Story of my life

All my life i have been bullied, abused, basically a toy. I put up with all of this for what seems like ever, until... one night my dad dropped me off outside a concert. To be more specific a 1D concert. "Have fun with your dumb band!" Then he drove off. I managed to walk around and find their tour bus, maybe... they would see me.... After the concert.. a pair of blue eyes lock with mine, and i found my angel


25. Party time



Well i woke up really late, it was 6 in the afternoon. I don't even know why i woke up so late. I looked around, Niall was of course gone. I rolled my eyes ad looked at the door.

Hello Alex!! 

Well i left around noon, we had another meeting. I left $200 for you to shop for the party tonight if you wanted to. See you soon! 

Love - Niall

I laugh as i go over to the side table and grab the money. I decided i should go shopping, for shoes that is. The shoes i have now are tearing. I got into one of the cars that was left here and i drove off. All i bought was new sperry's and small converse. I didn't want to wear a dress to this kind of thing, but... if we were to go out anywhere nice i went ahead and bought a dark navy blue strapless dress. It had a bow slightly under my chest, and the length was a little bit above my knees. I purchased all my stuff, i then went to by a store that had The lads complete perfume set. 

People says it smells really good, i would buy it but i am kind of out of money. I shrug and i just walk back to my car, and put everything in the back seat. Of course my phones goes off also. 


"Hey, where are you?"

"Leaving the mall, you just get home from your meeting?"

"Yeah, i missed you!"

"I didn't shopping was fun!"

"Yeah sure, whatever you say." 

"I'll be there in 15 minutes, oh and i saw your perfume in a store."

"Oh? You buy a bottle?"

"No... i couldn't afford it."

"How many things did you even buy?!" 

"I only bought $65 worth of stuff... i didn't want to use all the money. Look i'll see you soon, bye love you."

"Love you too."

I put my phone on my lap as i pulled out of the parking lot. Once i got home i grabbed my bag, and i tried opening the door but it was locked. *Knocks* "Niall! I forgot my keys!" I saw his outline in front of the door. "Sorry i don't want you to see me shirt less, im thinking about taking a hot bath." I laughed. "Niall c'mon the party starts in a couple hours!" "Only on one condition... we do what we did last time in that pretty little white tub." 

"Niall really?!" He laughed "Yep! We have plenty of time, but Louis needs to talk to me also sooooo you need to hush up!" "FINE HORAN!" He opened the door and grabbed my hand and yanked me up the stairs. "Um, im getting in first i said pushing him out. "Fine." I filled the tub with hot water, then i put bubbles in, once that was done i stripped and got in, turning the water off. 

"Alright... is Louis coming?" "Yep." Niall cracked the door, so Louis wouldn't even come in. "Why do i even listen to you? I shouldn't have aggrr-" "Shh, Louis is coming." He covered my mouth, then we heard Louis come in. "You in there Nialler?" "Yeah but don't come in!" "Alright... so Simon tell you yet?" "Tell me what." "That we are playing a couple of concerts in a couple weeks." "Why didn't he tell me?" Niall seemed to stop for a moment waiting for an answer, but quickly continued. "I don't even know, so we are going to be packing and leaving in a couple days. I guess Harry told you about the bigger house down there."

"Yeah but he said it was a maybe thing." "Well not anymore. Uncle Si made up his mind... can i just come in and talk to you?" Niall looked down at me nervously, "Yeah just one minute." He made me lie down, piling bubbles high enough so that i wasn't completely under water and so i could breath. "Alright." 

"Your very special you know that right Nialler?" "Yep! Me and my bubbles." "Well, since when did you like baths?" "I did when i fond out that bubbles smell really good." He just laughed. 

I elbowed Niall, i hard him cough. "Well, i guess i'll finish my bath then get ready for the party." "Alright, bye Niall." He shut the bathroom door and we heard the bedroom door shut. I quickly shot up and glared at him, wiping all the bubbles off of me. "Sorry." He said. 

"Yeah, well i think it's time to get ready for this party." He agreed and we got out. I decided to go with shorts and a plain black tank top. I waited for everyone down the stairs. I was feeling some what tired and slightly dizzy, but i just ignored it.

I hear the lads foot steps coming down the stairs,"Ready?" I nod and we all hop into Louis car.~~~

Once we arrived, we heard the music from our car! I look around outside and there was some people outside, but not many. I hopped out and Niall grabbed my hand as we walked up to the house, once we even opened the door you could feel the warm breeze. Luckily i decided on shorts. I tightened my grip on his hand, all the lads parted ways, i just stuck with Ni as we made our way to the kitchen. "Niall!!" I turned to see who it was, it was Claire. "Hey." "What are you doing here? Wanna dance?" "I'm not dancing with any one other then my girl." He said looking towards me with a smile. 

"Can i talk with Alex?" "Yeah. Alex i'll just be over in this mess somewhere." I nodded as claire dragged me outside. "Why are you here?" I looked at her weird. "Why wouldn't i be?" She laughed. "Let's get one thing straight, every girl Niall has dated, it always ends, want to know why? I always say things to him, and he goes and dumps these girls. For muah!" I looked at her disgusted. "Niall wouldn't do that to me." She laughed. "That's what they all said, within some time i always get Niall back."

"Claire your really drunk. You told me before to take care of him, well i am." "That's what i say to all the girl friends!" I felt my eyes get a little watery. "Why do you keep breaking up with him and playing with his heart?" "Niall doesn't know what he wants." She hissed. I looked past her and i noticed Louis and Zayn looking over at us. "Niall won't break up with me for a girl that broke his heart so many times." "Wanna bet? I'll steal his heart with in 15 to 40 minutes!" She half yelled. I felt my eyes get very teary, that a tear falls down my face. Louis noticed, and was coming out. "What are you girls talking about?" I quickly wiped my eyes. "Nothing really. Well i'll see ya around Alex." She strutted off.

"Louis..." He stared at me as i felt my tears coming. "Alex..." He just hugged me as i let tears escape. "Zayn please get Niall... she just told me that she was going to try and take Niall back!" Zayn just quickly left. "Don't listen to Claire... she is always jealous of Niall's girls... he doesn't have that many. Your special." I just listened, i didn't want to be here if Claire was here. Louis walked me over to the couch, i just listened to his heart beat. When my life was finally perfect, something has to go wrong. 

I took in a deep breath, then exhaled. Soon Liam and Harry joined us, questioning what was wrong. "Claire." Was all he said and they seemed to get it. Then i saw Harry look towards the door and he stiffen. I sat up and looked towards the door, seeing him and Claire... dancing and kissing. "Niall.... isn't even..." They all looked at me, then they rotated and Niall looked out the glass door, and he instantly freezes up. He pushes her out of the way and comes out here. "Alex let me explain." I just sat there shocked. "Baby, she was onto me first... i didn't... i know it looks bad... please forgive me?" I looked at him, "Niall... you aren't even drunk!" I saw his eyes water. I just got up and ran through the house and out the front door. I saw Zayn talking with some girl when he noticed me. He instantly says bye to her and he runs over to me. "What's wrong?!?!" "Niall wasn't drunk... he kissed her!" I cried into his chest. "Niall has never done this..." I heard the door open and i saw Niall and the lads coming out.

I just pushed away from Zayn and ran all the way home. But they had a car so they caught up and drove beside me. "Alex im really really sorry!" I just stop and try turning around, but i just can't. I cut through the neighbors yard and i go up to our door and run up to my room, locking the door. I heard those foot steps and loud banging on the door. "God i know im an idiot... Claire means nothing! Se forced me to!" I didn't know what to believe. I just hugged my pillow close to me, as i listened to the constant banging on the door.

"Baby.." I could here him cry. "Niall you fucked this up man." "It wasn't my fault." He cried out. "Claire put herself on me."

I still cried.. he shouldn't have.... i can't deal with this now. I heard them messing with the lock again, i didn't care.. yet. Once they picked it they opened the door, Niall just stared at me, he looked really hurt. I just ignored his stares and looked down to the ground. I felt someone sit next to me, it was Harry. "Alex... i swear i had a really good reason.." I glared up at him, "She's gorgeous, she's prettier. She is perfect. Her lovely British accent... she is rich, you loved her... she is just perfect." I said letting more tears fall onto my pillow. "I don't care about her for one... second of all i didn't like her for any of that, the reason i broke up with her because there wasn't a spark and she was using me."

I just stayed laying down, i then felt Harry's hand on my ankle. "Don't lie to me... you think she is perfect." He walked over to me and knelt down so that he was eye level with me. "Nobody can compare to you... she used me, she was just horrible to spend time with. You, i enjoy hanging out with ... i enjoy every second we are together. Please forgive me." "Why did you even do it then?" He looked to the other lads. "I can't say." "Yes you can. Tell me." He shook his head no. "Tell me Niall!" I hissed at him. "He can't Alex." Louis said. "So.. you can tell them but not me?" "Please.." 

I just look over at the others, who seemed to be waiting for me to answer. I looked to Louis and he just shrugged his shoulders. "Ni... i think we need......" I trailed off. "Need what?" "a B-b-break?" I questioned. His face went pale. "No please!" He grabbed my hand. Then i started thinking about what Lou said to me earlier. 

Don't listen to Claire... she is always jealous of Niall's girls... he doesn't have that many. Your special.

If i was so "special" then why did he do that? "Alex... please.... don't." Coming back to reality, i looked at the now, crying Niall. I started crying, i can't stand seeing them cry. "Stop crying, remember? I can't stand to see you lads cry." I said hiding my face into the pillow. This was only one mistake.. "Amd i folkerj you" I said through the pillow. "What?" I lifted my face up, "I forgive you." I said letting my face fall back onto the pillow. "So no breaks?!" "Mo." I said through the pillow." I could tell he was smiling. "Thank you Alex.." He mumbled while rubbing my hand. "Yay they aren't parting!!!" Louis cheered loudly. "Louis don't yell! I have a head ache." He quited and the lads left, Niall went to get me a pill and some water. 

He quickly came back, turning on the light. I just hid my face in my hands, the lights were really bright. I finally moved my hands, 

"Sorry, i can turn them back off." "No its to late, i wouldn't be able to see anyway." He handed me the pill and the drink and i quickly took it. I put the water on the desk, and i just laid back down. "None of this will happen again... I promise." Niall whispered. "Why can;t you tell me whatever she said?" "She was threatening to.... kill you... she has almost done it once, i wasn't going to let it happen again." "Oh." I said rubbing my eyes. "It's okay... if i saw what you saw... even though seeing your facial expression was horrible, i would freak out to." 

"Mhmm.." I said starting to ignore him. Then he said something else, but i didn't hear him, i was in between being asleep and awake. "Alex? Did you even hear me?" I saw something in his hand, but i was to tired to focus on the object. "Mhhmm..." I said my eyes were basically closed. He smirked and put the object away. 

I closed my eyes all the way. "Want to stay in here or switch rooms." Was the last thing i heard after i nodded yea to switching rooms.


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