Story of my life

All my life i have been bullied, abused, basically a toy. I put up with all of this for what seems like ever, until... one night my dad dropped me off outside a concert. To be more specific a 1D concert. "Have fun with your dumb band!" Then he drove off. I managed to walk around and find their tour bus, maybe... they would see me.... After the concert.. a pair of blue eyes lock with mine, and i found my angel


26. On Our Way

*Younger readers... no just don't read this chap, just no lol. At least not towards the center."


The next morning, i wake up to find i was moved to Niall's room. I stretch out basically hitting Niall's face in the process. "Well, next time if i wake up before you i'll get up." He laughed as i took my hand of of his cheek. "Sorry." I mumbled turning over so that my back was facing him. "Oh no your not. Your not going back to sleep." I laid down on my back, glaring over at him. "It's like 4 in the morning!" "Try nearly noon." He laughed. "Besides the girls should be coming back tomorrow." I groaned as i stretched again.

"The other lads went out to some place, so we have the whole house to our self." I open my eyes, "Before you even get any ideas. No!" I closed my eyes again and he whined. "We would be alone.... no interruptions." He said while kissing my neck. "Niall not now.." "Okay the girls will be here tomorrow, i know the other guys are going to...... spend happy time with each other. Since you wont even let me the closet i can get to is......" I laugh. "It's funny because you get basically nothing out of it." He smirked. "Don't worry, whenever your ready, you owe me but for now..." He kissed my lips. "I'm doing you a HUGE favor." I laughed as he over exaggerated huge.

"It's not that much of a huge favor when i can easily do that on my own." He raised one eye brow at me. "No i haven't" He laughed, bringing his lips to my jaw line and my neck. "Your always horny i swear." I said throwing a pillow at his face. "Not my fault, its yours." I just got up and went down the stairs and into the kitchen. I got the pan cake mix out and started mixing it in the bowl and put some on the pan.

I was about to flip the pan cake when i felt someone grab my waste, i jumped. "Niall! Jeez, are you trying to make me kill your pancakes?!" He laughed "yep anything to try getting you the bath tub, or we dont even have to be in there." I rolled my eyes as i flipped his pan cakes. 

"Well then this day will go by slowly." "Well it's not fair Louis, Zayn, and Liam are going to be doing it tomorrow!" "Are they really?" "Yeah! That's what happens when they miss their girls." "Do the girl even want to?" 

He smirked, "They made me ask them, so they are getting pre paired now as we speak." I laughed and put his food on a plate. "I'll call Louis and ask if that's true." He shrugged and sat down and started eating. Louis answered on the first ring. "Okay Mr. Tomlinson, are you going to take my friends V-card form her tomorrow?" "Um... y-yeah.." I covered my mouth, trying not to laugh in the phone. "Alright, i was just seeing if Niall was lieing or not." "Alright... well bye." 

I put my phone on the counter and made my food. After i finished cooking i finally sat down and started eating. "Told you so." Niall whined. "So...that doesn't mean you finger me because your brothers are having sex with their girls." "You like it don't you lie." I rolled my eyes, "Whatever helps you sleep at night.

"Do i hear sass in that tone?" He said standing next to me. "Yep." He just picked me up ad sat me on the counter. "You know... that means you get punished." "Not much of a punishment if im enjoying something and you get nothing in return." He laughs. "I can change that, i can be a lot rougher." 

I just stare into his beautiful blue eyes. Then we heard the door burst open. "Hel... the girls are early?!" The lads nodded and smiled. "Hey girlys! I missed you!" I hugged them each one at a time. "Yeah, we heard about what happened, glad you got everything figured out." Maddy glared at Niall. "Don't hurt my Alex again! Or Christy Sarah and I are ready to kick your ass!" We all laughed. "I don't plan on hurting her again... until later tonight.." My eyes grew wide and the girls grew wide to. "Well, were going to hurt our girls for a while." They all laughed and went up the stairs. 

"Niall what exactly did you mean by that?" He just picked me up and carried me to the basement. "You know what i mean... besides having to wait for the real deal." I sighed.. "Niall... im just scared." He laid down next to me. "What's to be scared about?" "What if... i got pregnant? And something goes wrong... If i got pregnant.. im scared to actually have a kid." He stared at me for a few before replying. "That's why you don't want to do anything..." I nodded, feeling slightly embarrassed. "Don't feel embarrassed, even though i don't see the huge problem... what are you really scared about?" "If i got pregnant, i am scared to have a baby, i don't want to carry a baby around, that kicks my stomach and i have sickness..." "Well, that's the miracle of life.." I leaned my head on shit shoulder. "But it's alright. I can still make this night.. exciting." Then we heard a noise from above us. We laughed then he looked over to me, and started kissing me.  Our kiss grew more passionate and i slowly managed to take his shirt off. I put my hands through his hair while Niall was putting his hand up my shirt. This kiss got a little rougher as he was slowly pulling my jeans off, not breaking the kiss. He laid on top of me. This wasn't fair making him wait..i sighed. "Niall... just go... get your... condom." I said between kisses. "Really? You sure?" I nodded, he went up the stairs and came back within what feels like seconds. He puts it on, now he was only in boxers. 

We heard moaning coming from above us, so much for sound proof. We laughed. "Liam doesn't sound to nice tonight." He said kissing me again. I felt his hand go lower... till he was at my hip. "You sure?" He growled lightly in my ear. "Yes." He slowly slid my undergarment down and he started fingering me. I let small moans escape my lips as he got little bit faster and faster, he kept his lips on mine the whole time.

"Wait.." I said and he looked at my eyes. "Does it.... hurt?" He smirked. "Maybe at first.. but if it does tell me okay?" I nodded as he fixed him self into a position and began to do what is to be done. I gripped the head board as  tried not to cry out. I think Niall noticed, "You don't have to do this.." "It's to late." I growled, he just continued and went faster. I let moans escape, but damn the girls up stairs are very loud! I guess the couple above us was Liam and Sarah.  I think Harry stayed out, i didn't see him come back, knowing what was going to be happening. 

I just shut my eyes, biting my lips, trying to keep quiet. That was like mission impossible, Niall brought his face up to mine and kissed me, going a tad faster. I moaned into the kiss. I ran one hand through his hair while my other hand was leaving nail marks along his shoulder. "We need to cut those claws." Niall said trying not to gasp for air. I moved my hands to the bed board and held on for dear life. "Alex... don't forget... to tell me....  if it hurts..." I nodded but i stayed quiet the whole time, minus the sound that is forced out of me. But towards the end it was starting to. "Niall.." He came up to me and kissed me, "Niall..." He looked up at me. "Were almost done sweetheart." I just moaned and let my head fall back onto the pillow. Gosh i feel sorry for the girls up stairs. They are probably getting this worse.

"Almost baby... almost." I just put up with the pain. "Niall." He looked up and i think he saw that i was in pain. "Baby...." He moved to my lips, "Almost..." I just slightly bit his lip. Finally it was over with and i just pulled a blanket over me.

"I'm sorry." He said. "It's.. fine... the people up stairs are still going." As we heard the bed board above us bang against the wall. Niall was still gasping for air, he looked tired. "Yeah... but i should have stopped... im sorry." I looked at his face, he seemed a little upset because he didn't listen and concerned. "Ni it's fine." "You sure?" I nodded as i kissed him on the lips. "Yeah and im sorry for the nail lines across your back, shoulder, and neck." "Really?" I nodded he wrapped some blanket around his waste and went up and looked. 

"Babe, we need to trim them claws tomorrow or later." He walked back over to the bed and laid down. "It's not my fault, i tried not to." "I know.." "Oh by the way, what was in your hand last night? And what did you ask me?" He laughed. "Well, it wasn't anything important. You hungry?" "Oh yes because right after sex im starving!" I said sarcastically. "Well i was just asking you dork."  "Yeah but i am a little bit hungry." He laughed and grabbed his clothes and went into the bathroom to change. I was half way dressed by the time Niall was done. "That was fast!" He smirked. "And your slow." He said while looking me up and down. I just slipped on my shirt and started to leave the basement, with Niall hot on my trail.

We decided to make pizza, pepperoni to be exact. "Niall i want to know what you asked me last night..." I said putting the hot pizza on top of the stove. "Princess it wasn't anything.." I sighed as i cut the pizza up into 12 slices. "How many?" "Eh.... 3." I put 3 on his plate and then i got 2 for me. When Niall was done he got up and got something shiny in his hands, and a file. "Time to cut your claws." I laughed as he handed the clippers and the file to me. *50 minutes later*

"It takes you almost an hour to fix your nails?" "Um yeah! They have to be even and perfect!" He laughed, "well they are a lot shorter." I handed him the things as i put my plate in the sink. "So... it wasn't to bad was it?" I looked over at him, i just said "Ehh." "Only ehh?" "Ehh." He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. "Well what does Ehh mean?" "Ehh?" We both started laughing. "Well the first isn't always good... besides next time things will go better." I laughed. "Alright Nialler whatever you say." We went back down to the basement to sleep, things were still going on up stairs.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The next morning i opened my eyes, Niall was gone. Probably another meeting. I went up the stairs... and went up another see if the girls were up, Sarah was, Christy and Maddy were still sleeping. "Well Sarah was Liam that rough?" She jumped and then blushed. "Did you really hear that?" "Yeah, kind of hard not to when your right under this room." "Well, says the one who didn't do anything." She laughed. "Umm.." She smiled, "See you have no room to talk missy." I just laughed and sat in the chair that was at a desk. "So you missed your parents?" "Yeah we all did... but they want us to stay, meaning we may not be able to go to this new place." "No! You have to come, and the lads would miss you, Maddy, and Christy!" She sighed. "Were only 17, we have to wait a couple months before we can come back.

I sighed, feeling sadness sweep over me. "When?"

"Day before you leave so... later today." "No... i just no.." I went over to her and hugged her. "My parents just don't want us far away..." I nodded as i left the hug. "Then i guess we should wake the others up... since we only have a few hours and everyone else still as to pack." She nodded and we woke them up, i went to my room and started packing. 

I heard the door swing open from down stairs. "Were back!" I heard them yell. I didn't respond, i just kept packing, i can't leave my girls... typical parents! I threw something across the room and it made a loud noise. "Alex, you alright?" 

"Yeah, i just dropped something." I went over and picked up my book and put it back in my bag. I guess Niall went to his room to pack, i was almost done. Once i zipped both my things, i went to Niall's door and knocked. "Who is it?" "The police!" He laughed. "C'mon in." I opened the door, Niall had just finished packing. "Hey... how come no one told me the girls couldn't come with us?" "I don't know.." I sighed.

Then there was knocking at the door, i went down there and the taxi driver guy was here for the girls. "Girls!" I yelled and they had their stuff and came down. "I'll miss you Alex.." Maddy said holding back her tears as i hugged her. "I'll miss you too." She let go and went out to the taxi, with Louis right behind her. I hugged Sarah, and Liam helped her. "Alex... i hope you keep Zaynie out of trouble!" She laughed towards me and Zayn. "I'll keep any eye on him for you." She hugged me, then got out of it and followed Zayn out. I just went onto the deck, seeing Harry pull up into the driveway. "Hey Harry." 

I said as he walked up here. "So... im glad i went to a hotel last night." He laughed. "Yeah... you probably decided right." I waved bye to the girls as the taxi drove off. "Niall can i talk to you for a moment?" "Yeah, i'll be back Alex." I nodded as they went up the stairs. I just sat on the couch, after a few i heard one of them shout "WHAT?!" I looked over to the other lads and they shrugged their shoulders. "I'll go check." Louis said. We just waited... and waited.... and waited. "Were going to miss the plane, or whatever we going to be on." 

So Liam yelled. "WERE GOING TO BE LATE!!!" We heard some feet running down the stairs. "Okay lets go." I grabbed my phone and jacket and headed towards the limo. Niall was next then Liam, Zayn, Louis, then Harry. The ride was silent, so i just grabbed head phones and put them into my ear and listened to the lads new album. Once i did that i saw they started talking to each other, I didn't bother turning the volume down, i was tired. I just looked out the window the whole ride to the air port. But i dozed off when we were half way there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I felt someone poking my sides. I tried smacking the thing that was poking me away, but whoever kept poking me. "What?!" I said turning around. "Were here grumpy pants!" Louis yelled. Everyone but me was laughing i just pushed past Harry and Liam and got out of the limo first. I grabbed my two bags as i waited for the lads to grab theirs. "Let's go ladies." Louis said walking in front of us. We made it to our gate and we went to our seats. We were in first class, but of course other people were there also. So we were kind of not sitting with each other.

Niall was somewhere towards the back, close to him was Zayn, who was closest to me was Liam, then down some is Louis and Harry. None of us sat together at all. I was sitting next to some dude, who looked scary. His face looked plain, and pale, his eyes looked ice cold. He was kind of muscular. I just shivered and looked out the window when i got a text.

Nialler <3: Hey, how's your seat?"

Me: Fine i guess... but this guy next to me is creepy.

Nialler <3: I wish Paul could have thought the seat arrangement out better :(

Me: Yeah no kidding, i don't like this seat.

Nialler <3: Luckily it's only for a couple hours.

Me: Yeah... but i still don't like this."  "Can you all please turn off your phones temporarily? Until we are up in the air?" Everyone turned their stuff off, and we quickly took off. "You may now turn your stuff back on." Everyone did, i just put my phone on silent. I looked out the window and tried to sleep. The people turned most of the lights off so people could sleep. Good, i got my blanket and wrapped it around my body and was trying to sleep. But someone kept texting me, i just flipped the screen over and fell asleep.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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