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7. Chapter 7

Jaiden's p.o.v.

"I am SO sorry, Dr. Evans. This whole Quincy thing has got her on the edge," Dhana said, flustered. Her mascara had long since run down her face

"Yes, yes, Quinton explained everything, and for that reason, I'm not expelling her, but the best I can do is suspend her for a week. An ambulance has already picked up Richard and he is on his way to the hospital. Maria, on the other hand, is in the nurse's office," Principal Evans said, giving me a stern look.

"I'm not apologizing, if that's what you're thinking," I said in a monotone voice.

      It made sense that Cole ended up being Quincy and Quinton's friend from the past, but I was still surprised at what happened after almost everyone had left that room.




   Once I had tried to get up again and failed, Cole had tried once again to calm me, this time pulling me into his arms to stop me from moving while Quinton talked to the principal. I ended up sitting in Cole's lap with his arms around my waist, locking me there. I thought nothing of this, my attention still on killing Richard (Rick).

"Breath. Just breath," Cole kept whispering over and over again in my ear.

Everyone was sent back to their classrooms, and my theatre class was sent outside with Mrs. Valentine. Quinton and Principal Evans went to her office, but not before the principal warned for me not to be released.

       So there was only an unconscious Richard, a very scared Treylon, a calming Cole, and a very hysterical me left in the room. Treylon was crouched beside Richard, trying to wake him, when he looked up at Cole and I.

"Why are you holding her like that?" Treylon hissed at Cole. Cole ignored him and continued to try and calm me. After a few more minutes, I had given up again and was trying to control my  choked sobs.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" Cole asked gently, loosening his grip on me. I shook my head no.

"Come on. I don't even know what happened. Spill," Treylon said, walking over to where Cole and I were seated not that far away. I hate him.

"You want to know what happened, Riddle? YOU SERIOUSLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED?!" I asked, my voice climbing another few octaves until I was almost yelling again. I felt Cole's arms tighten around me again.

"It's ok, Jade. Calm down. Quincy's a tough guy. He'll pull through," Cole said quietly.

"How do you know my brothers?" I asked, trying to change the subject.

"They lived in Ithaca before they were adopted. They lived in the orphanage down the street from where I lived, and for 4 years, we were the best of friends. Then they got adopted by Dhana, the lady who lived a few blocks from us. They were 10 at the time, and I was 9. About a month later, Dhana, Quincy, and Quinton moved to New York City," Cole explained, his grip on me loosening again.

"Ohmigosh!" I exclaimed, remembering something. Quincy always talked about a guy that lived near his orphanage. I even walked into Quincy's room and started shouted random nonsense at the person Quincy was talking to on the phone. That must be Cole.

"What?!" Cole and Treylon said at the same time.

"Quincy always used to talk about his friend from when he was at the orphanage. He probably meant you," I said, voicing my thoughts. The bell rang for second period, and within 20 seconds, the hall was filled with students, some trying to see what had happened in here. Yolanda appeared outside of the door almost immediately.

"OH. MY. GOD. RICK!" She screamed, causing me to cover my ears. I was starting to get a splitting headache.

"Yolanda Levine, please get to class. Jaiden, if you'll come with me, your mother is waiting in the Principal's office," Mrs. Truman said, sticking her head into the classroom and gasping slightly as she took in the scene.

"Yes, Mrs. Truman," Yolanda said in her stupid goody-two-shoes act. She threw me a look of pure hatred on her way out of the classroom. Well bitch, I hate you too.

"Coming, Mrs. Truman," I sighed.

       Cole kissed me lightly behind the ear before letting me up. I froze and looked at him in shock. He smiled slightly, his ears turning red.

"Jaiden, your mother is waiting," Mrs. Truman said again before I could say anything to Cole. I followed Mrs. Truman out of the room without another word, glancing back at Cole once before I left. As we walked down the hall, I saw paramedics rushing toward Mrs. Valentine's classroom.

Flashback over


Treylon's p.o.v.

"What the hell was that?!" I asked through gritted teeth. The paramedics had taken Rick away minutes before, and now Cole and I had to clean up the classroom.

"What the hell was what?" Cole asked, popping his gum.

"That stunt you pulled with Jaiden!" I shouted, anger getting the best of me.

"So it's wrong for me to like Jade? Or is it wrong for me to like someone you're about to screw over?" Cole asked, his voice dripping with malice and annoyance.

"W-what are you talking about?" I asked, trying to shake that off.

"Just because Quinton and Quincy moved doesn't mean we stopped talking. Quincy loves Jaiden more than anyone else in the world, you know that? And she loves him. They're have a perfect sibling relationship, so what do you think Quincy talked about when he called me? Who do you think interrupted our conversation a few weeks ago, screaming about pie and the grim reaper," Cole asked me, moving a table back in place. I could see a faint smile appear on his face, then it was gone.

"Ever since Jaiden's known you, Rick, and Yolanda, all you've done is hurt her, physically and mentally, so what the fuck do you think gives you the right to care what she does?" He seethed.

"What gives you the right, after 2 days, to even touch her?" I retaliated.

"Cole," We both heard a soft voice that could only be Jaiden's say. We turned and saw Jaiden standing in the doorway by her mother.

"Oh! Cole, how could I hot have recognized you before!" Mrs. Carter gushed, pulling Cole into a hug.

"Hello again, Mrs. Carter," Cole said politely.

"Quinton told me about how you helped calm down Jaiden! We called your mother and she said that you could come with us to the hospital if you wanted!" Mrs. Carter continued, causing Jaiden to burst out in mysterious laughter from the doorway.

  Jaiden almost fell over from laughter, and when she earned confused looks from Cole, Mrs. Carter, and I, she laughed harder. She wouldn't stop, even five minutes later.

"So, anyway, do you want to come with us to the hospital?" Mrs. Cater said after a while, probably deciding to just ignore her hysterical daughter.

"Of course, Mrs. Carter," Cole said as if Jaiden wasn't dying of laughter right in front of him.

"Um, is she ok?" I asked, pointed at Jaiden, who by that point had slid down the door frame  and was curled up in a ball on the floor laughing.

"OH, THE HUMANITY!" Jaiden shouted through her laughter.

I looked at the scene that played out in front of me. A major douchebag talking with a woman who's makeup made her look like a clown, all while a fairly attractive girl laughed her guts out right in front of them. What's happening to this world?

"Reality's finally catching up with her. Another few minutes and she should be fine. We'll be on our way when she stops," Mrs. Carter said, waving her hand as if it were nothing. Her and Cole had a detailed conversation about life in Ithaca, and how Cole was glad to be 'reunited with his best buds.'

"It hurts! It...hurts....so....bad!" Jaiden shouted, clutching at her stomach as she continued to laugh herself into her grave.

"Yes. Yes, I know Jaiden. Do you think you could stop anytime soon so that we can go see Quincy? He's been asking about you since you left," Mrs. Carter asked curiously, looking down at her daughter.

"Ok...ok...ok, I'm done," Jaiden said after a while, finally seeming to have regained her sanity.

"Good. Let's go then. The girls ended up spray-painting the lockers in their school and also got suspended. I think you and Quinton are finally rubbing off on them," Mrs. Carter said sternly.

"Bye Jaiden," I said quickly.

"Goodbye, man-whore," She giggled, which shocked me to the core.

"Jaiden!" Mrs. Carter shouted.

"Nice one!" Cole said with a laugh, giving Jaiden a high-five.

"I swear, one of these days..." Mrs. Carter mumbled, trailing off and walking from the classroom with Jaiden and Cole in tow.

"Oh, yea," Jaiden said, turning back around, "tell Rick to watch his back. Quinton hasn't had his turn yet."




Jaiden's p.o.v.

"Hey, Jay," Quincy said with a forced smile.

      The nurses had sat him up and changed his bandages before we arrived. Dhana had decided to go and get some food while Quinton and Cole took the triplets to a park nearby so they could let off some of their energy.

"Hey, big bro. Guess who got suspended today," I said with a forced smile of my own. It hurt. It literally hurts for me to see my big brother in a hospital bed.

"Not again Jay. What did you do this time?" He groaned, laughing then grimacing from pain.

"You ok?" I asked, taking his hand in mine.
"Fine. I'm fine," He said quickly. I frowned because I knew he was lying to me, but I decided not to say anything.

"Okaaaay. Why do you always assume it's me getting suspended?" I said with a fake pout.

"Did you get suspended?" Quincy asked.

"Yes," he smirked at me and gave me an 'I rest my case' look., "but, so did all three of the triplets, so there," I huffed, crossing my arms like a little child.

"What did you do?" He asked curiously.

"I may have kinda...sorta...maybe put Rick in the hospital," I said quietly.

"Jaiden! I told you about violence! It landed me in here and could easily do the same to you!" I cringed away from his loud shouts.

        What was up with him? He's never yelled at me before, no matter what I did. Even when I accidentally shredded his favourite baseball card, he didn't yell at me.

"I'm sorry, Jaiden. I-I just.....I don't want you to get hurt. Rick's a dangerous guy, so the idea of my little sister taking him head-on like that scares me," Quincy said gently.

"But I'm fine, Quincy. See, I'm not hurt," I argued.

"You could have been. Do you even know why I'm in the hospital. Of course you know I was shot, but do you know what happened? Do you know the reason?" He asked me. I shook my head no.

"Because I'm your older brother," Quincy said calmly. He held up a hand to silence me before continuing, "Rick plans to take your virginity. Did you know that?" He asked. I shook my head no once again.

"It's a bet he and his friends have going. Who can screw the most virgins in a month. He's tied for first with his friends Evan and Treylon, and you're the only girl left in school. Out of all four grades, you're the only pure girl left. Of course, he knows about Quinton and his 'reputation,'" Quincy sighed.

   I would have asked about Hailey, but I know she isn't a virgin. She used to be a #SwagYolo, but then she changed. Not before the damage was done, though.

"Anyway, they were planning to 'get rid of' Quinton as soon as possible. I just so happened to have been walking by and overheard this. I was about to go home and tell Quinton, but they mistook me for the wrong person. Next thing I knew, I felt a pain in my head, then one in my stomach, then I was here," He finished, his eyes glazing over as he recalled the memory.

  I for one was in shock. That was NOT what I expected to hear. I let out a strangled cry as, once again, reality was upon me, this time crushing my lungs.

"Jaiden? JAIDEN!" I heard Quincy's worried voice say, although faintly.

    I could hardly breathe. The world was becoming dark. So very dark.

"It's my fault you're in here. It's....all.....my......fault," I choked out.

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