Story of my life

All my life i have been bullied, abused, basically a toy. I put up with all of this for what seems like ever, until... one night my dad dropped me off outside a concert. To be more specific a 1D concert. "Have fun with your dumb band!" Then he drove off. I managed to walk around and find their tour bus, maybe... they would see me.... After the concert.. a pair of blue eyes lock with mine, and i found my angel


18. surprise for Alex.



Ring 1...... Ring 2..... Ring 3.... "Hello?"

"Hello, its Alice from the hospital. Niall is awake."

"Alright, ill be there soon." After i hung up i grabbed my jacket and keys and went to the living room where everyone but Alex was. "Guys! Niall's awake." Their eyes grew wide and got their coats. "I'll stay home with Alex, i wont say anything." Christy said. "Alright, lets go guys." We opened the door and ran to the van. "Buckle up!" And we were off. *Skips drive*

We already knew which room Niall was in, so we just found Alice and she let us go right ahead. Once in front of his door, i slowly opened the door and saw Nialls head turn this way. "LOUIS!" He said with a huge smile on his face. "NIALL!!!" I yelled we all entered, Nialls smile was kind of dropping. "Where's Alex?" "At home.... She um... doesn't know your here, or even awake." "Your telling me.... she thinks im still missing?" We nodded. "Why didn't you tell her i was here!?" "Because... she would want to stay here and she wouldn't be aloud to. Besides... how about you surprise her?"

He thought about it for a moment. "Alright, the nurse said i could leave later tonight! My wound is eh... well almost healed." "Okay.... we will make it a party. Someone will be with her, keeping her out of the house while we set everything up and get a huge box. Niall, your the present!"

Niall just smiled. "Perfect." "Well we will go and get started!" "Bye guys!"

We quickly drove home and called Christy down, "CHRISTY !!!!!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. She came running down, "Christy.... we need you to keep Alex out of the house till 8 o'clock tonight, were throwing a party.. Nialls the gift! Go!" She laughs and goes and gets her. She looked horrible, tear stained face... new cuts i see.... hopefully that will stop after tonight. Then they left. "LADS AND GALS WE HAVE A LOT TO DO!!!

Alex's p.o.v

"Christy... i just can't." "Come on... please?" I sighed and through some shoes on. "Alright." I followed her down the stairs seeing smiles from the others. How can they be so happy? Their smiles kind of went down, but it still remains there. Once out the door we just walked to the park. "So... how do you think Niall's doing?" "How would i know... he's probably dead." "Alex, don't say that. What if he was perfectly fine?" "You don't know him like i did. He killed my sister." She sighed. "We are going to stay here till 8 o'clock, that alright?" I nodded grabbing my phone and earbuds, "Want to watch this movie with me? The boy in the stripped pajamas?"

"Whats it about?" "Hitler... what he did to jews. The concentration camps. I've heard people talking about it.... so?" She agreed and we watched it. "OH HELL NO!!! HE CAN'T JUST DO THAT BECAUSE HE KNOCKED THAT CUP OVER!!" Christy yelled, tears streaming down her face, same with me also. "Exactly... That solider can die in a hole!" We continued on... until the end.. "Oh god no.." Christy said covering her mouth. "No no no no no no no no Bruno leave!" I said. They were heading into the gas chamber... none of them knew it... Their parnets just got to the camp looking for their 8 year old son. Bruno found this camp and met another 8 year old named shmole, shmole was a jew so he worked at the concntration camps. Well at the end... he helped sneak  Bruno in to help find his father. Who got killed... Well at the end they were all put into the "Showers" (Gas chambers)... those to boys... died together.

Christy and i looked at each other, crying our hearts out. "What if Bruno gets killed?!" *Were not at the end yet* I don't know lets start walking back... its almost 8." She nodded and we watched it on the way there. Right when we were on the porch... Bruno had just died with his best friend. We were balling our eyes out, we opened the door and the lads gave us questioning looks, after shouting... surprise. "Loves whats wrong?!" Zayn came up to us both, as did Harry and the rest of the gang. "BRUNO DIED!!" We said in sync. "Who is Bruno." We couldn't exactly talk we just showed them the movie. "Oh...." 

When i put my phone up i looked around. "Whose birthday or party?" "Yours." Maddy and Sarah say. "Why for me?" "We have a special surprise for you... and we think you should open the present now..." "I don't want to open any gifts..." I say wiping the new tears away. "We think you should." I sighed and walked over to it.  i lifted the lid up and Niall was sitting in there with a little bow in his hair. "NIALL?!?!?!!?" I yelled. "The one and only!" He said standing up and hugging me. "I missed you." I whispered. "I missed you to darlin'. Just one question, whose Bruno?" I laughed, as tears were falling down my face again, Nialls home!!!! "From this movie... we can watch it sometime." Niall nodded and i could tell everyone behind me was smiling like idiots. We finally did leave the hug, "Best present ever!" I said smiling. "Your welcome! Were just glad Nialler is home." We laughed, the others decided to finish up the party, I let Niall be with them to. Me? I went up to my room.

I mean.. i can't hog Niall. Besides, the lads knew him longer then me. I went to twitter... 

Niall's home!

I had so many mentions i had to turn my phone off. I guess they were all having a great time, I heard Nialls beautiful laugh a lot. Why am i not down there? I ..... actually don't know. I was a mess without Niall... and now he is here and im not with him. I don't know but i am not ruining his fun now. Later i went down, there was a knock on the door. "Hello?" I asked this girl. "Where's Niall?" "Um.. i am no-" I didnt finish and she just walked right in. "Are you a fan?" "No, im his ex!" She went to the game room and found him. Ex? "Claire!!" I heard Niall say.... I peeked through the door watching them... Niall looked so much more happy... what? "Claire oh my god this day is just getting better and better!" My heart dropped, just what?! 

"Who was that girl that opened the door for me?" "Oh, my girl." He said. "Your taken again?" "Yes." *No one else was in the game room. "She seems nice." "Well i'd hope so, she's the best girl in the world." "Better then me?" There was silence. "Claire... no one can possibly be better then you... no one could be possibly be better then her." "What about us? I mean, thats the reason i came back.... please Niall?" "I'm sorry i already have a wonderful girl..." "I understand. Well i'll see ya later then?" "Yea." She waved good bye and i walked over to the couch. She spotted me. "Hello. So your Niall's girl?" I nodded. "Hope you take good care of him." She said smiling. "I plan on it." I smiled back. Then she left. 

Niall came out of the game room and sat next to me. "I'm so glad im home." He said hugging me. "Me to Niall. Me to." 


Cute or what? lol i thought that was cute how Niall was a surprise.

Umm... about that one movie. If you guys havn't learned anything yet about hitler, it wont make sense. For those who do, i mean!!!

You guys should watch "the boy in the stripped pajamas." 

Saddest. Movie. Ever.

I cried so many times its just horrible. Horrible meaning good ish.

Well bye bye my lovely stars!!'-1Directioner3

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