The One In Line...

Can't Wait TIl I'm Up Front...
What Will It Be Like?


1. Waiting...

Savannah's POV

   I watched the line of screaming girls. Jumping up and down. Then, there was me. Long blond and brown hair, green eyes, and not too tall. I was pretty calm; unlike this girl next to me. She keeps screaming in my ear.

   You know, I always wished this would happen. Me going to A meet and greet for the one and only One Direction. Now It's really happing thanks to my family for my 16th birthday. 

   I'm really excited. I may not seem as excited as the other girls because I'm not freaking like them. I am. I always told myself they were just normal guys. No need to fan girl.

   Yes! The line is finally moving up! Ugh. One Step! That's a new record, for the passed hour it's been like half of a step. Oh well at least I'm here!

   "Hi I'm Savannah." I said to the blond next to me. "Hi I'm Adelaide!' She seemed calm too! "Are you excited?" I asked smiling at her. "Yes of course. Never been happier." She smiled in return. "I've always wanted to meet another Directioner and become good friends." I laughed. "Me too!" She laughed also. "Good. Maybe we can be good friends." I said. "We will." She smiled, then pointed ahead. "The line is moving!" She was excited, but not too excited. I liked her already. "Oh finally!" I walked up.

I could almost see them!

I hope this isn't much longer!

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