The Next Generation

"The Next Generation" is a fan fiction of the boys kids. Lucas and Layla Styles, Evelyn Horan, Gavin Tomlinson, Avery Malik and Gabe Payne. This fan fiction is about 6 teenagers that find out that their dads were once around the word famous singers in a boy band that went by the name, "One Direction". What happens when the 6 of them try out for the X Factor together in a group call, "The Next Generation". Can they win and be the next X Factor champions? Will they become famous like their dad's once were? What will the paparazzi make up this time? Will this audition bring them together to be better friend than they all ready were or will it tear them apart?


5. You cant tell anyone


Evelyn's POV


" Luke! Layla! Kids! I'm home!" Grace yelled from down stairs.

"Hi mom!" Lucas yelled back sticking his head out the door.

" Can all of you please come down stairs?" she yelled

"Okay, just...uhh we'll be down in a minute" Lucas yelled back pulling his head back in the room.

""? He asked

"No.." I answered

" I agree...we should probably wait till latter on". Avery agreed

" You guys cumin"? Grace yelled from down stairs.

" Ya.." Lucas yelled back "C'mon" he said looking down to the floor in a whisper


We all made our way down stairs and walked into the kitchen were Grace was washing her hands.


I sat on the counter beside Grace and on my other side standing beside me was Lucas. Across from me was the island counter that had 4 bar chairs that were occupied by the others, Gavin, Layla, Avery and then Gabe.


"So what do you guys want for dinner"? Grace asked shaking the water off of her hands.

"Our parents are coming over latter right"?  I asked

" Ya, they're coming over for dinner and bringing over your guys stuff." She answered


"Hey mom.." Layla asked

" What do you want" Grace asked putting her hands on her hips.

"What do you mean what do I want" Layla asked throwing her hands in the air.

"What do you want Layla" Graces asked seriously crossing her arms.

"I just wanted to know if we could sleep in the back yard tonight" Layla chuckled

" That's fine" Grace answered apparently relieved 

" Wait...what"! I asked raising my eye brows.

" We'll be in a tent Ev.." Layla said rolling her eyes.

"ugh, fine." I answered

" Soooo... dinner "? Grace asked

"Could we order something" Gabe asked

"Sure, what did you have in mind"

"Well since the Horan family is going to be here..." Gabe chuckled looking over to me making everyone else laugh.

" Hey"! I shouted " Not . funny" I said crossing my arms.

"Well its true"  He shouted back

"What ever" I muttered rolling my eyes.

"So how does pizza sound?" Grace asked

" Sure" we all answered


*Latter on in the evening*


Layla's POV


It was around 6:30 and we had our giant tent up in the back yard with our air mattress all blown up and the sleeping bags on the beds. I was sharing a mattress with Avery, Evelyn with Lucas, and Gabe and Gavin together. We had all we need in here for the night, flash lights, loads of food and snacks , a few card and board games that we could play and a DVD player we were going to use latter on. Right now I was in the tent with Avery and Evelyn while the boys went in the house to get some pillows.

"Layla"! Avery said smacking my leg.

" What "! I said back pretending I had no idea what she was talking about.

"Why didn't you tell us about this earlier" Evelyn asked

" Technically YOU ruined the kiss" I said to pointing a finger at Avery." And 1 the boys were there and 2 I just didn't think it was important at the time." I shrugged

"What"! Avery screamed " You didn't think it was important that you tell us that you almost kissed your best friend'!

"Girls" We herd Gavin shout from the house.

" Speak of the devil" Evelyn smirked

"Don't you dare say anything to anyone you two' I hissed


They put their hands up in defence.


"Layla, Avery,'s here and so are out parents" Gavin shouted

"Pizza"! Evelyn shouted running to the zipper of the tent and barging out with us following.





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