Story of my life

All my life i have been bullied, abused, basically a toy. I put up with all of this for what seems like ever, until... one night my dad dropped me off outside a concert. To be more specific a 1D concert. "Have fun with your dumb band!" Then he drove off. I managed to walk around and find their tour bus, maybe... they would see me.... After the concert.. a pair of blue eyes lock with mine, and i found my angel


15. Escaping but...


It's been 2 weeks! 2 mother fucking weeks since i last saw Niall. He won't leave town, let alone state without Cherry so... but i don't know if Niall is safe....


Niall's p.o.v

My arm hurts like hell! They wouldn't take me to a hospital so they just wrapped some things around me and thought that was good enough. 2 weeks.... 2! I need my princess by my side and my friends and lads... I heard the door open, and the woman came down. "Niall... don't sass me when i say this but your girl is a huge bitch. Stealing our daughter like that! It sickens me, why would people kidnap?!" "Look whose talking! You kid napped me!!" I yelled, she just slapped me really hard. "There is a huge difference!!" She rambled on and on about how kid napping is horrible. Bitch look in the mirror and say all of this to yourself!!!!! 

Soon she left and i just stared at the ceiling. I need to leave.

Alex's p.o.v

I opened the basement door, carrying some sandwiches and water down for Cherry. I turned on the light. "Here." I sat them next to her, she just glared. "Better eat or you won't be seeing home anytime soon." "Bitch please, i'd rather hear Niall dead. I hope he dies!" I went over to her and i smacked her like 50 times. "Bitch i'll seriously kill you." "You wish. I will escape and i will kill him my self." That was it i pushed her up against the wall, hands around her neck. Louis came running down the stairs. "Alex.. we have been over this she is just trying to make you mad." I let go of her neck, watching her gasp for air. I went up the stairs and went to the couch. Harry will be back later today. I'm glad he is okay, but he misses Niall to. We all do. Maddy, Sarah, and Christy were just walking in here. "Alex... we will get him back.." Sarah said sitting next to me. "You don't know my foster dad like i do. He seriously would kill him." The girls have been taking this hard to. But i have been taking it the worst. "Show me your wrist.." Louis said walking in. "No." No i haven't stopped cutting... Louis has tried getting me to stop, but i can't. He came over to me and pulled my sleeve down. "Niall wouldn't like this Alex!" He half yelled in my face. "Louis.. stop. This extra stress won't solve anything." Maddy said. "Maddy not now!" He snapped. "Now, Alex pretend Niall is here! Would you still do this if he was here!!" He yelled. "Louis... YOUR FUCKING GIRL IS HERE!! MY PRINCE IS GONE YOU DON'T KNOW HOW I FEEL!!" I broke down crying. "He is my best mate! I know how you fucking feel!! Do you see me cutting myself?!" "LOUIS SHUT UP! THIS ISN'T HELPING!" Maddy yelled. Louis automatically shut up. 

"You don't know... you have always had someone there in your life, not me. Now that i had someone.... he is gone." I just grabbed my coat and ran out the door. There has been fans around our house everyday. They heard the yelling. I ran past them to the park, of course they followed. "ALEX!!" They yelled. I walked over to the swings, just crying my heart out. My chest hurt from crying so hard. The fans came around me trying to comfort me but it wasn't working. "Niall will be back soon..." I just leaned against the pole. I was hurting... i need Niall. There were directioners from across the world coming to visit me and the girls. Guy directioners... girl directioners, just a bunch. Some we let them spend the night. It was nice, having them there. "Alex... your arm is bleeding." A guy directioner said. "I know.." I turned around, looking at the small group of fans. They were crying to... but i don't know where Niall is. "Niall will be back for you!" They all said... if they only knew. "No he won't... not without help... He is with a group of people where he can't escape." I started walking back, they followed, standing by my side. Some girl was watching the news on her phone. "Can i see that?" She nodded and i watched.

Famous boy band member Niall Horan has gone missing. Rumors say that his girl friend has him, but she claims she doesn't. Others say he just left her. But he is in this city.... if we do find Niall, these people will be going to jail. Niall, Where are you? If you are watching this or hearing this.... your friends and family have a few words.

Greg: Niall.... we miss you. Please return to our princess.... then to us!

Maura: Honey please come back!!

Bobby: Niall we need you, please.. if anyone finds him call the police.

Then there was me....

Alex: Niall.. I know what your going through... babe if you can even hear this... i am a mess without you.

I gave the phone back to the girl, and news reporters spotted us. "ALEX! Where do you think Niall is?!" They asked more questions... i can't take this. "I DON'T KNOW!! IF I KNEW I WOULD BE WITH HIM!" I pushed past them running home, i looked at the girls and i just went to Niall's room.

Niall's p.o.v

I heard the news baby..... I heard everything... I love you more, if that's even possible... I miss you dad and mum.... Greg, i love you... and little Theo. I know your a mess baby... please don't do this. I will find you, and i will never... never let anything like this happen again. I promise!

I know none of them could hear me... My princess is a mess... the news was saying what they all said, then it was live with her. "I DON'T KNOW!! IF I KNEW I WOULD BE WITH HIM!" I heard that, she needs me more then everything. I can't take this any more. The door opened, the woman came down. "I need to leave!" I said. "You can't, unless you want to die." "Why me!!" I yelled. "Because... if this goes in a different plan... Alex might kill herself. Instead of her coming here." No i can't hear this. "Let me go!!" I yelled. She just slapped me. "No, your staying here!" She slammed the door behind her. I don't care anymore, my Phone has been off for the past 2 weeks, i turned it on, enough battery for one call. I called the cops, i don't care if they catch me anymore.


"It's Niall Horan! Track this call and get me out of here!" 

"Already on it.... .they are on their way" 


"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!?" The woman yelled, taking my phone and smashing it. "We need to leave now!" She grabbed me but i covered her mouth. "No, it's to late, im tired of being here. I need my princess. You aren't going to stop me anymore!!" I whisper yelled at her. I heard the sirens and the cops burst down the door. They came down the basement steps... i let go of the woman going towards them. "YOU CAN'T TAKE THAT BOY!" The man yelled aiming the gun at me. "Put the gun down sir! Your already going to jail!" He didn't care. He shot all the cops!!! I took one of their guns aiming it at him. "Your dumb, you can't keep me here!!! AND YOU KILLED 3 COPS!" He laughed. "And a popstar." His gun triggered, as did mine. Both of us falling to the ground..... He was gone.... i am almost gone...

I heard was more sirens... then being put into a ambulance. "Keep your eyes open Niall!" But i couldn't. "Where..... was i..." "You got shot.... in the chest Niall. Stop moving... " I just half laughed, tears falling down my face. "I'm not seeing my princess again..." "Don't say that! You have a chance." I was loosing blood fast, was he stupid? "No.. im done for okay? Tell Alex i loved her... tell the girls and the lads... i will miss them and i love them also..." "WERE LOOSING HIM!!" Was the last thing i heard... before the world became dark.

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