Adventures in Kalos!!!: Pokemon X

Journey through the Kalos region with X!!! X is a young trainer who begins his journey, hoping to become a Pokémon Master.


3. A Heated Attack

"" I said in confusion,"I think-"I paused pondering, "I'll choose-" BOOM!!!!!!! Suddenly we were both hit with smoke bombs and we heard Shauna scream. When the fog had cleared, all that remained was the empty briefcase and a puzzled looking Trevor.

Before I could even ask any questions, a man walked up to Trevor,Tierno, and I. He said,"Tierno, why is my briefcase on the floor,", he smiled at him,"you know I told you not to drop it." 

"I sorry professor...." Tierno looked down at his shoes dismissively.Professor? Does he mean? Could it be? Professor Sycamore! I thought in wonder.

​However the professor looked around and noticed that Trevor was on the floor dazed and that Shauna was no were to be found.He noticed me and spoke up.

"Hey,you!"I noticed he acknowledge d me and looked over.

"Young man,"he asked me,"what's your name?"

"X",I replied.

Hi,X I'm Professor Sycamore of the Kalos region. I need you to help me find the three Pokeballa that were in this briefcase."he stated and then continued, as he found a hat with a flame like symbol on it,"this is Team Flare's symbol,and Team Flare is a group of thugs who steal Pokemon. I want you to find Shauna and Team Flare and report back to me immediately so I can get Shauna back.Do you understand?" 

I nodded my head slightly to show I understood and got up to leave however, Trevor had stopped me.

"If your are going somewhere even for a short amount of time,try to collect as much information as possible."he said, and handed me  a tablet-shaped device.

"It's a Pokedex, he explained,"it automatically records all data of all Pokemon you encounter or catch. This helps the professor's studies of the Kalos region," Trevor explained, sounding all matter of factly.

I set on my journey to find the missing starters and Shauna. Team Flare.... what do you want?

While walking around investigating for clues,I encountered a brown and white tail. My Pokedex acted up. "Eevee.A rare Pokémon that adapts to harsh environments by taking on different evolutionary forms. " Eevee darted out of the tall grass and hid behind me,shaking in fear. The bush rustled again, and out came another Pokemon. "Haxorus.The dragon Pokemon, the final evolution of Axew."the Pokedex said, and I thought.Axew? Axew isn't native to the Kalos region.Why was it here? Well, it looked angry at Eevee.Very Angry. The Eevee cowered behind me even more as Haxorus used Roar.I had to get away before Eevee or I got hurt.But how?

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