Story of my life

All my life i have been bullied, abused, basically a toy. I put up with all of this for what seems like ever, until... one night my dad dropped me off outside a concert. To be more specific a 1D concert. "Have fun with your dumb band!" Then he drove off. I managed to walk around and find their tour bus, maybe... they would see me.... After the concert.. a pair of blue eyes lock with mine, and i found my angel


2. Telling the truth..


As i am standing next to a alley way, i see the lads go back onto the bus and to that same hotel.. I told Niall i would be there tomorrow at the next concert. I look back into the alley... dark and cold. I just sit against the wall, slowly drifting off into a deep sleep.

Niall's p.o.v

This is going to bug me all night. That girl is alone, i can tell by the way she avoided that one question. "Niall i bet she is fine! I mean, maybe her parents are there and besides its just another fan probably trying to meet us." I looked over at Louis. "I doubt that, that would be a low. I could tell she wasn't lieing or anything." He rolled his eyes and continued to talk to the lads. Once we are at the hotel, we carry our things and got ready for bed.

Alex's p.o.v

When i woke up it was 5 in the afternoon. Well just my luck the concert starts in a couple hours. I get up and start walking to the sprint center. As i got closer i saw the tour bus. As i got closer i saw the lads were still on there. But.... i saw something on the ground. A ticket to their show! I quickly grabbed it, Shit! Front row!?!?!?! I walked up towards the front and gave them my ticket... i guess someone did drop it because they let me in. No other fans were there quite yet, so i went to my seat and sat there awkwardly. I got my IPod out and put my ear buds in my ears and played Story of my life. I just love that song, i mean NIALL HAS 2 SOLOS... 2!!!

After the song finished i took my ear buds out and saw movement in the back of the stage. Probably management. I was wrong. "Hello, i noticed you grabbed that ticket." Niall said sitting at the end of the stage. "I thought a fan dropped it..Thanks?" He laughed, then got serious. "Why didn't you answer my question last night? Then ran away?" "I... i just can't talk about that.." I said looking away from him. "You can tell me.." I looked back at him. "They.... look this isn't the way i wanted to even meet you let alone talk to you about. I don't want sympathy and...." I trailed off. "They left me a few years ago... at an adoption center. I got adopted.... and, basically had to find a reason to stay alive. Somewhere along the way i found 5." He just stared at me. "Wheres your foster family?" "I don't know... my foster dad left me here last night... And im not going to say what our last conversation was." Niall seemed to care... why? My foster dad said no one cared about me... thats why my parents abandoned me, and why they hated me. "Love... your life is a complete mess..." I half smiled. "I know.." I said choking on those words, feeling the tears in my eyes. "And im not lieing, i have proof... and i rather not show you." Then the tears fell down my face. 

The other lads started coming out here so i quickly wiped my tears away. "Hello!" Liam said. I smiled, "Hey Liam."

Niall's p.o.v

She was good at hiding her emotions. The way the other came up she acted like nothing had just happened... This girl's life was a mess... the fact that she said she had proof makes me worried... But she doesn't want any one to help her or anything! She probably can't trust anyone. I mean, if my life was like that i wouldn't, i'd hide. But.. the fact she says she had to find a reason to live.. scares me. Has she tried killing herself before? What has happened through her life?

Alex's p.o.v

"So hat were you two talking about?" Louis asks. "The concert tonight, he said its gonna be a blast!" "Oh it will be, and we are singing Story of my life and Diana." Zayn said. "I am excited to hear it!" "Do you wanna sing with us? Those two songs?" Niall asked. "WOULD I!!" They all laughed. "Alright when the time comes we will ask our security to come and get you." They laughed and walked away. *2 Hours later*

The concert started and it was amazing!! They started off with Best Song Ever, Tell me a lie, What makes you beautiful, and heart attack. Niall looked and smiled at me alot, i just smiled and sang along. "Now! We are gonna sing 2 special songs... with a very special person!!" Niall screamed at the crowd. Security helped me onto the stage... this stadium... alot of people.

Niall handed me a mic. And we sang Diana first. After that.. i almost messed up..

*to lazy to write out lyrics so here is the link*

After that the crowd cheered... but i heard negative comments.. thats all i focused on. I think Niall noticed.. "Okay, there is no need to give her hate remarks alright? I mean if we picked you, you would get hate to so.. stop that." The crowd got loud again. "Well night KS,MO!!" Then Niall grabbed my arm... why? We were headed back stage. "Why am i going this way?" He ignored my question, "Just wait here." I nodded as the lads went to get changed. I peeked around the corner and saw a fan... backstage pass.... wait

no no no no no. Niall came back out. "Well we have to talk to a fan real quick." I felt sick. "Come with me." I couldn't answer as he grabbed my hand and pulled me along. "Hel- Um... why is she here?" She glared at me. "Because she can be. I brought her back here." I wanted to leave. "Wow. Thought dad left you to die not to be here." I felt eyes on me.. "No.. he dropped me off here.." She just smirked. "I'm surprised he did, after all the bea-" "Stop talking." She laughed, "Boys you don't want to even know her. She is the most horrid person to be around, you'd rather die." "What is your name?" Zayn asked. I answered for her. "Cherry. My foster sister." "The one and only! Niall i just love you i mean i can't believe im here!" She knows i love Niall. "Um... fine." He stood next to Cherry standing smiling for the camera, after that a group shot. I felt my tears get all watery, Niall looked over at me. After the picture and she left, "You alright?" I just put on a fake smile, while a tear fell down my face. "I'm fine. I have to go." But the problem was i didn;t know where the exit is. "Do you always put on a fake smile?" Harry looked at me. 

"You don't know how hard it was for me, i had no choice but to put on a fake smile! Whenever we went out in public i would have bruises on my face, arm, somewhere. If i didn't say i was fine he would beat the crap out of me almost killing me. It's been a habit for the past 6 years." I wiped the tears falling down my face, as the lads stare at me. "Don't feel sorry for me at all, look where is the exit i got to go." "Go where? You don't have anywhere to go..." Louis said. I just stared at him, letting my gaze fall to the ground.

"I just....need to leave." "Well, were not going to let you so you are stuck with us." Lou said giving me attitude. I just stayed quiet as i followed them to the tour bus. I don't think Lou likes me that much.... which is upsetting, i love all the boys.

"Just sit there and stay quiet." He sounds like me foster dad. "Y-yes sir." I mumbled looking at my feet. There was an awkward silence, i had to ask. "Do you just not like me or something...." I looked at his face for a moment then back to my feet. "Look im not sure if your lieing about your foster parents, or anything." I looked at him straight in the eyes. "I have proof i am not lieing and i wouldn't do this to myself or lie about it." He gave a look as if to prove it. I stood up and lifted my shirt up to show my stomach. Scars... i was so skinny you could clearly see my ribs. I turned and showed him my back, more scars and belt marks. I put my shirt down and looked at his now...  shocked face. "Satisfied?" I saw him look at his feet, then to someone else on the bus. Niall, Harry, Zayn, and Liam.

"When was the last time you even ate anything?" Niall asked. I don't know how to respond. "Umm... i ate like at least once a week...It doesn't matter, im fine and alive." I said sitting back down. "It does matter!" He grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the mirror. "Lift your hood up and look at yourself." I hesitated but i then did. I honestly haven't looked in a mirror for a few years.. but this... I just pulled my hood down and leaned against the wall.

"Your not fine... and your fooling yourself."

"Why do you even care? In your eyes before i was just another fan. No one cares about me." He looked at me weird, "Why wouldn't anyone care about you?" I looked at the others, then to him. "Everyone has told me that for years, thats why my parents abandoned me... why my foster family hurt me.. why i never had friends."

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