SWAG! YOLO! HASHTAG! TURNUP! I hate those words. Like, hate them with a passion. Hi, I'm Jaiden. I hate my school, and the people at it. ESPECIALLY Treylon Riddle. He's the worst swagfag of them all! I mean, seriously. I can't stand him! Don't give me that look! I don't like him! I hate him! Plus, I like the new boy...


5. Chapter 5

Jaiden's p.o.v.

"Now, I want each group to create a ten minute script. This will be preformed in 6 weeks time and will be worth 70% of your grades, and this will count as your entire semester grade. Each group will pick a topic and begin preparing," Mrs. Valentine said to the class. Why, why, WHY do I have to be in a group with Treylon?! He's gonna mess everything up.

"Jaiden, Cole, and Treylon, come and pick your topic, then get to work. I expect great things from your group," Mrs. Valentine said, getting a jar with folded up slips of paper inside. I walked over to her and dug around a bit before pulling out a green slip. I opened the slip slowly, afraid of what I would find. It read:

Create a 10 minute skit about people who are the best of friends until someone comes between them.

Not as a bad as I thought it would be. I walked back over to Cole and Treylon and read the topic aloud.

"Ideas are already bubblin' in my brain!" Cole said loudly once I had finished, his silliness causing me to laugh. Treylon just stood there, looking grumpy.

"Class, you'll have to work on this outside of school or you'll never finish in time," Mrs. Valentine warned from where she was helping a group. I realized we only had 5 minutes until the bell. Damn, class goes by fast. How late was I?

"We can meet at my house after school to get the creative juices flowing. Treylon, you don't have to come if you don't want to. I mean, Quincy does live there...." I trailed off.

"Well I for one will definitely be attending. We gotta get the ball rolling," Cole said with a sly grin.

"I'm part of this project too, so I'll go," Treylon said quickly. I gave him a WTF look before writing my address on a piece of paper and giving it to Cole.

"Ok, class. The bell will ring any second now," Mrs. Valentine said. The bell was right on cue.

"Calculus, how I hate you," I sighed, picking up my bag.

"Lead the way, tour guide," Cole said, linking my arm with his.

"We're off!" I shouted, walking out of the room with Cole.



"Crap! I have a meet today!" I nearly shouted. The bell had just rang for us to leave school and  I was walking with Cole toward the exit.

"I need  to tell Treylon, but I gotta get to the meet. Crap! Crap! CRAP!" I sighed, my mind reeling. If I let Treylon just go to my house, I'm not sure what Quincy would do, BUT my track coach would kill me if I missed warm-ups.

"I could tell him if you want and we could just go to your meet and work on the project afterwards," Cole suggested, his hood back on his head.

"You will! Thank you so much!" I squealed.

"If I'm spending part of my day watching you run, you'd better win," He said playfully.

"I will. It's on the track in an hour. See you there," I said, giving him a quick hug without thinking before rushing to the locker room.



Treylon's p.o.v.

"What are you doing here?" I heard him before I saw him.

"I'm here to work on a project with Jaiden and the new kid," I said to Quincy as he descended the stairs. Ms. Carter was fussing over me, asking if I wanting anything. Must be nice to have a parent that's as caring as she is.

"Liar. Jaiden has a track meet today. I'll ask you again, what are you doing here?" He asked, rage seeping into his voice. She didn't say anything about a track meet...

"I'm not lying! I'm here for a project," I said again, just as the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!" Ms. Carter shouted from the kitchen. She rushed to the front door and opened it to reveal Cole.

"Hello, I'm Cole Lacy and I just started today at Pulse High School. Your daughter Jaiden was kind enough to show me around, and we're actually working together on a theatre project later today. I'm pretty sure our other group member didn't know that she had a meet today. Is Treylon Riddle here?" He sounded so polite I wanted to punch him in the face.

"You seem like a fine young gentleman. Oh, yes! Treylon is here," I stood and walked to the front door.

"Thank you. Jaiden wanted to know if you wanted to watch her meet so we could work on the project afterwards?" He asked me, still using his polite tone of voice. Quincy had somehow vanished when the door bell rang, not sticking around to see who was there.

"Sure, I guess," I said through gritted teeth. Why do I hate this guy so much? It's only been 1 day.

Once we got back to school, we could hear noise coming from behind the school. We walked around to see that the track meet had already started, and that Jaiden was doing her hurdles. Cole smiled slightly before finding a seat in front of the crowd.

Jaiden's p.o.v.

"You did great, Jade," Cole said as soon as the meet ended, meeting me in the middle of the football field. I did do well. I won 1st place in hurdles, the 400s, and the high jump, and we got 2nd place in relay races.

"Thanks. Are you satisfied that part of your day wasn't wasted?" I asked jokingly.

"It definitely wasn't wasted. Watching you was very interesting," he said just as Treylon joined us.

"Are you guys ready to work on this project and get it over with?" he asked moodily. Even his grumpy attitude couldn't put me in a bad mood.

"Aww, did someone get bored watching me run and totally demolish the competition?" I teased, my three gold and one silver metals clanking together.

"I just wanna get this over with. Yolanda and Rick want me to go to the movies with them later," he said matter-of-factly, as if trying to prove a point. At that point, he was starting to get on my nerves

"I never said you had to come. I even said you DIDN'T have to. You can leave right now if we aren't worth the time of the great Treylon Riddle!" I said, stressing the last few words.

"I can't afford an F on a project this big. I need this credit to graduate, and I'm not about to leave that in the hands of some nerd and her new friend," he said angrily. He was asking to get slapped.


"Maybe you two should finish this conversation elsewhere," The calm, yet somewhat panicked tone in Cole's voice barely registered in my head. Barely.

"That's not necessary. This conversation is over, but Treylon, I'm going to make a promise to you. I promise, if you start complaining again, I will hurt you. Trust me, you don't know the kind of pain I can inflict upon you," I seethed, getting closer to Treylon with every word. He gulped visibly, cringing at the tone of my voice.

"Now. I'm actually exhausted, so how about we just start the project tomorrow?" I said, my tone nice and happy again.

"Will I ever understand you?" Cole asked, looking at me curiously.

"Only if I want you to," I said with a wink.



Treylon's p.o.v.

I just stood there as I watched Jaiden and Cole flirt shamelessly in front of me.

"Whatever. I'm leaving," I snapped after Cole offered to walk Jaiden home.

"Fine. Just remember my promise," Jaiden said distractedly.


How did Cole manage to catch the attention of Jaiden in one day when it took her only other friend three months? When I've known her for four years, but never once have I been considered more than a nuisance? WHY DO I CARE?! Those were the questions I continued to ask myself the rest of the evening. They kept me up all night into the early hours of the morning.

When I got up, I was exhausted. I got up with barely enough time to do my hair. Geez, I only had twenty minutes. I made it work, and had to run out of the house to catch the bus. When I got on, I huffed and sat down in the nearest open seat, which just so happened to be next to Cole. Just my freakin' luck.

"Morning, dude," he said, his carefree voice causing me to grit my teeth in agitation. I ignored him the entire ride to school and on the way to Theatre Arts.

"Good morning, future stars!" Mrs. Valentine said once the entire class had arrived. Everyone besides Jaiden, who was way later than usual.

"Today, we're going to still be working on our projects, but be warned, we will not waste more that a week preparing in class. The rest is to be done on your own time," She said with a smile.

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