Story of my life

All my life i have been bullied, abused, basically a toy. I put up with all of this for what seems like ever, until... one night my dad dropped me off outside a concert. To be more specific a 1D concert. "Have fun with your dumb band!" Then he drove off. I managed to walk around and find their tour bus, maybe... they would see me.... After the concert.. a pair of blue eyes lock with mine, and i found my angel


6. Last meet and greet of TMH

(so so so sorry, i pictured this happening on the bus, okay... they left the hotel early and now they were on the bus! Sorry i forgot they were still at the hotel.)

After i told Niall that dream and what kind of happened in the past, he stared at me. His beautiful blue eyes, turning grey. His mouth was a little gaped. He was in shock. I don't blame him though. "Please don't feel sympathy for me..." Was all i could say, with still no sound coming from him. You could hear him breathing, his chest moving up and down. I don't want to see him cry. "Don't cry either, it kills me to see any of you cry, if you start that i will to." I saw his eyes water. I just take in an uneasy deep sigh, water coming to my eyes also. He then sat right next to me and hugged me, we stayed like that, in perfect silence. It wasn't awkward, wasn't weird or anything. It felt right. 

After what seemed like forever he let go, his eyes were kind of puffy and red. "Niall i told you not to cry..." I just turned and faced to floor, if i took another look at him. I would break down crying. "I can't help it... look at me." "No if i do i'll break down crying." I then felt finger move under my chin, slowly lifting my face up. I felt tears welling up in my eyes, which quickly turned to running water down my cheeks. "Please... don't cry." I barely said above a whisper. He let another tear escape, i couldn't stay looking at him anymore. I just got up and went to where the lads were.

"Alex you alright?" Liam asked. "I need to get off the bus for a few minutes." They told their driver to stop while i got off the bus and just cried. The lads were looking out the window, i didn't care. I can't stand seeing them cry, especially Niall.

Then i heard the doors open, their feet walking on the sidewalk, coming closer and closer, till i felt warm hands on my shoulder. "Alex.. you alright?" He sat next to me, Liam, "No.. Niall started crying... i can't stand seeing you lads cry." He sighed and sat closer to me to give me a hug. "It's alright... but Niall feels guilty that he made you cry even more." "Can you send Niall out here for a moment." He nodded and quickly went to get Niall. As soon as he was right by me i got up and hugged him. "Niall, i'm sorry. You didn't do anything." I felt him nod, i was just listening to his steady heart beat. Then i pulled out of the hug, wiping my tears and Niall's away. "Lets go.." I said as we both walked back on the bus. We started moving once again.

I went towards the back, alone and was going through my play list on my IPod. I grabbed my ear buds, and played Diana. I had them on really loud, music is just a way for me to escape my problems and worries. I just left it on replay. and fell asleep...

"Your worthless, im surprised your parents didn't have an abortion"

"Your ugly. Who would even want you."

"No one cares you bitch, stop crying."

"Your pathetic!!!"

"Why were you even born?"


"Mute freak"


"No one will care, no one will notice."

"You should just hang yourself"


I woke up to Niall waking me up, i sat up quickly, breathing heavily, and looking around. "You were mumbling horrible things. I had to wake you." His eyes were still grey. "W-what was i saying?" He didn't answer. "Um.. never mind." I looked out the window, the sun was setting, the colours in the sky were beautiful. Mixture of blue, orange, pink, and a tint of purple. It was beautiful, i got up and i sat on the chair, turning my body so i could look at it. Niall quickly joined me. "Beautiful isn't it?" He said not turning to face me. "Yea, i never did see sun sets that often. Glad to see it here with you." He smiled, the beautiful blue orbs gaining colour. We turned back to the window, just staring for 30 minutes. The bus slowly came to a stop, "Boys! We are here." They all yelled ok, then we were all pilling off the bus and heading in toward the mall. There were fans all over, behind security that is. Some of them were giving questioning looks towards me, not knowing who i was. Some looks... weren't pleasant. While the boys were taking pictures, i went inside and towards the tables.

Security let me go up there, some fans were inside. Soon the lads were coming in, and picking their seats. "Well, you can stay here if you want." Harry said with a huge smile. "Alright." I was leaning towards a huge pole, right next to where Niall was sitting, and soon the meet and greet started. Some of the girls didn't notice me, but most did. But someone was there that caught my eye, making me feel sick. Cherry. "Hey everyone look! It's and ugly bitch!" Some laughed. I ignored her, but she was coming closer. "Hey slut! You shouldn't be up with One Direction!" Others agreed. Saying horrible things. Niall looked over at me, i just felt like running out of there, tears were falling down my cheeks. "HEY BITCH LEAVE HER ALONE!" Some girl yelled. She had glasses on, long brunette hair, with green/ blue eyes and she was skinny. Cherry did shut up after that. Soon that girl was up here. "Thanks for that....." I trailed off. "My names Sara! And it was nothing, i hate when some girls who do that." I smiled, Sara was sweet. After she got her notebook signed she called me over. "Hey, i was wondering if we could hang out for a bit? If that's alright with you of course! Plus the lads." I looked over to them, giving puppy dog eyes. They smiled and nodded, Niall gave me $50 so we could mess around.

"Well Sara, im Alex." She smiled fixing her glasses. "Well im glad to meet you! I heard rumors some girl was with the lads, but i'm glad those rumors were true." After that we went to Claire's, she was a mega Liam girl. We talked alot, and she is so much like me in some ways, but she is unique in her own way. Along the way we bumped into another directioner, Maddy. They knew each other, so Sara introduced me. "Maddy this is Alex, and Alex that is Maddy." I smiled and shook her hand. "Oh my gosh Maddy this is the girl that is with One Direction!" Her eyes grew wide. "You are seriously the luckiest girl on the planet!!!" She nearly screamed with excitement. She had long brown hair, tall, skinny, and brown eyes. They were both around my age, Sara was 16, as was Maddy. We talked for the longest time, Maddy told some jokes, they were pretty funny! When the meet and greet was almost over i took the girls with me back to the lads. "Guys, you met Sara but this is Maddy." They smiled, "Hello Maddy!" She was kind of speechless, her eyes wide. But she went up there and talked with the lads, with Sara. Free meet and greet! I said to myself.

After 30 minutes, "We have to go girls, but we are glad to meet you both." Louis said. They said their goodbyes, i gave the girls my number, so we could still talk, then they left with huge smiles on their faces. 

We went to the bus and Liam was smiling like an idiot. "Liam? What's with that big beautiful smile?" "Sara was hot!" He said quickly. Louis chimed in, "No, Maddy was gorgeous!" I just laughed at myself, i actually think i have 2 friends!


Well i know i said i would only pick 1 person... but i picked 2

This competition went so well i had to!

Don't feel bad if i didn't pick you guys, i will do more competitions just keep reading my stories!

Sara and Maddy if you saw this please comment below!! ^.^

It was hard to pick! o.o so if i could pick all of you i would of.

Well i'll update again soon


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