SWAG! YOLO! HASHTAG! TURNUP! I hate those words. Like, hate them with a passion. Hi, I'm Jaiden. I hate my school, and the people at it. ESPECIALLY Treylon Riddle. He's the worst swagfag of them all! I mean, seriously. I can't stand him! Don't give me that look! I don't like him! I hate him! Plus, I like the new boy...


3. Chapter 3

Treylon's p.o.v.

Aaaannnnd now she thinks I'm her stalker. WHY did I even say that? Stupid, stupid, stupid...

"How the hell would you know what I eat at lunch?" She asked warily. I was saved by the little girl who was on the stairs earlier.

"Jay, Dhana wants you," she squeaked, bouncing on her heels. Jaiden groaned before exiting the room. The little girl stood there and stared at me for what seemed like forever. That girl has some serious issues.

"Why did you hit Jay?" the little girl about thirty minutes later. Yea, it was THAT long.

"It was an accident," I said sweetly. The little girl narrowed her eyes at me and shook her head.

"Don't treat me like a baby. You can't accidently hit someone," She said, to my utter astonishment.

"How would you know that? You're only like, four," I asked, getting annoyed for no reason.

"I'm not four. I'm five. I know that because Jay wouldn't get mad over an accident. Her and Quinton both like hitting people, but they don't do it without a reason," This girl was seriously starting to get on my nerves.

"IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS!" I yelled without thinking. The girl looked unfazed.

"It's not nice to yell, you know," She said matter-of-factly, sitting down in the door of the room. My hand curled into a fist and I brought it up to hit her.

"Quinton and Jay wouldn't like it if you hit me," She said calmly, staring up at me. I was seething by that point, but before I could hit her, in came Quincy.

"Hey Sam, how's it goin?" He asked, plopping down next to Sam. I slowly uncurled my fist.

"Good, where's Jay?" She replied, yawning.

"Downstairs fixing dinner with Quincy. Why so tired, little one?" He asked like a 'wise, old master.'

"Hold up bro, what are you talking about? You're right there," I asked, confused. The boy I thought was Quincy gave me a weird look before Sam whispered something in his ear.

"Ahhhh, so you're the one that pushed sweet little Quincy to hit someone? What did you do?" He snorted, looking arrogant.

"He hit Jay!" Sam yelled happily.

"Yea, that would do it. Man, you're in deep shit right there. By the way, I'm Quinton. Quincy's my twin," Quinton said carelessy, sounding like a complete jerk.

"We got takeout instead," Jaiden said from the hall. She stepped carefully over Quinton and Sam, a bag of chinese food in her hand.

"SADI! SIERRA! " Jaiden shouted. In ran two girls that looked the same age as Sam, one blonde, one brunette. Jaiden gave them their food and they ran out giggling, along with Sam.

"Triplets," Jaiden mumbled, answering my unasked question.

"Thanks," Quinton said happily, taking his food and leaving.

"So now you've met everyone," Jaiden sighed, handing me one of those weird Chinese box thingies. She saw me struggling to use the chopsticks, so she gave me a fork.

"Thanks," I mumbled, looking down at my food. She ignored me and ate her orange chicken.

"So, um, why are those glasses important to you?" I asked quietly. She tensed and stabbed a peice of chicken with her chopsticks.

"You're feeling better right? You can go home," She said, standing. I caught her arm before she could leave.

"Jaiden, wait. I-"

"Don't touch me!" She screamed, jerking away.

"I just wanted to-"

"GET OUT! JUST LEAVE, OK!" She yelled, tears now streaming down her face. I never knew what to do when someone cried, so I just stood there awkwardly as Jaiden basically broke down in front of me. Against my conscience, I pulled out my phone and snapped a picture.



Jaiden's p.o.v.

Why? Why did he even have to bring that up!? All it took was the flash for me to snap.

"THIS IS ALL A GAME TO YOU! I'M JUST YOUR LITTLE VICTIM, RIGHT!? I'LL KILL YOU! I SWEAR TO GOD I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" I screamed hysterically, throwing myself at Treylon. I pinned him to the bed and giggled like an insane person. I pulled my bandaged fist up and brought it down hard. I heard his nose break as pained surged up my left arm. But. It. Felt. Good. I continued to punch him, each time sending another sweet pang of pain up my arm.

"HOW DOES IT FEEL, RIDDLE? INSTAGRAM THIS! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!" I shouted. Then I felt myself being pulled off of Treylon.

"DIE AND BURN IN HELL!" I yelled at Treylon, desperately trying to get away from the person holding me.

"Calm down, Jaiden," Quincy's worried voice filled me with guilt. But the hot anger squashed that. I will kill Treylon Riddle. I will kill Treylon Riddle.

"LET ME GO! I'LL KILL HIM. I SWEAR I'LL KILL HIM!" I screamed, choking on tears.

"Whoa. Those are some serious issues," Quinton laughed, stepping into the room. I was beginning to hypervitilate. It felt like my throat swelled shut, and I could barely breath. I took big gasps of air, but none of it seemed to get into my lungs. I began to cough and sputter as my vision began to go dark. So, so dark. I struggled to stay awake.

"It's ok, Jaiden. Just go to sleep," Quincy's voice drifted around me sweetly, and with that, I gave up and let the darkness envelope me.


"HEY GURL! I'M HERE TO MAKE. YOU. OVER!" Hailey squealed, her huge makeup kit and countless outfits in her arms. Why did I agree to this?!

"You do know we only have thirty minutes until Dhana takes us to school, right?" I asked, getting freaked out by all of the weird stuff she was holding.

"I know, I know, but I think I can just about make this work," she stated confidently, pulling me by the arm upstairs and into my room. Everytime I tried to say something, she'd shush me. When she finished, we were running late, and I didn't even have time to see what she'd done to me. I just had time to slip on my glasses and run outside to Dhana's car.



Treylon's p.o.v.

"Look, here comes the freak show! Aww, look, she's tryin to look cute!" Yolanda teased Monday morning. I turned around, and there stood my Cinderella

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