Into Their Lives

(Hey guys I'm writing this mostly for my own personal use to help me become a better writer but also for anyone's enjoyment. I hope you like it. If you have any suggestions message me on twitter @Key_Magician. Thanks for reading :D)

My life had been turned upside down. My Mom kicked me out to Please her newest husband, who hates me and insisted on my leaving. None of my friends are there for me like they always said they would be through all the hard times, and i have no where to go. The worst part of it all is I messed up and got pregnant, and the father you ask, well it just happens to be none other than Zayn Malik from One Direction.


1. Chapter One

My life isn’t the best one out there. My dad died in war when I was four, my brother, who was eight at the time decided he was going to become just like him and join the army when he grew up. Well Dylan did do this twelve years later straight out of high school before our mom could kick him out. That is the exact position I am in, it has been a month since I graduated in June and I am dreading when she wants me to leave. My mom never really wanted kids, but my dad did, and when he died she was stuck with us. She went to probably one school play of mine, and didn’t go to any of Dylan’s sports games when we were kids. Three years after my dad died my mom found Richard. Richard hated us even more than my mother did. She married Richard, and he moved in with his two boys, who made it their goal to annoy me as much as humanly possible. Anyways today was my worst one yet, the past few weeks some rumors had been going around about me and one of my best friends’ boyfriends. She blames me for it, Victoria had found my sweater in the room it happened at in a party, but I had just left it in there a few hours before Peter took another girl up there. Victoria doesn’t believe me and she turned most of my other friends against me, all but Tracey, or so I thought.

I walk out of the kitchen peeling a banana as my phone rings. Its Some Nights, meaning it’s my best friend Tracey. I answer, “Hey babe,”

“I need to talk to you Skylar, now don’t say anything, just listen.”

“What’s going on Trace?”

“I can’t take you with my to the One Direction concert tonight, I am going to take Victoria.”

“Wait what? You can’t do this!”  I yell into the phone. I walk into my room, close the door behind me and lock it, and sit down on the edge of the bed. She keeps talking.

“Hey I can do what I want, they are my tickets.” She says, I don’t know what’s going on, but I can’t stop the tears from leaving my eyes.

“I just can’t be friends with you anymore Skylar, I just can’t take all of this. The lies all of the humiliation, and I can’t be friends with someone like you anymore. I’m sorry. Bye Skylar.”

“Wait what?!? Trace!” but she hangs up. My face is covered in tears as I set my phone down, and I just sight there and sob for who knows how long. But my step brothers interrupt me.

“And that my little brother is a girl who is on the verge of an emotional breakdown.” Jack says as he opens my locked door, leading his younger brother Max in with him. I look up at them and they’re both laughing.

“Get the fuck out of my room!” I yell at them. Standing up and shoving them out the door. I slam it behind them ready to scream with rage. I need something to distract my mind so I call my boss.

“Hello?” George answers.

“Hey George, my plans changed and I want to come in and take those extra hours,” I tell him.

“Sure I can put you on for the night shift, be here at 10.”

“Thanks bye.” I say and hang up. I decide to get some sleep. I go and lock my door making a mental note to get a second lock for it, one that can’t be picked. I fall asleep quickly, and dream of nothing. When I wake up I look at my lock and see there is just enough time to get changed and walk to George’s bar. Living in Chicago has its perks; you can walk to your job in under 15 minutes. When I get there I ignore the fact that I would be leaving the concert right now, I would be on my way back to Tracey’s house to spend the night there, instead of being here working a 5 hour shift. I go on serving tables, it’s the only thing I am permitted to do since I am only 18. At the end of my shift things change, I look at the clock and see I have less than an hour to go. I go to my next table to take their order. I get my pen and pad out as I walk over; when I look up I get a shock. I see One Direction sitting at the table, taking to each other about the show.

“Really I just wanted a night out fan free,” Louis says, shocking me out of it.

“Oh sorry I can be just your waitress,” I reply, trying not to stare at them, “what can I get you all?” I write down what they request, five beers and a large order of cheese fries and onion rings. I try not to space out right there as they talk in their hypnotizing accents. I finish writing everything down and walk to the kitchen to get their food and drinks. John, the bartender gets me the beers and I bring them to the boys while I wait for the snacks. “Here you go.” I say as I give them their drinks.

“Hey,” Louis says getting my attention. “I didn’t mean that earlier about you being a fan, it’s just that we just preformed and want some quiet time.” He explains.

“So you came to a bar?” I question. They all laugh.

“This is quiet compared to being on stage at a concert full of screaming girls. Speaking of which I guess you weren’t there.” Zayn replies.

“No I wasn’t, I was supposed to be but my friend bailed on me.” I say hoping they don’t notice that I am about to cry if I talk about it any longer. “But I am kinda glad I didn’t go, if I had I wouldn’t be working tonight, and I wouldn’t have met my favorite band.”

“Well that is a lucky turn of events.” Liam says taking a sip of his beer. I walk back to the bar to get their fries and onion rings. As the night goes on I glance at them every chance I get, and I enjoy it every time they order another beer. Each time I do this though, I catch Zayn glancing back at me. Before I know it my shift is almost over, and I bring one last beer to harry.

“This is your last one from me,” I say and they pout. “My shift is over, but it absolutely made my night to meet you guys,” I say and then I get the courage to do something. “Can I take a picture with you guys?”

“I think that is a great idea,” Niall says standing up, they all follow his lead. I ask one of the other waitresses to take the picture and I stand in the middle of them, Zayn behind me, Liam and Harry to my left and Niall and Louis to my right. She takes a few pictures, then hands me my phone back.

“Thank you so much!” I tell them. After saying you’re welcome they sit down and start to talk, but Zayn stays standing and turns to me.

“Hey I wanted to know if you could possibly wait outside for me? I have been staring at you all night and I just can’t help it,” he leans in filling the space between us slowly and finally presses his lips to mine. I get butterflies in my stomach, I have only felt like this with one person, my first crush, and this kiss felt ten times better. After a few seconds he breaks the kiss. “I have been dying to do that,” he tells me, “I’ll be out in five minutes.” All I can do is nod my head. He sits back down at the table. I go into the back room, sign out and grab my stuff, and leave the bar. I stand out by the door, and check my phone. I see a text from mom: When you get your ass back here you are going to regret it! How many times have we told you not to swear in front of Max and Jack! You better get back right after your shift ends or else! She threatens in the text. Or else what mom? Are you finally going to kick me out? Why shouldn’t I swear in front of them, huh? Jack is just as old as I am, only difference is he got held back and has to repeat senior year. And it isn’t like he hasn’t told Max all the things I say anyways. I want to yell these things to her face but I don’t. I go on Twitter instead. I see the people I follow’s tweets about the concert a few hours ago. Those who went all say something about Zayn being out of it. Well of course he was, what do you expect from someone who ending things with his fiancé Perrie Edwards after finding out she cheated on him a couple weeks ago. They should just be thankful he actually did the concert tonight. Then it dawns on me. He wants to see me after they have drinks. He wants to use me as a rebound. But do I really care? I mean I love Zayn, and I need some cheering up too. But before I can think about that any longer I get an email from Dylan.

Hey Skylar, it’s so great to talk to you, even though I’m not really, but you get what I mean. Anyways we just landed from overseas. I can’t come home just yet I have to stay at base a little longer, but at least North Carolina isn’t as far away right? I will be able to call you at some point tomorrow when we get all settled in here. I cannot wait to talk to you little sis! I want to hear about everything that has happened since the last email you sent, and how are mom and Richard treating you? And the monster step brothers? Alright I love you and I will talk to you the first chance I get. Here’s the number. Love Dylan

I reread the email as many times as I can before Zayn walks out the door. I memorize the number and feel warmth inside at the thought of getting to talk to my only true family tomorrow. Zayn comes over and wipes away a tear I hadn’t realized was there. “You OK?”

“Yeah, great,” I smile and Zayn presses his lips to mine, more forcefully this time. He presses me against the cold brick wall, moving his hands to my hips. I hear a car horn and we both look up.

“That’s our ride.” Zayn leads me to the Toyota, we get in and the driver takes us to a hotel across town. Once we get up to Zayn’s room things get heated again, as Zayn picks me up and leans me against the wall, letting it take most of my weight as he moves his hands up and down my back. I intertwine my hands in his hair as his tongue enters my mouth. Zayn carries me over the bed, and that’s when our clothes come off.

That morning I wake up dazed and unsure of where I am, I roll over and see I am in bed with Zayn Malik from my favorite band. The night before comes rushing back to me and I get up looking for my clothes. I get a chance to look at the room for the first time. It’s pretty large with a great view, a few crappy paintings on the walls, and a large TV. I see Zayn’s suitcase and his things spilled out on the floor, as I’m looking for my bra. I finally find it, put it on and look for the last thing, my shirt.

“Looking for this?” I hear a British accent ask me. I look up to Zayn holding my blue work shirt. He holds it up to show it to me. “I think I accidentally ripped it last night.” He says sheepishly. Moving it around in his hands so I can see the noticeable tear. I vaguely remember it getting caught on something last night and a tearing sound.

“I think I need a new shirt for work.” I say giggling.

“I don’t know maybe you will get more tips this way.” Zayn jokes. “Here,” he says getting up. He walks over to his cloths and picks up a folded shirt. “Where this, I will pay for you to get a new shirt.” He then searches through his bag again and takes out his wallet. “How much will it cost?”

“I don’t need any money I have an extra one at home.” I say. I don’t want him to buy me a new shirt, just having one of his is more than enough. If he could see how much I am dying inside right now about this whole thing…

“Seriously how much?” He presses.

“Seriously I’m not going to take your money.” I say, slipping on his shirt it’s a gray long sleeve v-neck with blue sleeves. The shirt is a little loose, but it’s Zayn Malik’s shirt. “I’m going to fix my hair real quick and then I need to get back home.” I say rushing to the bathroom mirror. When I come back he is standing by the door wearing only blue boxers, and holding my wallet and phone.

“Here you go. I hope I see you again, no matter how unlikely that is.” Zayn tells me before pulling me into one last kiss. I kiss him back and wrap my hands around his neck. I don’t want to leave this. For once in weeks I feel good about something, I feel carefree, but I have to go back to my world, and he to his. I let go of him and open the door. “Bye.”

“Goodbye.” I give him a little wave and walk out to the elevators.

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