SWAG! YOLO! HASHTAG! TURNUP! I hate those words. Like, hate them with a passion. Hi, I'm Jaiden. I hate my school, and the people at it. ESPECIALLY Treylon Riddle. He's the worst swagfag of them all! I mean, seriously. I can't stand him! Don't give me that look! I don't like him! I hate him! Plus, I like the new boy...



Jaiden's p.o.v.

*Flashback from the night of the meet*

"Please be lying, Dhana! Quinton, please tell me this is some cruel joke!" I said, tears clouding my vision.

"I wish it was, Jaiden. Come on, I'll drive you to the...hospital." Dhana said, breaking off with a loud sob. This couldn't be happening. THIS COULDN'T BE HAPPENING! Quinton tried to touch my arm, but I jerked away, growing more and more frantic by the second.

"Look, he's going to be fine. Rick just got a-" I didn't here the rest of what was said by Quinton, because at that moment I took out in a sprint. I ran all the way downtown to where they were keeping him.

"Where is he!?" I screamed as I burst through the hospital doors.

"I'm guessing you're here for Mr. Carter. He's on the  4th floor in room 408. But I should warn you, he's in the ICU and may not be con-"

"Thank you!" I shouted as I rushed past the desk clerk and up the stairs. The elevator would take too long.

"Quincy!"  I shouted as burst into his room. Three nurses and a doctor looked up from around a hospital bed. I saw the triplets sitting in chairs to the right of the bed.
"I'm sorry miss, but this patient is not stable enough to speak with anyone right now. You may take a seat if you'd like," One of the nurses said, motioning to a chair next to Sarah. I took Quincy's hand and began to cry silently as I looked at his motionless body. There was a bloody bandage wrapped around his abdomen and one wrapped around his head.

Dhana and Quinton came and gone, taking the triplets with them, but I refused to leave. The doctors weren't very angry that I didn't leave because they needed someone to watch Quincy in case he woke up.

"Quincy, I swear I'm going to get revenge. I promise," I said through tears as I looked at Quincy's sleeping figure.

*End of Flashback*


"Jay?" I heard a voice croak and interrupt my dream. That voice. QUINCY!

"Quincy!" I gasped as I woke with a start, sitting up in my chair.

"What happened?" He asked, trying to struggle into a sitting position.

"No! Don't sit up!" I said in a panicked voice, sighing with relief when he lye back down.

"Wha-Where am I, Jay?" He asked, looking around at the white room, then realizing that he was hooked up to an I.V. He went to rip the needle out of his hand when I gasped.

"Stop! Quincy, you're in the hospital," I said quickly, watching as he continued to look around in confusion.

"Why am I in the hospital? And why does my head hurt so bad?" He groaned, shutting his eyes in pain.

"The doctor! Dhana! I've gotta tell them you're awake," I gushed, pulling out my phone to call Dhana. It was nearly 8 in the morning, and everyone was probably getting ready for school, but she was there with everyone else within 10 minutes.

"Quincy!" The triplets yelled in sync, which caused him to groan and hold his head.

"Shhh, his head hurts," I whispered, putting my finger over my mouth in a 'shushing' motion. Dhana was in tears as she looked at her son, while the doctor had ran tests and then left.

"You got banged up pretty bad, bro," Quinton said, although I could easily tell he was holding back tears of his own.

"He still has severe internal bleeding and an extreme concussion. It is very likely that he'll feel fine today, then slip into a coma by tomorrow. The odds of him pulling though aren't very high, but we'll do all we can," The doctor said uneasily.

"You kids should get to school. I'll stay with Quincy. The doctor will give you all late passes, and Jaiden, I will not be taking no for an answer. You can come back when you get out of school. Quinton, take my car and drop everyone off," Dhana said after she had tried and failed to stop the steady flow a tears streaming down her face, giving me a stern but pleading look when I opened my mouth to argue. A look that said 'let me just have my time with him'. We all said our goodbyes to Quincy before leaving.

"I'm not breaking my promise to you, Quincy," I said as I kissed my brother's free hand, leaving him confused as I left the room.


"What's your excuse this time, Jaiden," the attendance lady, Mrs. Truman, said as I walked into her office. I slammed the note down in front of her.

"Are you sure this isn't forgery, Ms. Carter?" Mrs. Truman asked with a raise of her sharpie-drawn eyebrows.

"Look, Mrs. Truman, my brother is in the hospital right now, and I'm not even sure if he's going to live, ok? Do you really think I would fake something like that?" I asked, my voice wavering and my eyes tearing up again.

"Awww, I'm so sorry, baby girl. Just take your note right to Mrs. Valentine. Here, I'll sign it and give you a few extra minutes to get to class. Take your time," She said sympathetically, signing my late slip and giving it back to me.

 I felt numb as I walked through the halls and to the locker rooms, where I took a shower and changed into some extra clothes I kept in my locker. It was a simple outfit consisting of grey ripped skinny jeans and a yellow collared Aeropostale shirt. I slowly made my way down the hall, my note in hand. I thought about skipping 1st period all together, then I realized I was only 20 minutes late, and would have to kind something to do for 40 minutes. My mind kept drifting back to Quincy lying in that hospital bed, getting told straight to his face that he'll probably........die. By the time I got to Theatre 3 minutes later, I was full on crying again, not even trying to hide it as I walked into the room.



Treylon's p.o.v.

'The nerd has finally arrived,' I thought as I heard the door open. I didn't even turn to look at her, but instead continued to flirt with some sophomore chick. Just to clear up the confusion, I'm a senior, so screwing freshman to sophomore to junior chicks was kinda my thing. I heard some snickers and awww's from different kids in my class, but decided to ignore them.

"Awww, looks like the freshman baby isn't having a good day," the sophomore chick -I think her name was Teri or Tania or Isabella or something- said sarcastically, "what's wrong baby, geeky big brother all banged up," She cooed as she stood, slithering toward Jaiden, who had her back turned.

   Something was off. Her hair was damp as if she had just showered, and her breathing was loud and ragged. Her her nails dug into Mrs. Valentine's wooden desk, pulling up fine curls of wood.

"Come on, baby. You can tell. It's not like the whole school doesn't already know," Teri, I think, continued, curling a lock of Jaiden's damp hair around her finger.

"Maria Truman, that will NOT be tolerated in this classroom. I will have an aide come and remove you immediately," Mrs. Valentine said, showing a side of herself I've never seen before. Looks like I just flirted with the attendance lady's daughter, and I was WAY off about the name.

    Mrs. Valentine took them both into her office and I could see what was happening through the huge glass window, but I couldn't hear anything but Maria's muffled shouts. Jaiden still had her back to the class, as if she had planned to keep it that way.

"What's wrong with Jade?" Cole asked, concern on his face. That made me want to hurt him more.

"Her name is Jaiden," I hissed.

"I know that. I call her Jade," He said in a 'duh' tone.

"Aye, what's up man?" Rick said, walking into the room. I forgot he was a principal aide 1st period. We did a bro hug, then he turned to Mrs. Valentine's office and froze, his face paling.

"Please tell me that isn't Jaiden Carter in there?" He whispered.

"Yea, so?" I asked with a shrug of my shoulders.

"So?! SO! SO I'M ABOUT TO DIE, DUDE!" He shouted, which caused everyone to look at him, including the people in the office. Including Jaiden. She looked at Rick, her eyes and face fresh with tears, and her mouth opened slightly.

"RICK DAMIEN!" Jaiden screamed so loud I'm pretty sure the entire first floor could hear her. I saw Maria desperately trying to lock the office door and keep Jaiden in. Jaiden looked like she was ready to explode. Never in my life have I seen her so pissed.

   Maria was screaming now, as if it were the end of her life. I saw Mrs. Valentine back slowly against the wall opposite of the glass. Jaiden's nails clawed down the glass and left ragged scratches.

"Don't just stand there like an idiot, RUN RICK!" Maria screamed through the door. By that time, people from other classes were blocking the doorway, trapping Rick in. He wasn't going anywhere anyway. His bravado act got the best of him and he crossed his arms defiantly, still rooted to his spot.

"If you want me, come and get me, freak! Your brother deserved it!" Rick shouted at Jaiden, who by that point was seething with rage.

   She grabbed Maria by the collar of her shirt and flung her back, causing Maria to hit the wall, unconscious. It took Jaiden less than 3 seconds to get that door open. That's when all hell broke loose.

"Oh, shit," I heard Rick mumble, as the girl out to kill him was now released. He pulled a pocket knife out of his pocket and I looked at him in shock.



Jaiden's p.o.v.

 Sucks for him I'm experienced in dealing with weapons. I was upon him within 10 seconds and I dodged as he tried to stab me, grabbing his arm and twisting 'til I heard a crack. He screamed in pain and dropped his knife. I punched him in the stomach and knocked the wind out of him, causing him to double over in pain. I sent a well-aimed kick where the sun don't shine and watched as he fell. Too bad I'm no where near done with him. I planned on killing this guy. I kicked him over the back of the head, and continued to kick him until I felt people trying to pull me away. Even then I didn't stop.

"JAIDEN! JAIDEN, CALM DOWN!" I heard Quinton shout at me, and realized he was 1 of the 2 people trying to remove me from Rick.

    I shook him and the other person off of me, dropping to my knees and wiping his blood-stained blonde hair away from his eyes.

"Was it worth it, Richard?" I whispered, stoking his hair gently. Tears were still falling from my eyes.

"TELL ME! WAS IT WORTH IT?!" I screamed, grabbing his face and forcing him to look at me. He responded with a loud whimper of pain.

"STOP JAIDEN!" I felt myself being pulled up by Quinton.

"NO! I'M NOT BREAKING MY PROMISE TO QUINCY!" I screamed hysterically, kicking and trying to get away.




Treylon's p.o.v.

"IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU PROMISED HIM! HE WOULDN'T WANT YOU TO DO THIS! Cole, help me calm her down!" Quinton shouted, directing the last part at Cole. How did they know each other?

"Jade. JADE! Look at me!" Cole said, stepping in between Jaiden and Rick, who was now unconscious. He took both of her hands to stop her from flailing.

"Breath. Breath, ok? It's going to be ok. Breath in, then breath out," Cole said, trying to hold eye contact with Jaiden, who had began to hyperventilate.

 By that time, the principal had pushed her way through the crowd and stood there, frozen, as Cole continued to try and calm Jaiden. After a while, all that was coming from Jaiden was strangled sobs as she gave up.

"Good. He's going to be ok. Everything's going to turn out fine," Quinton said in a soothing voice to Jaiden, placing her gently on the ground and sitting next to her.

"How do you know her brother?" I hissed at Cole, pulling him away from Jaiden.

"Seriously!? That's the question you ask right now?!" Cole said, aggravated. This was the first time I had seen him seriously pissed off. He yanked his arm away and crouched beside Jaiden.

"What is going on here!?" Principal Evans asked, finally snapping out of her daze.

"I apologize, Principal Evans. A lot is going on right now," Quinton said to the principal, still sitting beside Jaiden.

"Where is Quincy? I bet he could explain this a lot better than the two of you," Principal Evans said sassily.

"Ask the boy.....who shot my brother!" Jaiden screamed, trying to stand again, but was held back by Quinton and Cole, who were struggling to keep her from going ballistic again.




Plot twist!! Will Quincy pull through? Will Rick survive Jaiden's wrath? How does Quinton know Cole when they've never met? Or have they?



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