Adventures in Kalos!!!: Pokemon X

Journey through the Kalos region with X!!! X is a young trainer who begins his journey, hoping to become a Pokémon Master.


5. Crawford's Secret and A New Team Member!

After I talked to Crawford,he brought me back to the professor.

"What took you so long, X?" Professor Sycamore asked.

"Well, I found an Eevee, and it was being chased by a Haxorus and I sorta got in the way and tried to save Eevee but got blown back by Hyper Beam and Flamethrower. Just as  I was about to go down, Crawford saved me with his eevee evolutions." I explained in a boring tone, and I was VERY tired.

"Are you alright?" Professor Sycamore asked sternly, and then went on, "Thank you Crawford."

Crastorms grinned sheepishly and said,"It was nothing."


"I see. X, this Eevee has grown very attached to you." Professor Sycamore mentioned, and he continued,"you should try to catch it.... Here, take this Pokeball." The professor handed me a bright red Pokeball.

"So, now you aim and throw the Pokeball at the Pokemon." the Professor said, and made a throwing motion.

I went into a throwing stance and was about to throw the Pokeball and I looked at Eevee,and it was trembling with fear. I couldn't do this to a helpless little Eevee. Not when it was this scared of a Pokeball. We're such great friends...

"I'm sorry, Professor Sycamore." I said, handing him the Pokeball, " I can't capture a Pokemon." I said miserably. It was a true, I was a failure to the Pokemon world.

Crawford came over to me and put his arm on my shoulder and said,

"Kid, that took a lot of guts to say something like that to a Pokemon proffesor. When I was boy, in the Almia region, to graduate from Pokemon school, I had to capture a Caterpie. I had always been afraid of bugs, but I hadn't told my Professor I was scared. I just stood there with the Pokeball in my hand. All the kids were laughing at me because I was the only kid who couldn't catch a Pokemon." he sighed, and continued, "I couldn't take it anymore. I ran away from my home town. I hid everywhere, making sure to never stay in the same place to long. Eventually, one night I heard some scary Pokemon noises and saw a building. Without much thought, I ran in the building, and ran into one of the teachers at the Pokemon Ranger School. She asked where my parents were and I lied and said I didn't know. The truth is, my parents died in a cruise ship on a Pokemon Ranger mission. The teacher told me to settle down and I could stay there for as long as I wanted. Eventually, they enrolled me in the school, and I graduated to become the Pokemon ranger I am today." he sighed and continued again, " I like my job because we befriend Pokemon to help us and then we release them instead of keeping them from nature." he finished, and held up his stylus.

Eevee walked up to me and climbed onto my shoulder. I said to Crawford "Y-You think I could just befriend Eevee instead of capturing it?"

"Yes, I think that would be great." he answered. The professor nodded his head in agreement. Its good to have Eevee by my side.

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