It all started with a comment

•Yara is an instagram addict
•Harry Styles is an instagram addict what going on in your head now?


2. The comment

Harry's POV

I am addicted to Instagram, I don't post a lot but I mostly read my comments, like posts and stalk random people even fans, it's quite annoying being famous because you're not allowed to follow or comment back to fans sometimes being famous imprisons you and you can't really do what you e.g I can't take two steps from my house without being mobbed by fans!! Anyway like every 24 hrs of my day I was reading through my comments, there were one or two hates but I just ignore them, all the long comments I don't bother to read most of the comment are like "I luv u hazza!! Xx" and stuff and I really appreciate it but still I wanna be treated normally not lovingly and not hate just normal, so I was scrolling until I stopped at a comment it was a comment that wasn't mean or lovey, it was perfect, I clicked on the person, her name was 'yara_meqdad' she had such a beautiful name! Thank god she wasn't private, I looked at all her pictures and OH. MY. GOD she was so beautiful that I couldn't stop staring at her pictures and she had such an amazing figure!!! I know I wasn't allowed to do this but I clicked on the follow button...

A/N: hello my beautiful readers I do two chapters every day......... I have an announcement to make:

I need: Harry's ex-girlfriend

Zayn's girlfriend

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