Into Their Lives

(Hey guys I'm writing this mostly for my own personal use to help me become a better writer but also for anyone's enjoyment. I hope you like it. If you have any suggestions message me on twitter @Key_Magician. Thanks for reading :D)

My life had been turned upside down. My Mom kicked me out to Please her newest husband, who hates me and insisted on my leaving. None of my friends are there for me like they always said they would be through all the hard times, and i have no where to go. The worst part of it all is I messed up and got pregnant, and the father you ask, well it just happens to be none other than Zayn Malik from One Direction.


2. Chapter Two

“Where the hell have you been?!” My mother yells at me when I walk through the door, a little loudly being distracted by last night. Even though I made some noise I thought I was quiet enough not to wake anyone up since it is 9 am on a Sunday, but I guess she got up to wait for me. I wonder if Richard is also awake.

“I was out having fun is that a problem?” I respond.

“And you didn’t bother to call and tell someone? Besides I told you to come home right after work, that would have meant 3 am not 9, young lady! You are taking things too far, saying things in front of your brothers all the time, and last night you almost cut off Max’s finger when you slammed the door in their faces!”

“Me saying bad things in front of them? Jack is 18 too, besides Max knows what he knows from Jack, not me. He just hears me repeat it.” I throw back at her.

“Yeah you encourage that kind of behavior!” I can’t stand her defending them; I start to walk down the hall to my room. “Don’t you walk away from me, we are talking!” I stop and turn towards her.

“You aren’t talking you’re yelling.”

“This is the last straw you don’t care about this family, you just make things worse!”

“I don’t care?! What about you? Where were you all those years after dad died, when Dylan had a football game or won state in track? What about when I was entered in all those art contests, did you even bother to show up to any of those?” I ask her, and I don’t wait for her to respond if I stop now I won’t get it all out. “After dad died, you wasted what little money you had saved for Dylan and I to go to college, so now I’m stuck here because I couldn’t afford to go to any of the schools I had been accepted into! And those brats you call step sons, they get all your love, and you never wanted kids in the first place.” I feel tears falling down my face, I hastily wipe them away. “You never cared about me or Dylan, you drove him away, and he was the only sense of family I have ever had, and now he’s out risking his life!” I stop and let it all sink in. The tears are coming faster but I just ignore them. I look her in the eyes and can see the pain there, the hurt of my words. For a moment I think she might actually apologize for all those years. She doesn’t.

“I want you out of this apartment by the end of the hour do you hear me?! I never want to see you here again!” my mom yells to me then turns and goes out to the living room. She finally did it she finally kicked me out, and I drove her to it. I walk out of the kitchen, down the hall to my room at the end, and shut the door behind me. I flop down on my unmade bed and scream into my pillow. Then I cry, I get it all out of my system before I start to pack up my things. I learned to not keep to many things, to not be a pack rat. For one your room becomes extremely messy, and two it gives your step brothers more things to steal and hide from you. I start with my clothes, talking down my dad’s old army bag and I start to stuff all my clothes into it. After he died, my mom didn’t want to see anything connected to him, so Dylan took all of his things and hide them in our closets so she wouldn’t throw them out. When Dylan left he put most of it in his apartment across town, but I kept a few things here with me. After emptying what little clothing I have from the closet, I gather up all my things from the bathroom, then shove the rest of my stuff into my backpack like a photo album, everything off my desk, my laptop, all the things form school I kept like my degree, year books, etc. I put the bags by the door and I go and start folding my blanket, when I hear a banging on the door.

“Mary says your time is up!” Jack yells through the door, my mom, Mary, must have sent him, since he can pick the lock and get me out of the room. I fold the blanket, and grab my pillow, and then I get my other bags. When I open the door, Jack is there beaming. “I wonder what I will do with this room now that it’s mine. I have so much space now that I won’t have to it with Max.” They already gave away my bed room I think. I walk out to the front door set my things down and call a taxi. It gets here quickly and the driver helps me get my stuff into the car, I leave without saying good bye.

“Where to?” he asks me. I think for a second, and I give him the address to Dylan’s apartment, he won’t mind if I stay there while he’s gone.

That night Dylan calls.

“It feels so great to be talking to you Skylar!” he says when I pick up. “I wish I could be with you right now. But whatever, how’s life?” he asks me. I break down; I could never keep anything from him. As I tell him of my horrible weekend I walk around his one room apartment, his bed is at the far wall, with a small kitchen that has a small fridge, microwave and working oven. I will need to go out and buy food later. Then there’s a closet with barely any clothes in it, and a small bathroom. He had gotten a TV the last time he came back, so I will have some entertainment. When I’m done telling him about it all Dylan is silent on the other end. “I don’t know what to say with about any of this, I wish I did though.” He says trying to comfort me. “But you can stay there as long as you need to. I’m just so sorry about what happened with all of it, your friends, mom, and the boys. I am just so sorry I can’t be there with you to hold you and tell you it will all be alight.” The call goes on like this, all of our calls do. Dylan always tried to make me feel better, even after what he has just gone through himself. The next few weeks I go to work, eat sleep, and talk with Dylan either over the phone or through video chats. Everything changes though, I find out some news that will change my life forever.

I have been dreading it for days but I finally made myself go to the Walgreens down the street and buy a pregnancy test, well five actually, just to be sure. I use my day off putting it off until it’s almost midnight, and I have the courage to take the test. I open all five tests and take them consecutively. I leave them on the bathroom counter, walk over to Dylan’s bed and sit down. I count off the minutes in my head until it’s been 15 minutes, more than enough time for the results to appear. I walk back into the bathroom, and look down at them and all five same the same thing. I am pregnant.

“I don’t need this!” I yell at them and shove them all into the trash in frustration. “I can’t have a kid right now! I can barely support myself!” I yell to the empty room. I slump down to sit against the wall and I hug my knees to my chest, my chest is shaking from the sobs that come.


A nurse leads me into a room and tells me the doctor will be with me in just a minute. When she gets there, I stay silent and listen to what she has to say, I answer all her questions, and then she takes my blood, and leaves for a little bit, she comes back in with some papers. “You are definitely pregnant, is the father…” she trails off knowing she hit a soft spot.

“He doesn’t know and isn’t here so it doesn’t matter.” I saw automatically. Zayn doesn’t know and I don’t plan on telling him anytime soon. Besides how would I contact him? I don’t have his number or his address and maybe I shouldn’t tell him. What good will it do to tell Zayn he is a father?

“Arighty then, you have a few options, and for someone your age and in this situation I would consider them.” She hands me the papers, I look at them. One is a brochure on adoptions, another on abortions. The last is a sheet on how to have a supporting family to raise a child in.

“I could never have an abortion or give up my own flesh and blood to adoption.” I tell her handing back those papers. I had already spent the last few nights going over this, looking up the facts online, and fighting with myself over it. I can’t do either of the two, so I decided I would keep the baby. I even thought about Zayn and how this could affect him, if I do ever find him and tell him, I think he will understand. He has the money to support a kid, he has the family, and if I had him here it would be so much better. Zayn was even about to marry Perrie. He was making the steps towards having a kid anyways, even if he didn’t know it at the time. It is my choice, besides Zayn is halfway across the world. “I am going to have this baby on my own, and when my brother gets home in a few months he will help me out.”

“OK, I am going to start you on some prenatal vitamins, and I will get you some more papers on things to help you out, like a list of some books I would like you to read. Right now, though, I want to set up a sonogram appointment for the ten week mark, so about six weeks from now.” I put it in the calendar in my phone and she gets me the rest of the paperwork. I give her my life insurance plan Dylan had made me get when I turned eighteen and mom took me off hers.

The next six weeks I go on with my job but a little more cautiously, having a living thing inside me is making me rethink how I do things. I get the books the doctor suggested, and I get more healthy things to eat. I find myself constantly thinking about Zayn and that night, about our mistake. I try to busy myself to get rid of these thoughts; I can’t be thinking of someone like him, he probably didn’t think of it like that, just as some hook up.

I get morning sickness half way through week seven. Dylan has been doing a lot of research on this with me, and found online that saltine crackers really help, but to eat them in small amounts. It helps somewhat but I keep waking up in the middle of the night puking my guts out, barely making it to the bathroom. I have it mostly under control, but I still have major mood swings, a few days before going to the sonogram appointment, someone spilled their beer and I started crying over it. After I explained to George I am pregnant, he made fun of my inability to control my emotions and let me take the rest of the day off. As soon as I was getting used to the way things were going, it all changes.

“How have you been feeling?” Dr. Hennings asks me.

“Nauseous,” I sigh.

“That’s normal. I’m going to have you change out of your cloths put on this gown,” she hands me a thin paper like hospital gown, “and lay down here. I will be right back.” She gives me a smile and walks out the door. I get changed, lay down on the bed, the paper crinkles under me, and wait for the doctor to come back. Once she does she starts the sonogram, once things are in place, I see unidentifiable things on the screen next to us. After a minute she speaks. “If you look there,” she points to one of the shapes on the screen, “you will see your baby.” I look at the spot, at the life growing inside of me, and I feel the tears coming. “But there’s something else.”

“What do you mean?” I ask. Is there something wrong is the little spot OK? Did I do something wrong?

“Don’t worry, everything is fine it’s just, well, you see this right here?” she points to another spot on the screen, “That is another baby Skylar. You’re having twins, and from what I’m seeing they’re identical twins.”  This comes to me as a bigger shock than finding out I’m pregnant in the first place. I sit there silent. How am I supposed to raise one kid let alone two? Even if will have Dylan in a few months, we both will still be working. This will be adding a ton more expenses. I have to put this all aside though, I got myself into this and now I have to live with what happens, no matter what. She finishes up, prints off a few pictures for me and I leave. Right when I get home I call Dylan.

"Hey Skylar what’s up?” he answers. I miss him so much, at least he will be coming home soon.

“Dylan I have something to tell you.”


“I had the sonogram appointment today and the doctor gave me some news.”

“Wait is everything OK with the baby?” he cuts me off.

“Yeah, yeah everything id alright with the babies,” I give him a minute to realize what I said. He’s silent as he processes it.

“What do you mean babies Skylar?”

“I mean exactly that, I’m having twins Dylan! The doctor said they’re identical, and I’m going to think about this in a positive way and I hope you can too Dylan. I understand if you don’t, I mean I’m dumping all this on you all at once but-”

“Skylar I am so proud of you, no matter what you have done or will do, and I am completely fine with you and the twins in my life.” I smile and cry at the same time, my hormones getting the better of me once again. But the world always balances itself out and bad things happen.

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