Adventures in Kalos!!!: Pokemon X

Journey through the Kalos region with X!!! X is a young trainer who begins his journey, hoping to become a Pokémon Master.


4. A Catastrophic Showdown!

“Haxorus, leave Eevee alone!” I said, but Haxorus seemed not to hear me.

Haxorus began to use Flamethrower,and I rolled to the side and watched as a burst of flame hit the brush around us and caught fire.

I grabbed onto Haxorus's back trying to gain control of the bersked Pokemon. I noticed a neckbrace on Haxorus's neck that glowed red, just like his eyes did. The neckbrace had Team Flare's symbol on it. Could Team Flare be controlling Haxorus? I couldn't let an innocent Pokemon become controlled by people like Team Flare! But if Haxorus is after Eevee? Why would Team Flare want this Eevee?

“Haxorus!”, I pulled on its horns desperately trying to be heard. Haxorus used Dragon Claw and threw me against a tree. Gasping for air, smoke from the burning forest filled my lungs.

Haxorus saw its chance and menacingly stood over Eevee, charging up its Hyper Beam attack.

“Noooooo!” I yelled and jumped in front of Eevee. The Hyper Beam attack sent me flying through the grass. Eevee ran after me and desperately tried to snap me out of my daze.

“Eev? Eeve? Eevee Eev?” It whimpered.

“You'll be okay, get out of here, I'll take care of this.” I said,starting to get up, but fell back down as I was still dizzy.

“Flareon use Flamethrower to stall Haxorus!, Vaporeon use Hydro Pump! Jolteon use Shock Wave to paralyze him! Espeon use Psychic! Umbreon use Shadow Claw to pin Haxorus down! Slyveon, use Fairy Wind!” someone yelled.

Haxorus started to stagger towards his new enemies but was stopped by Flamethrower, and Hydro Pump slowed him down. As he got back up, he was paralyzed by Shockwave, and was stopped from advancing by Psychic's forcefield. Umbreon struck Haxorus down to the ground with Shadow Claw. Finally, Fairy Wind knocked Haxorus out.

The Eevee evolutions hurried over to their owner, a boy with brown hair and brown eyes. As soon as he was done congratulating his team, he noticed the Eevee that was with me.

His eyes grew big and he said “OMIGODIT'SANEEVEE!!!” he took a Pokeball out of his bag and threw it at Eevee. Eevee hit the Pokeball to the side with it's tail and mocked him.

“Eev.Eev.” it said, making a silly face.

“Hey, you!” the boy shouted at me, “what's your name?”

I got up and responded, “It's X.”

He gave me a thumbs-up and said, “My name is Crawford.I'm a Pokemon Ranger.”

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