Story of my life

All my life i have been bullied, abused, basically a toy. I put up with all of this for what seems like ever, until... one night my dad dropped me off outside a concert. To be more specific a 1D concert. "Have fun with your dumb band!" Then he drove off. I managed to walk around and find their tour bus, maybe... they would see me.... After the concert.. a pair of blue eyes lock with mine, and i found my angel


27. Charity game. *The end*

I changed the flight to 6 hours... so yeah


I woke up, we had an 5 hours left. I sighed and sat up straighter in my chair. I looked next to me and the guy was looking at me. "Umm... can i help you?" He just laughed. "Sorry, i just love the colour of your eyes." They were a kind of ish rare shade of blue... but creepy! "Um, thanks i think?" "What's your name love?" "Alex." "I'm Tom." I smiled and looked back towards the window, but then he put his hand on my thigh. "Umm, what are you doing?" I whispered to him. "Putting my hand on your thigh, you are just so pretty." "I have a boy friend. And our mates are kind of over protective." "So?" I tried scooting away but he just kept brushing his hand up and down my thigh. "Please stop!" I whisper yelled. "Hell no, this is the closest i have been to someone that is very attractive." "I can get my friend Louis over here, and the flight people. Move your hand, or deal with Louis and my boy friend."

"Whose your little boy friend?" "Niall, from famous boy band One Direction." I pulled up a picture of the group, "He's the blonde and the brown hair with the quiff, Louis." He laughed. "This some kind of a joke? Even if it wasn't..." He started leaning towards me and i just backed away. "I'm dead serious." I grabbed my phone and showed it to him. He just took it and put it on his lap. "I can always just call for them." I hissed.

He pushed me up against the wall and covered my mouth. "You better not." I saw something shining in the reflection of the moon light. I bit his hand, "What the hell!" I whispered. "Feisty, i like that about girls." He held the, im guessing a knife, close to my neck, and tried to kiss me. I backed away as far as i could. "Stop backing away!" "No!" I said louder then a whisper. "You better shut up." 

I should have asked to trade seats when i had the chance. "Please, i can easily scream and then you can be put in the back of the plane like that." I noticed he didn't have his knife so i went ahead. "Niall!" I woke some people but he came over to us, and the flight people turned the lights on. "What princess?" "Get this freak away now!" 

"What seems to be the problem here?" "He has a knife for one, second he was acting sexual with me!" Niall glared at him, "Don't touch her again!" Tom laughed, "I didn't touch her. I'm 40 and she's what, 16?" "18" I corrected him. "Miss, maybe your just tired." "Why the hell would i lie about this! He has the knife under his leg." Niall looked at him, "Stand up." He did, the knife was sitting there. "Sir your going to have to come with me."

They took tom away and Niall sat there. "You alright love?" "Now. I should have switched seats when i had that feeling in my gut." "You didn't know, and if some one does that again, i'm going to kick their ass." I laughed. "Sir can you please return to your seat?" Niall nodded and kissed my forehead before leaving. The people turned the lights back off, and i tried going back to sleep. Which i couldn't.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Soon we landed, i was really tired, i was half awake half asleep. "10 Minutes before landing, please turn your stuff off until we land. Thank you." I did and i shut my eyes. What felt like seconds, someone shook me awake. I looked at who was shaking me awake, Hazza. "What Harry." I said closing my eyes again. "We landed, didn't you sleep on the ride here?" "No, because some guy was trying to mess with me, i was kind of wide awake for a while." I closed my eyes again. "Come on Alex." He sighed. "Niall, she won't get up." I felt his hand on my shoulder shaking me. "Your going to have to live on the plane if you don't get up." "Good, i am comfy anyway." They both laughed. "I'll carry Your luggage to the limo, and your Harry, please carry her?" Niall seemed to be mad that Harry has to carry me, but i guess he nodded and agreed because i felt arms wrap around me and carry me bridle style. Soon i felt cold air hit my face, i just hid my face into Harry's chest and pulled the blanket closer to me. 

I think Niall got in first because i was handed off to Niall. I could smell his cologne. He was just rubbing my back and lightly kissed my head. I guess thats when i fell asleep.~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I guess we got there, but i felt Niall shaking me awake. I was no longer on his lap, but across all the lads. I opened my eyes, my head was on Harry's lap, then Louis, Liam, Niall, then Zayn. "The fuck?" I said. "We were thinking the same thing when you sprawled out all over us." "How did this happen?" "You started stretching.. .and you didn't curl back up into a ball." They laughed. I sat up but i hit my head on something. "Oww..." I said laying back down. "Well, i guess your going out first." Harry opened his side of the door, as i slid back words out of the limo. 

Soon the others got out and got the luggage. I just stood there, slightly swaying. I was still half and half. "Alex... Alex?" I looked over at Niall. "You gonna stand there or come inside?" I just walked ahead of them and waited on the couch, i laid down. They checked in and ect. "C'mon, theres a bed waiting in our room." I followed them, as soon as they opened the door i went straight to the bed and was out like a light.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"What was that about?" I asked Harry. "What?" "This? I love Niall."

"Well.... its to late. What's done was done..." "Harry i was drunk and passed out! Please tell me you wore protection?" "None... of us... did." "What do you mean US?" 

The other lads looked up at me guiltily. "oh my god.. WHAT ABOUT CHRISTY, MADDY, AND SARAH!!! NIALL HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN?!" "We, err... I ugh was caught up in the moment... we were all drunk..." "Niall, what if im pregnant!!!"

"Take the test then." I glared at them and wet to the bathroom.. oh dear god i was. "Niall, i am..." "Were all the father?" They cheered. "HOW ARE YOU HAPPY ABOUT THIS!" Niall glared at me, "Well, if you aren't happy about that, then just leave. Once you have it then give it to us." I felt my eyes water. "I don't want to have this baby, i told you how i felt about that." "Oh whatever, it's to late. See you in 9 months." Harry pushed me out the door, leaving me outside, in the snow....

I shot up smacking i think Niall's face in the process. "OWW!" I looked over at him. "Oy! What you'd do that fer?" His accent was thick. I looked around the room, that was just a dream... just a dream.... "Well?" I turned back to him, "I'm sorry. I just shot up and i guess i did that in the process." I rubbed my eyes. "Night mare?" "Somethin like that." "Well i forgive you!" He laughed. "Sorry."

Where did that dream come from? That was weird. I just laid back down, Niall wrapped his warm arms around my waste, i just went back to sleep.      

When i wake up next, Niall is gone, and a note on the door saying he was at a meeting. I hate these meetings. I sat up ad i hanged into some grey skinny jeans, converse, sports bra, and just a hoodie on top of that. I put my hair into a messy bun, i put mascara and lip gloss on. I walked over to the couch and i just laid there. Soon i heard the door open... but only one of the workers. "Sorry miss, is Mr. Horan here?" "No..." "Who are you?" "Niall's girl friend... he's at a meeting." "Likely story come on." "I'm serious." "Prove it." "I shouldn't have to prove myself to you, but i'll call him." 

I dialed his number, it went straight to voice mail.

"Ello der. This is Niall, and i can't come to the phonr right now but i'll call back later! Bye."

"Good enough proof for ya?" He seemed embarrassed. "I'm really sorry... please don't tell me boss." "I won't, i wouldn't believe me either if i was in your shoes." "Thank you miss, bye." He left and i turn the telly on to Sponge Bob. Don't judge me. It was the episode where Mr. Krabs actually fires Sponge bob. But i already watched this episode, so i decided to turn the channel and watch south park. I was glued to my screen, it was hilarious. Then all the lads came in. "We have a question for you... well Louis does." I looked to Louis, but grabbing the remote and pausing my show. 

"Do you want to help me with this charity football game? We need another player and this happens in... 3 hours." I thought about it... "Sure." He grabbed my arm and we all drove to the stadium, they people already got my outfit. I looked at the shirt, the back said Horan. I looked at a smirking Niall. "What number do you want?" The girl asked. "37." They got that all made so i went to some area, and changed into the outfit. I put the pads on and gloves. I put my hair up into a perfect pony tail. I opened the door, and my eyes grew wide. "WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE?!" I smlied, the girls were here with their parents, and i noticed Christy was wearing an outfit to. "Your playing?!" Christy nodded. "Yes." I hugged all the girls. 

"Well I'll make sure to cheer you on Alex." Niall said, hugging me." "Alright Niall, love you." "Love you to." He kissed my cheek and they others left. "Let's get going ladies!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Once we got onto the field... Both of our mouths fell open. Louis just laughed. Luckily were were both good at football, meaning Christy and I. Soon the game started and we were off! It was kind of hard though, this team was fast... Louis had the ball, he kicked it to Christy. Some girl was gaining up to her so she kicked it to me, i was getting closer to the goal, i kicked it and made the first point. Then the other team had the ball, I tried stealing the ball, but it was impossible. I finally did, and quickly turned around towards the goal. I saw Christy open, i kicked it to her, but i felt something hard along my side. I was pushed to the ground.

I grabbed my side, it kind of hurt, Christy came over to me, "You alright?" I nodded quickly standing back up. "Yeah... just don't let that girl near you." She nodded and we continued. I went up to the same girl and i stole the ball and quickly gave it to Christy. "Bitch." Was all i heard before i saw her go to Christy and push her over. I was mad at this girl, i went over to her, as did Louis. "I'm fine... she's strong!" We half laughed. "Well... thats only the beginning Louis said pointing towards the board. We sighed and stood up. I took the ball from some guy, as we were running down the field, that girl was hot on my trails, i stopped, as she ran past me, and i went to the right side of the field. But she was fast, Louis was open, i quickly kicked it off to him and he made the next point. The girl glared at Christy and i, then left to her side of the field. 

"Wish you told us that these girls are rude and strong." "I didn't know, i don't really know the team. They aren't being nice though." I nodded in agreement. "I think im going to sit out." Louis said as he switched with a different football player. "I am to, you make that goal." Christy ran off to join Louis. Great. I felt nervous... I saw the lads were joining Christy and Louis, Niall gave me a thumbs up. I half smiled, as the game was starting up again. We scored the next 7 points! So it was 9 - 0.

And i avoided that one girl at all costs. Soon i got the ball, i was tired and sweaty. Those two aren't in because no one else wanted to change players. I was running towards the goal, i heard that one girl coming closer to me, i kicked and made the point but she pushed me and i fell to the ground. "Why do you keep pushing me over!" She just glared at me, "Claires cousin." Then she walked off. Great! i sat up, my side was hurting. It was time for half time so The lads came over to me. "You alright?" Niall asked with concern. "Claires cousin." I said and he rolled his eyes. "Ignore her, she is just as annoying as Claire." "Yeah and abusive." I said getting up. "Is your side alright?" "It hurts.. but i don't want to sit out, i want to play." Niall sighed as he looked at my side. "It's kind of bruised... i think you should sit out." "But Ni.." He gave in. "Be careful, half times over." They got off the field, besides Lou and Christy. Louis got the ball and quickly managed to make a goal. it was now 11 - 1. I stole the ball from the girl and i was running towards the goal, i saw the girls and the lads cheering, i tried ignoring them as i was incing closer to the goal. Claires cousin was right next to me now, "Your the slut that messed with Claire huh?" "I didn't mess with claire." "Break up with Niall! Claire had him first." "No! He's my boy friend for a reason." I kicked, i stopped as did she. She just pushed me to the ground and tried beating me. The refs pulled her off, and i just stayed on the ground. "You alright miss?" I sighed, "yeah.. im just going to go to the bench now." They helped me up as i let another team mate go in. "Princess are you alright?" I nodded as i sat down on the bench. "I'd hug you but your all sweaty." Zayn joked. "Why does she have to be here." I said. 

"Don't mind her." Niall said grabbing my hand. Claires cousin looked over at us and she just glared at me. "She wanted me to break up with you, because Claire had you first. I told her no, that your my boy friend for a reason." I looked towards the other side of the field. I didn't go back into the game, i just stayed out. We won though! 

"You did your best." Niall said. "Yeah, but i could have done better." He looked over to the lads and they smirked and nodded. "What ... why are they smirking?" The lads whispered to the girls... they covered their mouths and smiled. I gave Niall a confused look. In the middle of the field... he got something out of his pocket and was on one knee. "Alex, i love you so very much. Even though this last couple of days wasn't perfect...  we still had fun.. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you. Would you please.... marry me?" 

I stood there shocked. I felt my eyes water and i covered my mouth. Niall was just smiling. All i could do was nod yes as he stood up and hugged me. I let some tears fall, happy tears for once. I heard some people in the crowd say 'Aww.' We got out of the hug and he placed the ring on my finger. This is the best moment ever! "I love you." He whispered in my ear. "I love you to." That's when he kissed me. I didn't want this moment to end at all!


Well... this is the end of the book. I was going to do the sequel but i just couldnt get into it.

Im sorry for confusing some of you because i forgot to take those chapters down talking about part 2

Maybe someday i will make the sequel but for now it's not happening.

Thank you all so much for reading this story it means alot to me and its my most popular story still out of the others. Well bye for now my lil stars and i will try to post stories on here but for now im just laying low...


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