Story of my life

All my life i have been bullied, abused, basically a toy. I put up with all of this for what seems like ever, until... one night my dad dropped me off outside a concert. To be more specific a 1D concert. "Have fun with your dumb band!" Then he drove off. I managed to walk around and find their tour bus, maybe... they would see me.... After the concert.. a pair of blue eyes lock with mine, and i found my angel


8. Beach!


I don't know why i can't ever sleep more then 4 hours. But i woke up, it was 2 in the morning. I sat up and stretched, looking at the telly. I didn't know what to do at 2 in the morning. So i just got comfortable again, and falling asleep. *5 hours later* There was music playing loudly. I quickly got up and went to my bag, putting on a 1D tank and black skinny jeans, putting my hair into a messy bun. I threw some socks and uggs on and walked down the stairs. The lads were just dancing around like idiots, singing along with their other songs. I stayed on the staircase, out of sight, looking at those 5 idiots dance and sing. 

People say we shouldn't be together, to young to know about forever.

I say they don't know what they talk talk talking about

this love is only getting stronger so i don't wanna wait any longer i want to tell the world that your mine girl.  They don't know about the things we do they don't know about the I love you's 

but i bet you if they only knew they would just be jealous of us They don't know about the up all nights they don't know i've waited all my life just to find a love that feels this rightthey don't know about they don't know about us!

just on touch and i was a believer, every kiss gets a little sweeter

its getting better keeps getting better all the time girl

*They don't know about the things we do they don't know about the i love you's i bet you if they only knew they would just be jealous of us. They don't know about the up all nights they don't know i have waited all my life to find a love that feels this right, baby they don't know about they don't know about us

They don't know how special you are, they don't know what you've doe to my heart they can say anything they want cause they don't know about us

Niall's part i could just die..

*They don't know what we do best that's between me and you our little secret*

I wanna tell them i want to tell the world that your mine girl

They don't know about the things we do they don't know about i love you's but i bet if they only knew they would just be jealous of us they don;t know about the up all nights they don't know i've waited all my life to find a love that feels just right baby they don't know about they don't know about the things we do they don't know about the i love you's but i bet if they only knew, they would just be jealous of us they don't know about the up all nights they don't know i've waited all my life to find a love that feels this right baby they don't know about they don't know about us....

they don't know about us.....

*Yes im aware i might have made a few errors but i can't type with out hearing the lyrics.... so ya*

They got up and cheered once again. They were so adorable. "So, do you think she's still asleep?" Louis asked. "I dunno, but it's only 7 in the morning." Niall said. "So... what are we going to do this summer now that she's here?" "Hm.. i guess we can do the same things... she probably won't want to anyway." Zayn said.

"So... who do you think she fancies??? *Cough* Niall" Louis said, making everyone laugh. "I doubt it, maybe it you Lou." "Yea right! I've been an arse to her, besides i like Maddy, maybe Zayn..." "Well... i don't know maybe she is in with the curls. "Or Batman!!!" Everyone shhhed him. "The world may never know.." Louis mumbled in a deep voice, making the lads laugh. "Well.... we should go wake her up." Liam said, i quietly but quickly turned to my room, pulling the boots off sitting on my bed, turning the telly on. Soon the lads were in here. "Hello..." I said. "Hi!" They said in sync. I ignored them trying to watch, well pretend to watch Sponge Bob. "Watching Sponge Bob huh?" I nodded The lads came in sitting on the floor in front of the bed, i moved to lay down on my stomach facing the end of the bed. The lads were texting each other alot though. "What are you guys texting each other about?" They all drop their phones turning and looking at me. "About... butterflys! Yes Butterflys!" Liam said. I gave them all weird looks, "Alright jeez." They continued to text each other, i saw Maddy's name a few times, Sarah's name... and i think my name. "LOUIS LIKES MADDY AND LIAM LIKES SARAH!!!!" I thought to myself, or so i thought. Their faces turned bright red. "Oh shit.... sorry!" I could feel my face getting red to, "I'll um.... Be right back." I quickly got up and slid down the railing on the stairs to the kitchen. Before i left i did grab my phone. I checked the time, it was 8:47 in the morning. 

I heard feet running down the stairs, Zayn Niall, and Liam. "Alex?" An Irish accent filled the air. "Horan?" They came into the kitchen. "You were reading our texts huh?" "Maybe... all i saw was that." They laughed. "And i liked that song you sang earlier." "You were spying? What all did you hear?" "Just the song, then i ran up to my room."  I went to the cabinet and grabbed a glass, then went to the fridge and poured some cold water into it. "Alright, don't tell your little friends that though.." "Why not Maddy loves Louis and Liam loves Sarah... *Okay i need to change their age... Sarah is 17 and Maddy is 18 and I'm 18...* "Just don't." I nodded taking a drink of my water. 

After i finished i put my cup up. "So? What are we doing today?" "I don't know, go to the beach. You can invite Maddy and Sarah, just don't say anything." I nodded and called Sarah and Maddy, i merged the calls. "Hey girls!" 

"Hey" "Hi" "So, were going to the beach today, all of us, you wanna come?" Maddy responded first, "Well ya! But my cousin, Christy is here to, can she come?" "Yea, What about you Sarah?" "I can, we will be there in about 15 minutes!" "Alright bye guys!" "Bye!" They said in sync then i hung up. "Niall, did you guys happen to buy a swim suit." All he did was smile, all 3 of them. I went up to my room Louis and Liam were still watching spongebob, "ALEX! THE SPONGE NEVER FED GARY!!!!" louis yelled. I just laughed looking through my bags, A one Direction swim suit, strapless top and matching bottoms. I sighed, they would. "Lads were going to the beach and Sarah, Maddy, and Christy are going to be here. And i promise i won't say anything." They nodded, going to get their swim trunks. I shut the door after them, locking it. I went into my bathroom, putting my swim suit on, i had my belly button pierced for a while now, there was one day in my life, my foster parents weren't jerks, i asked for that and perfume. *It looks like tht*

Well after i brushed my long hair, cleaning my piercing, i put on flip flops, grabbed a bag putting a towel, lotion, and sunglass into it, then putting shorts on on top of my bottoms, i walked out of room, phone in my pocket, and down to the kitchen. The lads were still changing, then there was a knock at the door. I answered it and the girls were all smiling and said hey. Christy had long blonde hair, blue/green eyes, tall, and skinny. "Alex, Christy, Christy, Alex. "Hello." We shook hands and i invited them in, we sat on the couch while we waited. "How long did you have your belly button pierced? "2 years." They liked it, and they showed me their peircings and tats. Sarah has her ear pierced on the cartilage, Maddy had a tat on her hip that said "Love", and Christy had ear piercings. Soon the lads came down. "When did you get that piercing?" Niall asked. "2 years ago... that's Christy by the way." They said hey to her and then we were ready to go. Maddy walked with Louis, Sarah walked with Liam, Christy walked with Zayn, Harry walked with... his phone, and i walked with Nialler. "So, your foster family actually let you get that?" "Yea, there was only one day they were nice! I'm glad they let me." 

"Well i think its cool." "Thanks." We were getting closer to the beach. "Oh and really? 1D swim suit? And its strapless?" He just gave me a cheeky smile. I just rolled me eyes as were were now at the beach. The guys went to their side while the girls went to their side. The lads wanted to swim so they went while we wanted to tan. "So Maddy, you really like Lou huh?" She just smiled. "Yes, i love him more then what you can imagine." "Same for me but with Liam!" Sarah laughed. "What about you Christy?" "Hmm... DJ Malik is hot!" We all laughed. The lads called us over to the water, everyone left while i stayed. I closed my eyes for i think less then a minute, then it seemed darker, i looked up and some guy was standing next me with his friends. "Umm, can i help you?" I asked. "Ya, why don't you come play Volley ball with us? We need one more player." "Umm.... No thanks, im here with a group of friends." "Please?" I'm an idiot. "One game.." They smiled and i followed them to their net. I knew how to play, so the team i was on was winning. When the game was over we won of course. "You can really play! One more game?" "No i really need to go." I started to walk away but one of the guys grabbed my arm. "Your staying." "Umm i don't think i am." He kept looking at my piercing, In some movies this happened then someone would rip it out, i put my hand over my stomach just in case.

"If you don't let me go you can go and talk with my 4 mates and my boy friend." They laughed, "He's probably dumb." "NIALL!!" I yelled, the lads stopped, and came running up here. "What do you think your doing mate? Take your hands off of her." Niall said. The guys took his arm off me, pushing me into Harry. "Your dumb boy friend doesn't scare me." Niall was getting mad at them. "I suggest you stop, before things get ugly." The guy seemed to get the point through his thick skull. "Alright man im sorry." They left the beach. "You really told them i was your boy friend?" "Yea, thought they would leave, they didn't till you showed up." He half smiled, then Harry let me go, we started walking back enjoying the rest of our day at the beach 

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