Story of my life

All my life i have been bullied, abused, basically a toy. I put up with all of this for what seems like ever, until... one night my dad dropped me off outside a concert. To be more specific a 1D concert. "Have fun with your dumb band!" Then he drove off. I managed to walk around and find their tour bus, maybe... they would see me.... After the concert.. a pair of blue eyes lock with mine, and i found my angel


1. Dropped off at a concert


I am sitting on the floor, looking at my poster. I can never talk about this band, my dad hates them so much... i don't know why. That band basically saved my life. I sighed. Well my name is Alex Bennett and i am adopted. My parents kind of abandoned me and left me at an adoption center. To kind of make things quick, im tall ish, im almost as tall as Niall! Niall is my favorite in the band, i mean he is just sooooo hot!!! Erm, to get back to things. 

I was sitting in the corner, i can't really leave unless i am told to. My foster dad, he wants me to call him dad, so... dad beats me sometimes. It's really hard on me...

As i sit waiting for something to happen, i over hear the radio...

"One Direction is ..... sprint center......

tonight only......

don't mi-.......... out on the big surprise!

I'm only a few minutes from there. Then my door swung open, "Alex put some shoes on and let's go." I don't question it and i just do. Once i head out of my room... the house looked quite nice today. And his daughter was there. "DAD OMG ONE DIRECTION IS ONLY A FEW MINUTES AWAY!!!" He smiled. "I know sweetie but you can't go, they are too expensive." She half smiled then looked at me. "Where are you taking that?" She said giving me a disgusted look. "No where now get dinner ready." Her names Cherry, and shes the most horrible person in the world. Dad pushed me out the door and into the van. "Buckle up and shut up." I did and didn't say a word. Before we left i managed to grab my IPod touch and headphones with charger. That's it besides the clothes i wore. 

We were slowly pulling up to.... sprint center? I can't question why he is pulling up here. "Get out." I gave him a questioning look as i unbuckle and open the door. "Why am i here?" "You love these fuck heads so much they can take you." I slowly got out and shut the door. "They won't take me! I'll be fucking homeless!" i said. "Who cares? No one wants you. Have a nice life!" Then he sped away. Is that true? That no one cares... or even likes me? I felt tears fall down my face. I start walking around and i actually see the lads tour bus. I walked over to the fence and leaned against it, looking at the tour bus... also hearing that perfect voice. Niall. I smile to myself and just cry, i love him so much... After the concerts over i stay there... as i see the lads laugh and walk towards the bus. I smile, they are so happy... i wish i had that. Then those perfect blue eyes looked at me. 

I kind of got nervous so i kind of back up and started walking away. "WAIT!" I turned and saw him running and jumping the fence. Damn he is so sexy....

"Hello. Why are you out here?" He asked smiling at me. "Um... listening to the concert?" It came out more like a question then a statement. "Oh, you a fan?" "YES!" His smile grew wider. "I have a question actually..." "What's that love?" I am dying i am talking to Niall!!! "Where is um.... the nearest hotel?" His smile kind of dropped. "Umm... like a few blocks down that road." I looked, and i could see it in the distance. "Where's your parents?" Fuck what do i say... "Umm.... I-i-" "Niall it's time to go!!" Louis yelled. "ONE SEC!" He looked at me again for an answer. "They kind of... its a long story." I think he was kind of getting the idea. "Look i gotta go... um... bye! See you tomorrow at the concert... well.. after!" Then i ran off as he stared after me.

I don't want to tell him anything. As i was walking the tour bus was slowly driving next to me. "Did you parents leave you?" His blue eyes looking sad.. looking at me. "I... i can't talk about it." The bus stopped, i had to pick up my pace. I started running in the opposite direction as the lads were filing out of the bus. I slowly stopped as i barely saw them in the distance. Why don't i tell them and go with them? That im dumb to not go to them. 

This isn't the way i want to meet them

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