Story of my life

All my life i have been bullied, abused, basically a toy. I put up with all of this for what seems like ever, until... one night my dad dropped me off outside a concert. To be more specific a 1D concert. "Have fun with your dumb band!" Then he drove off. I managed to walk around and find their tour bus, maybe... they would see me.... After the concert.. a pair of blue eyes lock with mine, and i found my angel


5. The dream


I was first to wake up that morning, it was 4 in the morning. Why am i up so early? I actually don't know but i think its a habit. I just closed my eyes again... dreaming...

"Alex shut your damn mouth and sit there and be still!"

The room was barely lit, the walls were grey, as was the cold floor. We were in the basement

they had it soundproof so no one would here my screams. Sometimes i could tolerate it, but most i just can't help but scream, he would hit, slap, punch, kick.

I swear he broke something sometimes. He did once, my leg. He threw something at me, i couldn't see what it was but it hurt like hell! But all i could ever do was cry silently and not make any noise. It would only be worse. "Alex no one likes you! You ever wonder why they left you in the first place?"

Kick, punch, and slap.

"I really don't know why i even put up with you, It ends now."

He walked over to some box... grabbing a gun. 

"I'd rather die then be stuck here!" I screamed at him, knowing the end was so close... 

"No one will care, no one will notice, no one loved you, and now no one will."


I woke up to the lads shaking me awake. "Alex?! Your only having a nightmare!" I looked around, not in a basement, not facing a gun, nothing. "I-i-im fine." I said. "Don't lie Alex, what happened?" I looked at their faces.... i could melt. "Just.... something that happened in the past... besides the end of the dream." They just sat there, not really knowing what to say or even do. "Love, everything will be alright... trust me. We won't let anything happen to you." Harry said. 

"I won't let him touch you until i stop loving Nandos." "I won't let him touch you until i stop loving mirrors." "I won't let him touch you until i stop loving the colour orange." "I won't let him touch you until i stop loving stripes." "And I won't let him touch you until i stop disliking spoons." "We wont let him touch you until this band comes to an end, which will never happen." 

I half smiled, but one question will always be on my mind no matter how long i stay with the lads, why do they care? "Thanks." I said. Then we all had a weird group hug, Louis and Harry hugged the arms of the chair. I could only laugh. 

Now... back at to Cherry's place....

"DAD OH MY GOD!!!" Cherry yelled. as she was now walking in the door, from the concert. "What's wrong pumpkin?" "GUESS WHERE ALEX IS?!?!?! WITH MY HUSBAND!!! NIALL IS MINE DAD." I was so pissed, Niall can only be mine, if that didn't happen i would die. "Really?" I just nodded my head once. "Dad you have to do something, anything i don't care. Niall is mine and only mine." I ran up to my room, how could a low life like her be with One Direction?!?! She's ugly, gross, annoying, and just plain stupid! She always complained when dad was "Taking care of her." So what? A few slaps and that's it, what a bitch. I was actually pleased to see her actually cutting herself. I mean, saves dad some trouble if cut was little to deep. But she was always careful, never to deep. No wonder her parents left her, she was a huge bitch. 

The reason they left her was because they just wanted to do it, but they didn't want a baby, so when she got pregnant they already planned on not keeping it. I would do the same thing.

Back at the hotel...

"Well that was what my dream was about... i hated it." I told Niall, i made the others leave, i trust Niall a little bit more. "Wow.. and you said most of this was true? Besides the ending?" I nodded. "Well.. that is the story of my pathetic life." 

omg... hey guys!!

My friend wrote a little imagine XD we were messing around she said 

"Niall!!!!! you wife is gonna be an asshole! *Niall *runs around corner, trips over own feet and slides in front of you* My princess? An asshole? Never"

I died i could imagine tht... and idk why my text is so small omg..

well..... this is making me mad.....


COMPETITION ENDS AT MIDNIGHT ON HALLOWEEN!! ^.^ i might post a pic of me in my costume and with my friend but we will see... BYE GUYS!!!


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