Story of my life

All my life i have been bullied, abused, basically a toy. I put up with all of this for what seems like ever, until... one night my dad dropped me off outside a concert. To be more specific a 1D concert. "Have fun with your dumb band!" Then he drove off. I managed to walk around and find their tour bus, maybe... they would see me.... After the concert.. a pair of blue eyes lock with mine, and i found my angel


7. cranky people, at the house


After that meet and greet i didn't really text Sarah* or Maddy, but listening to my music. I was getting tired but i didn't want to have another horrible dream. The lads were playing mario cart on the Wii. All  i heard were them laughing and cheering. Well since they were towards the front of the bus and since i was in the back, i decided to.. snoop. I went to Harry's bed, finding pictures with him, his mum, and sister. Liam with his mum sisters, and the band, i went through the rest all the same, then Niall's. He has the Irish flag, pictures of hi childhood.... and some girl... I took it down and looked at the date on the back. This was taken a couple years ago. I put it back and laid down, looking at everything he put up. There was a picture of him with a teletubby head on. He is such a dork sometimes, but its cute. I could look at these pictures for hours.. but i was feeling sleepy. I took my shoes off, went to change into pajamas, then went to his bed and pulled the covers up over my shoulders. It smelled like him and his cologne. His blanket his so soft though. I was almost asleep until.

Someone walked back there looking for where i was, i guess he checked all the beds, then Niall's. It was Niall, he just smiled at me. "Well, hello there." I opened my eyes and smiled half waving, then closing my eyes again. He laughed, closing the curtain. I guess the lads were getting changed for bed. The curtain opened again Niall whispered, "Alex? Can you slide over so i can sleep?" I just said, "Mhhmmmm...." But i didn't move, i was to tired to actually hear him. He just laughed again moving me over himself. He finally got in and shut the curtain. We were back to back, Niall hogged the bed! But i was to tired to care. I quickly fell asleep.

THE next day, i had one leg over Nialls, and an arm going across his face. Niall had an arm going across my face also. I groaned as i carefully moved his arm... and by carefully roughly pushing it off of me, waking Niall. "Sorry." I mumbled trying to sleep again. Then he roughly pushed my leg off of him. "Sorry." I mentally rolled my eyes. I grabbed my IPod, it was 4 in the morning. I threw it across to someone else's bed.... um... i don't know what it hit but it was loud. "What the fuck..." Someone said. Louis opened Niall's curtain giving me a weird look. "Did you really just throw this?" "Yes now go to fucking bed please." "No, don't throw crap towards my bed." He threw it back at me, it hitting my face. But i didn't show any pain or anything. I just got out of bed, slowly, holding my cheek. 

I walked towards the front, sitting on the couch. No one is a morning person today i swear. Now i was pissed as was Niall and Louis. Around 8 the lads started to wake up. "Oh my gosh Alex! What happened to your face?" Liam asked. "I don't know some idiot threw it at my fucking face at 4 in the morning." I glared at Louis. "Well don't throw something at my bed." "At least it didn't hit your pretty face." He rolled his eyes. "Ladies stop arguing! Were almost at the house then you can be rid of each other for a while." Paul yelled. About an hour later we finally showed up, the lads ran off the bus, while i grabbed my stuff. When i walked through the door i put everything next to the door. 

"Paul.. do i have a room or no?" "Umm.... LADS HOW MANY ROOMS ARE UP THERE!?" "6!" I nodded then picked everything up and climbed the stairs. "Which room isn't taken?" 

"last one." I walked there, and dropped everything in there. I walked towards the huge bed laying on top of the covers...

"Your going to do as i say or you'll get beat up!"

I stayed quiet as he tied rope behind my arms, and getting the tape. 

"please don't do this..." I whispered "Shut up!" He came over to me and slapped me. He put the tape over my mouth and told me to get up. He pushed me along till we got to the front door. He tied the rope around my ankles. 

"Have fun in hell bitch." He pushed me in the middle of the road, i saw head light coming towards me. I tried screaming and trying to get up but i couldn't

The headlight were a few feet away. . . . .

I quickly sat up, i was gasping for air and i was sweating. I looked around, nothing. These nightmares need to stop. I slowly started crying, this was to much, these dreams... Louis walked by my room, didn't stop... at first. "What are you crying about now?" He sounded like my dad. "You don't care... My night mare..." He was just in a mood today, he is usually sweet, just not today. "Stop crying, it's only a dream!" Then he walked off. That hurt, made me cry more. He sounds like my dad. I laid back down, hugging a pillow close to my chest. I wanted away from all that, not come back to it. Then someone entered my room, i was silently cried. "Alex, you hungry?" I looked at who it was, Zayn. "No." I laid my head back down, looking at the curtain.  He walked in standing  in front of where i was looking. "Why are you crying love?" "My nightmares... Louis... everything." "Louis is just having his moods, once he sleeps he will be his old self." Zayn said. "I know he doesn't like me, he didn't from the beginning, a minute ago he sounded like my dad, i wanted away from that not to come back to it." I could see the concern that was across his face.

But he just left and went to get everyone food. I was afraid to sleep, i don't want to be yelled at again for crying from a dream. Soon Zayn came back, after giving everyone their food. "Why don't you go back to sleep?" "No, i am afraid to, those nightmares... and i don't want to be yelled at for waking up and crying." "I can talk to Louis.." He trailed off. I just shrugged my shoulders. He told me to sleep and if i was having a nightmare he would wake me... i told him no and he left to do whatever Zayn's do. I got up, looking in the mirror, my hair perfect, my face not perfect, my cheeks were tear stained, i didn't care. I left the room, wanting to explore. I walked to the right, away from the other bedrooms. I opened these really big doors... inside was basically a library and a piano. I closed the doors behind me walking towards the books. None really looked good. I went over to the piano, i could play. I sat down opening the lid. I stared down at the keys, then i started playing. I was just into the music, but when i heard a door handle start turning i stopped. It was only Liam. "You were the one playing??" "Um.. n-no.." He gave me a i-know-your-lieing look. I just nodded. "Well you are really good! Can you also sing?" "No i can not sing." "Could i hear you sing?" "I don't sing in front of people." "Oh come on now!" I shook my head no, he sighed and left it alone. After a while i decided to go back to my room, it was dark out. I got changed.

And i went under the covers and tried sleeping. I couldn't....I got back up and went down stairs, the lads were saying their good nights. I just got a glass of water, Niall was to. We didn't talk or anything, he just drank the water, putting the glass up, then heading to bed. After i finished my drink i went to my room and decided to watch Forest Gump. That movie.... is so good and sad.. I wish i could have a relationship like what Jenny and Forest had... at the end that is. When i was towards the end.. i cried. Jenny died.. and Forest... oh my. When it was definitely over i put on War Horse. Both really good movies. But i was more tired this time, so i curled under the covers, looking at the screen. Slowly falling to sleep, thinking about Niall.....

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