Story of my life

All my life i have been bullied, abused, basically a toy. I put up with all of this for what seems like ever, until... one night my dad dropped me off outside a concert. To be more specific a 1D concert. "Have fun with your dumb band!" Then he drove off. I managed to walk around and find their tour bus, maybe... they would see me.... After the concert.. a pair of blue eyes lock with mine, and i found my angel


19. Blehh


Well im in school now...

bout to go to spanish....

Wish me luck on my test thats worth 300+ points!!!

xD its horrible i swear... and i had to memorize 54 words into spanish.

haha im going to fail :/


I'll try updating after school! Unless im playing the best game ever invented!!!!!!

Alice Madness returns. I just got that dang umbrella glitched fixed and i am just so happy that i can play the game finally.... until the wasps glitched!

i mean smh.

Well Bye Stars


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