no in a little while." "Alright, is that all." He went faster. "Yeah, you want me to shut the door on the way out?" "Yeah." "Alright bye Nialler." After Niall heard the door shut he moved his hand and i let out a moan. "Well then." Niall said laughing. He finally stopped. "That was horrible! I could have made a noise." He looked at me weird. "Oh? Horrible huh?" I laughed and i grabbed a towel. "I think it's time to get out." Nope! You said that was horrible.... unless your only saying that for more." I rolled my eyes, but then gasped. 

"Niall really!" "I never said your punishment was over!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Later we finally got out of the tub and we were down in the living room. "Hey guys, theres a party tomorrow, wanna go?" "What kind of party?" I asked Louis. "The kind that has red cups." "Oh... i don't think i want to go." "Why not?" Niall asked. "I hate drunk people." Niall half smiled. "We don't have to drink." "Alright, only if you don't drink Horan." "That's alot to ask from him, he is Irish! Irish people are usually heavy drinkers." Niall laughed, "Not if my princess doesn't want me to."

I laughed. "Well, i guess we should sleep then." Niall followed me up to his room, he changed into pajamas. "Night Darlin'." "Night Niall."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Well... i'l try updating again tonight or tomorrow!!

Bye my little stars.


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