Story of my life

All my life i have been bullied, abused, basically a toy. I put up with all of this for what seems like ever, until... one night my dad dropped me off outside a concert. To be more specific a 1D concert. "Have fun with your dumb band!" Then he drove off. I managed to walk around and find their tour bus, maybe... they would see me.... After the concert.. a pair of blue eyes lock with mine, and i found my angel


14. Having Cherry


The lads were still at the hospital, today the girls went also. I didn't want to go. Niall was gone, i don't know what to do. It's been a little over a week since he disappeared, and it's been horrible. They tried cheering me up, but it just isn't working. I want my Niall back. They say he will probably show up soon.... but he fucking hasn't! Since he was gone, i started old habits. Yes... cutting, it takes the pain away, and i won't stop until i see him again. I was in the middle of doing it again, when the lads came in. "You've got to stop doing this." Zayn's voice cracked. I ignored him and just threw the razor in at the shower. "Not until i see Niall walk through that door." The tears were falling down my face. 

"You never know!" Liam said. "Whoever has him, won't let him go. He can't escape." I just sat on the ground thinking negative things. What if they killed him? What if he is hurt bad and needs to get to a hospital. It's already all over the internet that Niall is missing. I got up and walked down the stairs, there was a knock at the door, i looked through the peep hole. It was another fan, i opened the door, not bothering to hide my tears. "Hey Alex..." "Hi.." My voice cracked. "I made this poster for Niall... i hope he gets home soon." "Me too... me too.." I grabbed it, it was a really nice drawing of him. I smiled and set it on the counter and gave her a hug. "Hopefully he will come soon." She smiled. "Bye Alex." "Bye." I like how fans have been worrying... other celebrity's have came by, like Paramore, Justin Timberlake, Justin, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Demi Lavato, Simon Cowell, and more. But the best celebrity i got to meet was 5SOS, the girls got to meet them to. It was nice, to actually meet them.

That's something i could tell Niall.... Where is my Niall?

Niall's p.o.v

I need to get out of here. On the Telly, i hear the news sometimes, people are looking for me. But they can't find me! They finally did untie me, but they locked the door. I haven't taken my phone out because if i do, they might come down at that moment and kill me. Or if they escape kill Alex. Believe me i will call at the right moment, even if it takes weeks, i will get back to my friends and family. And my princess. I can't tweet or anything because it would be put up on the news, so my fans are going to be worried. I have seen what was trending, #BringNiallBack #Where'sNiall #FindNiall. And more. I've visited well viewed the ads twitters, they are sad... the girls are sad. Alex, hasn't been on twitter lately. The last thing she tweeted was. 

"Thanks for helping find Niall... Niall... please find a way to escape"

This is killing me, i need to get out but how? The door swung open and i hid my phone in my shoe. "You are probably hungry... come on up, don't try escaping. We are prepared for it if you escape." I just nodded and followed her up to the kitchen. They gave me some food, and i sat at the table and just ate it. They weren't paying attention.... no no i can't... "Niall, we have to go, so back to the basement." I just got up and walked down the steps. I didn't hear them lock the door... and the door shut. But i heard some creeks. They were testing me to see if i would leave. About an hour later, they faked opening the door. I put my phone in my shoes and they returned. The door opened and the woman came back down. 

"There is someone here thats been dying to meet you! I'll send her down so you can have alone time." She turned on the basement lights and a girl walked down the stairs. Cherry. "Niall!!!! Hey babe!" She said walking over to me. "What do you want?" She laughed. "Niall babe, your mine now alright? Unless you want to see Alex dead..." "No!" She sat on my lap and started kissing me, i pushed her back. "Alex. Niall, i will get her killed." I just let her kiss me, i didn't bother kissing back. "Your a horrible kisser." She said giving me a disgusted look. I ignored her. "Niall... you can't ignore me forever. We know were she is, they haven't left. None of them. We can easily kill everyone. Now.. wear this wig and lets go." It was a black weird wig, i put it on and she pulled me up the stairs. 

"Daddy were going for a walk." "Alright princess, be good." We made it out the door. This is my big chance.... we walked to a park, she was on her phone. I could steal that phone, run for it and call the cops! I only have one shot at this... "Niall, kiss me." She put the phone in her back pocket, perfect. She sat on my lap... i grabbed my phone, then i wrapped my arms around her... i quickly grabbed her phone and pushed her off. "What the hell Niall!" She yelled, a fan was walking by. "NIALL HORAN?!" She came running over here. "Your the bitch who has had him all week?!" They were arguing. "Go Niall now!" I ran off in the opposite direction, calling the cops... NO SIGNAL!!! I saw a car heading this way but it was Cherry's.... "Where is my daughter!" He yelled aiming a gun at my chest. "Back at the park, she wanted me to run to your house and plug her phone in." He pushed me into the back seat, and we drove to the park. "Honey... is it true Niall was just running home to charge your phone?" She looked at me, giving a huge smirk. "No he pushed me off of him, then this bitch came along." The dad looked at me. Great.

Alex's p.o.v

This is just horrible. I decided to go for a walk to a park, not sure which one i just went to one. I saw two girls arguing at one, i didn't want any part of that... but it was interesting to watch. But... CHERRY?! I saw that damn car pull up. Hell no, they have Niall. "No he pushed me off of him, then this bitch came along." Be prepared for another. I ran up there grabbing cherry in my arms, a knife near her neck. "Let my daughter go! Or ill shoot this boy." I looked at Niall. "You fucking shoot him, i'll kill your daughter. And your going to let this fan go... if you shoot her, your daughter is dead." "Fine! Get the fuck out of here!" She did, running home. She won't say anything.... unless she will be next. "Let Niall go, i'll let Cherry go." "Not happening." "DAD!!" She yelled. That's when he was really pissed. He pulled the trigger.... i saw blood on the windows. "NIALL!!!!!" I yelled. "Don't be a fucking pussy. I shot his damn arm." I cut Cherry's arm, "Oh and i only cut your daughters arm!" I yelled. I grabbed my phone and i called Liam. 

Me: Get down here to the park, now!

Liam: I'm not going to question it, be there soon.

The lads were here within minutes. "Liam he shot Niall in the arm." "Don't think about calling an ambulance either! Or i'll kill him." I was a mess... I gave the knife to Louis, and Cherry. "Let Niall go." I pleaded. "No. Let her go or he dies!" "You kill him we will kill Cherry!" I yelled at him. He just smirked. He got into his car and sped off. "She is coming with us." I said in between cry's. I ran all the way home, the girls were on the couch. "Alex hun what happened?! Christy said. "Cherry is going to be locked in the basement, you will not let her out.... if she gets out, Niall could be killed." They didn't question it, she walked in that next moment. "Dad is going to kill him you know." "Not while we have you he won't." We threw her in he basement locking the doors.

Deep down i knew.... her seriously might kill him, with or without cherry.

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