Story of my life

All my life i have been bullied, abused, basically a toy. I put up with all of this for what seems like ever, until... one night my dad dropped me off outside a concert. To be more specific a 1D concert. "Have fun with your dumb band!" Then he drove off. I managed to walk around and find their tour bus, maybe... they would see me.... After the concert.. a pair of blue eyes lock with mine, and i found my angel


4. Can't trust


The lads just stared at me, i don't care if they don't believe me or anything... i mean what i said is the truth. "They really said that to you all these years?" Harry asked Innocently. "Yea... and i mean... its true." "How in the world is that true?" Zayn asked. I didn't want to be here. "Look can i just leave? I really don't want to be here... and as much as i love you lads i can't trust any of you." "Honestly, you are in a spot where every girl wants to be at right now, with us. And why can't you trust us?"

I looked behind me trying to find a way to escape, but couldn't. "I have been hurt for so many years... by people i thought cared about me. Just turns out nobody does." Niall was just focused on me the whole time.. "Well... your staying with us. Nothing that you say will change our minds."

I kind of gave them nasty looks but it quickly went away. "Let's find you something to eat.... what do you like?" I honestly had no way in hell to answer that. "I don't know.. I only ate the same thing for years which is bread and milk. Nothing more nothing less." "Nothing ever in your little life?!
Niall almost screamed. "Well damn boy i know you love food! But not everyone gets to eat 24/7." The half laughed. Why do they care. "Well were going to leave you here with Nialler and Hazza while we go and get some Chinese and pizza!!" Louis said jumping off the bus, soon the others followed leaving me with a beautiful set of blue eyes and a beautiful set of green eyes. Angels, er, ore like hero's. 

I sat on the opposite chair looking from Niall to Harry. It was awkward silence. Until, "How old are you? And what is your name?" Niall asked. "I'm 17 and Alex." He nodded, and once again, awkward silence. This could be a chance to run but... i just don't have the energy and power to move. I decided to grab my ear buds and listen to Story of my life. I had on pretty loud because i really didn't want to hear them talk.

I guess i was almost asleep because i felt someone shake me awake. I pulled one ear bud out of my ear, "Hmm?" I asked. "Well we have food!" Liam said. "I'm not hungry, im really tired." I said getting comfortable again. "Well, were not letting you sleep until you eat something." I sighed and took some pizza... which was really good. I also had Chinese which was very good. After all that i kind of sat there awkwardly. "Um, is there somewhere specific i should sleep or..." "Well you can sleep there or sleep in the spare bed." I thought this couch was comfy... and i was already here. "I'd rather stay here." Liam nodded as the lads cleaned up the trash. They gave me a pillow and a blanket and they were getting ready for bed their selves."Oh by the way Paul already knows your here, so don't worry about him... PAUL! LETS GO YE OLD MAN!" Everyone laughed and the bus was moving, they turned the lights off and i quickly fell asleep.

**** Later that day i finally woke up. The lads were basically staring at me. "What?" I snapped. "Well, we now know she is not a morning person!" Louis teased. I threw a pillow at him as i tried going back to sleep. "Oh? Didn't get enough sleep? You only got like 20 hours of it!" They all laughed but i ignored it. "Come on now, we are gonna buy you clothes." I groaned but got up, my hair looked fine so that was a good thing. They took me to the mall, i only tried on one pair of pants, a shirt, and a pair of shoes all in my size and they basically shopped for me. When they were done i noticed... they are such dorks! "Really?" They just gave me the biggest smile ever. "Is there not one thing that isn't anything about your band?" "Well.... maybe a few things.." I laughed and helped carry everything on the bus. "Okay.... i need to go back and shop.. alone." "Why?" I just gave them a long hard stare. "OH! 'Course, here." I laughed as i went back and bought few bras and undergarments. After that i went back to the bus. 

"Im going to take a shower so.... ya." They nodded and went toward the front of the bus, i picked out a One Direction shirt and some 1D Jean shorts. Okay they would. Then i started the water, stripped, and took a nice long warm shower.


I dried my hair and got dressed. When i got out it was about an hour before the concert. To be more specific, the last concert of Take Me Home Tour. I saw them putting on some more decent clothes as they were starting to get ready to hop off this bus. "Wait!" Niall shouted after the lads. His eyes locked with mine. "Well c'mon now! Were not leaving you alone." I walked toward him, following him back stage. Honestly, i just want to sleep. I want to be ignored, like how i was with my foster family. "Alex you alright?" Louis asked as they were getting their make up done. "Yep." I lied. He half smiled, he is too observant. I hate that about Lou. I guess some of my feelings were showing so he looked at me weird. I shook it off, feeling his eyes still on me.

Soon they went on stage ad performed their best, my favorite songs are Just can't let her go, Diana, and Story of my life. They really did do a perfect job. After they said their good byes they came back stage. "Alex can i see you for a moment?" One of the guys asked. I just got up and followed him, where its more quiet. 

"Look, i don't know how you even got to meet the boys, how you managed to be apart of their lives, but you need to leave and go back to your family. The boys don't need any distractions." I just smiled. "Their Tour is over, they are now on break. I can't be a distraction when they aren't working." He seemed to be getting mad. "You are going to leave the lads." "Okay 1) i can't i dont even know where my real parents are. And 2) i would never go back to my foster parents. Never in a million years." I just turned around and left him there.

Once i got back the lads were ready to go. We loaded onto the bus and we drove to the nearest hotel. Once there Someone checked us in... and i never knew a hotel room could be so big! But there was only 5 beds, i don't think so, and no couch. "Um....Where am i supposed to sleep?" I asked as they belly flopped onto their beds. "With us of course. Well one of us." I gave them weird looks. "Um.. no." "Aww... come on babe!" Harry complained shutting his eyes. "No."

"We don't bite... hard." Louis said making the others laugh. "Once again, no." Then.. "Okay but if you had to who would you pick?" Liam asked. "Niall." They all glared at Niall and he just shrugged his shoulders. "We all know your dirty little secreeetttt." Louis said in a deep voice making a weird voice. "Oh really? What's that?" "You fancy that, that demon leprechaun." He pretended to hid his face. All i could do is laugh. "So? I love all of you guys." They all did their best puppy dog face and oh my god i swear... what is air again. "Stop before you kill me!" I said running into the bathroom, hearing laughs, especially Niall's! I'm still not gonna be in the same bed as the lads. I walked back out and grabbed on of Harry's pillows and one of Niall's blankets. They just stared at me. "What? If you havn't noticed it is dark outside and time for bed, go to sleep." I closed my eyes, for a moment, re opening them to see they are trying not to laugh.

They finally settled down and we all went to bed


Well like i said the competition is still goin!

Till Halloween that is. After midnight i won't take anymore.

I like the ones that i read so far but please... only put one... .-.

surprised no one picked Liam O_O

All i see is Harry Louis or 'Zen' no Liam.

oh well x3

See you guys soon!!!


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